AMC Update Monday 6/24/02


All My Children Update Monday 6/24/02

By Lori

Hayley asks Dr. Martin if they need to do anything more to have the liver donation found for Enzo. Mateo wonders if any more testing needs to be done. Jake says all the testing is completed and the donor is a perfect match. Joe tells Hayley that she knows the donor. It is Tim, her cousin. Hayley can't believe her little cousin Timmy is going to be the donor. Joe says he's not so little anymore, he is 19. An overjoyed Hayley gets on the phone and calls Tim to thank him for his help. Brooke calls and leaves a message at the phone number she has for Maureen Gorman. She says she wants to find Maureen just in case that this donor falls through.

Liza is angry with Adam, who claims to be looking for a missing cufflink. Adam tries to calm Liza but she tells him to stop treating her like she doesn't know what's going on. Adam says he'll go get Mia because she makes her feel calmer. "How does she make you feel?" Liza snaps. She soon apologizes and says she's overreacting. Adam goes to get Mia and Liza remembers catching Adam and Mia in an embrace. She looks at a photo of her, Adam and Colby and throws it across the room. As Adam and Mia approach the room, Adam tells Mia that Liza is ranting about the way he treats her. He says her flare-ups are happening more frequently and she's growing farther from him. He doesn't know what to do. He and Mia hug and Liza opens the door and sees them. Liza snaps at Mia when Mia comments about Colby, telling her she is Colby's mother and Mia is not to see her anymore. Mia doesn't understand. She asks why Liza is saying this. "You think I wouldn't find out?" Liza asks. "Why are you sleeping with my husband?" Mia tells Liza she is wrong and Adam denies an affair. Liza tells Mia Adam has been looking for his missing cufflink and why was it in her bed. Adam tells her he wasn't looking for a cufflink, he was looking for a fountain pen. Liza protests. "I know what I heard," she says. She demands Mia get the cufflink and when Mia returns with it Liza asks Adam why it was in Mia's bed. "You tell me, Liza," Adam says, trying to turn the tables. Liza says she would have no reason to put Adam's cufflink in Mia's bed. "Why would I do something so..." "Sick?" Adam says. Just then Marian and Stuart walk in and wonder what's going on.

Ryan is putting the candles out in his room at the Pine Cone Motel and tries to call Kendall but doesn't reach her. He leaves a message, saying he'll have to call the police if he doesn't hear from her soon. Kendall is looking for Anna, who is eating with Aidan at the Valley Inn. Kendall stops Anna as she comes out and begs for her help. She tells Anna that she heard Bianca say she plans to lie on the witness stand that she saw Kendall start the fire. Kendall says she knows Chris and Erica have put Bianca up to this. Anna says Kendall is going to have to have solid proof to do something about it. Without proof, Anna says there's nothing she can do. Kendall remembers hearing Chris and Aidan talk about moving the phone lines to Erica's new penthouse. Kendall thinks she can get the proof through those phone lines. "Tall, dark and plugged into Erica's phone lines... just my type," she says to herself. Kendall leaves another message for Trey asking him to call her. Kendall later returns to the room and embraces Ryan. "You'll never guess what they're up to now," she says. Kendall tells Ryan she went to see Chris to try to help smooth over their relationship and heard Bianca's comment. Ryan tells her to stay away from Erica, Chris and Bianca. Kendall says she has to fight back so she won't be sent to prison. Ryan assures her she will not go to prison.

Anna and Aidan are talking in the park about their family. Aidan tells Anna more about his mother. Mia tells Aidan she has learned that he was in the British Armed Forces stationed in Afghanistan. Aidan tells her to stay out of his business. Anna apologizes and says she won't ask any more questions. Aidan says he wants to choose who he trusts and it takes more than blood. He tells her that Chris offered him a job.

Hayley and Mateo take Enzo to a courtyard at the hospital and put him in a playpen. Hayley tells Mateo that she feels like she has failed her son because she couldn't help him. Mateo says with all the people they've had helping them, they are not helpless. The are happy to see Enzo take his first step.

A woman whose back is turned gets a call from a nurse at her hospital. The nurse tells the woman a couple from Pine Valley, Pennsylvania are looking for her. The woman turns around. It is Maureen Gorman, who is really Maria.

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