AMC Update Friday 6/21/02


All My Children Update Friday 6/21/02

By Lori

Mia turns in her letter of resignation and asks a nurse at the nurse's station to give it to her supervisor. Jake walks over to her and sees her letter. Mia says her resignation is for the best. "For you or for Adam?" Jake asks. Mia insists the decision to resign was her own and Adam had nothing to do about it. Jake tells her this job has been a perfect fit for her until Adam got involved. Mia says she doesn't want to fight with him about this again. Jake asks her why she didn't come to him to tell him she was resigning. He says she's starting to act like Adam by sneaking around. "Is this what happened to you and Greenlee?" Mia asks. She suggests that he has a "no compete clause" and won't allow his girlfriends to be friends with a man. She asks Jake that if she cares about him, does she have to hate Adam? "I happen to love the man," she says, quickly clarifying how she loves how Adam is helping the family. Mia says she'd rather be helping her family than at the hospital helping someone with a slipped disc. She marches out but Jake follows her. Mia tells him to forget the whole thing but Jake tells her that Adam is using her. Mia tells Jake that he wants her to work at this hospital so he can watch and control her.

Liza is fighting a headache, and Adam tells her that he thinks it would be best if she stayed home tonight rather than go to Stuart's Night of Compassion event. David Hayward might be there, he says. Liza, says she has a headache ? she's not an invalid. She rants about David taking advantage of her while she was ill. Adam notices that even talking about David gets her riled up. She can't let David undermine her recovery. Adam encourages her to work with David but don't let it add to her stress. He's not worth the aggravation, he says. Adam says if Liza is going back to work, he won't let her make herself sick. He mentions that he has talked with Mia about her health and Liza interrupts. Why is he and Mia talking about her. She quickly apologizes, saying that it's normal for the two of them to discuss her. Adam comforts her. He says the Night of Compassion makes him think about how fragile life is. Liza expresses gratitude to Adam for his love and concern. As they arrive at the hospital for the Night of Compassion, they see Mia and Jake fighting. "Lovers quarrel," Liza comments. Adam says Mia has too much sense to get involved with Jake.

Stuart is preparing for the Night of Compassion by admiring a poster with the picture of his late wife Cindy. "I haven't forgotten you and I never will," he says. Marian walks in and tells Stuart he is wonderful for not forgetting, and says she's the one who forgets to never take him for granted. She tells Stuart he is the dearest, kindest person who has ever lived. Brooke, Edmund, Hayley and Mateo are outside the room where the event will be held. Brooke promises them they will find the woman who is the perfect liver donor for their son. As the four walk inside, Stuart is surprised they are not with Enzo. Hayley says this is the place they need to be right now.

Anna cannot believe David went out of town today of all days. Aidan, who is sitting with her at the Valley Inn restaurant, wonders if this was her birthday or their anniversary. Anna says tonight is the Night of Compassion to honor those with AIDS and support those living with HIV. Anna explains that her daughter, Robin, has HIV and her boyfriend died of AIDS. Aidan asks if it would help if he attended the event with her, and she says she would like that.

Bianca finds Chris at the Valley Inn restaurant. Chris wants to talk to her about the night of the fire. He asks Bianca to remember everything she can about that night, especially the first time she saw Kendall. He tells her that Erica hasn't been sleeping well and is worried that Kendall will get off. Bianca says that will never happen because the evidence against Kendall is too strong. Chris says evidence sometime can work against you and you never know what a jury will do. He says they have to be prepared to shoot down everything Kendall's lawyers bring out. He wants Bianca's testimony to be rock solid.

Kendall is at the park with Ryan, who has just given her an engagement ring. She says things like this don't happen to her. Men like Ryan don't happen to her. She is thankful for Ryan's love. She tells him she has broken many promises in her life but she promises he will never be sorry for marrying her. Ryan says that he was a jerk when he met her, barging into her room because she played her music too loud. "You were my wake-up call," he says. He wants to take Kendall somewhere to show her off. Kendall says there is someplace she needs to go but she needs to go there alone. Ryan stops her and tells her she's not running away from him again. Kendall says there is something she needs to do alone ? something to do with a present. Ryan asks if she's going to buy him a ring. She says she would buy him the moon if she could, or at least a trip to the moon and back.

Stuart starts his compassion ceremony by thanking everyone for coming. He asks those who desire to share thoughts about someone. Hayley stands up and starts talking. She sees a baby crying and thinks about the condition of her own son. She tearfully tells the audience about Enzo's health problems and asks for prayers. Anna talks about her daughter Robin's fight against AIDS. Stuart finishes the ceremony by saying that we've learned this last year that good things can come from bad and we were put on this earth to love, not to hate. As Hayley and Mateo leave the ceremony, they are greeted by Joe, who tells them a perfect donor has been found to save their son and the operation will be done as soon as possible. Hayley bursts into tears of joy.

As Adam and Liza leave the ceremony, Mia is with them. Liza tells Mia she can catch Jake if she tries. "Why would I want to do that?" Mia asks. She says she just wants to go home and see Colby. When they arrive home, Liza and Mia talk alone. Liza asks if she can inquire about Jake. Mia assure Liza that she and Jake are just friends. Liza asks then, why would Jake's cuff link be in Mia's bed. Mia tells Liza that it wasn't Jake's cuff link. Adam overhears the conversation about the cuff link. He starts looking around the room when Liza enters and tells her that he lost his cuff link and he can't find it.

Ryan returns to his room and awaits Kendall. He has roses and champagne and lights candles. He wonders where she is. Kendall goes to the Valley Inn where she sees Chris and Bianca. Bianca is telling Chris that she would never lie on the witness stand about Kendall. But Bianca says she knows Kendall would lie. Talking like Kendall would, Bianca says "I will lie and say I saw my sister set that fire." Kendall hears the remark and believes that Bianca is going to lie about her on the stand. This reinforces her earlier belief that Bianca set the fire. She calls and leaves a message for Trey, telling him that she overheard Bianca pledge to lie on the stand about her. She says Bianca won't get away with it. Later, Kendall sees Chris talking to Aidan about working on Erica's penthouse and listens to their conversation. Chris tells Aidan that he will do an intensive background check on him because the work involves moving phone lines from the office to the penthouse. Anyone who moves those lines will know every detail about Erica's life, Chris says.  

Anna calls police headquarters and asks that an all points bulletin be put out on David.

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