AMC Update Thursday 6/20/02


All My Children Update Thursday 6/20/02

By Laura

Ryan confronts Chris for telling Kendall to break up with him.  He tells Chris to stay out of their business but Chris vows not to give up.  Ryan accuses Chris of trying to score points with Erica by trying to break them up.  After Chris leaves, Kendall tells Ryan that she doesn’t want to come in between his relationship with his dad.  She needs some time alone to walk off the day’s events.  Ryan grabs the ring and follows after her. 

Simone and Roger’s confrontation continues in the park.  Simone spouts her loathing and disgust with Roger using her for the book and how he has threatened to tell her father and Greenlee about their affair if she doesn’t cooperate.  Simone tells Roger that he can’t tell her what to do - she is going to do what is right and walks off. 

At Greenlee’s office, Mary keeps pointing the blame for the bridal fair fiasco in Simone’s direction.  Greenlee defends her friend when Leo walks in.  Greenlee tells him about the Kendall scene.  Greenlee inquires about the paternity DNA test - the results will be available in a few weeks.  Simone walks in and Greenlee and Mary question Simone about leaving the station at the bridal fair unattended.  Simone tries to tell Greenlee the truth about her relationship with Roger, but Roger walks in and tells everyone they are writing the Proteus book together.  Mary grows suspicious of Simone and Roger’s relationship.  Again Simone tries to tell Greenlee the truth and again Roger stops her.  Leo suggests he and Greenlee go out for lunch and they leave for the park.  Simone is left awkwardly in the office with Roger and Mary.  Mary makes her more uncomfortable by asking about her missing bracelet.  Simone doesn’t answer and Mary leaves. Roger threatens Simone again about going to her father if she refuses to work with him.  Simone vows to get back at Roger some day.  He grabs her and she screams to let her go as Mary listens in the hallway.  Simone storms angrily out of Greenlee’s office. Mary approaches Roger and he suspects her sudden surge of maternal support to be a protection for her trust fund disbursement.  Roger walks out and  Mary calls her secret photographer to thanks him for his work at the bridal fair and asks him to remain a mystery.   

Greenlee sees Kendall at the park and tells her to get out of her sight.  Greenlee threatens to hurt Kendall and Kendall baits her.  Greenlee charges at Kendall and Leo and Ryan separate them.  The men hold them back and talk to each other while the girls continue spewing insults at each other.  While holding Greenlee back, Leo congratulates Ryan on his engagement.  Leo suggests the 4 of them have a double wedding.  Greenlee and Kendall continue to scream at each other and the guys decide a double wedding is a bad idea.  Ryan asks Leo to be the best man at his wedding.  Kendall adds as long as Leo leaves Greenlee at home!  Leo and Greenlee leave and Ryan tells Kendall he has some business to take care of with her.  She assumes he wants to break up with her and is surprised when he bends down on one knee!  He pulls out his mother’s ring and officially asks her to marry him.  She nods her head yes and he asks for an audible response.  She bends next to him and tells him yes.  He puts the ring on her finger and they kiss. 

A clumsy waiter spills water on Erica at the Valley Inn dining room.  Aidan comes over to help with the clean up and he spies her blueprints and tells her the design will never work.  They discuss her “faulty” design and Erica is impressed with Aidan’s knowledge.  Erica is surprised to discover that he is Anna’s nephew.  Erica asks Aidan to come on board with her home construction project.  He tells her that he is unsure and will get back to her if he decides to stay in town.  Aidan leaves to find Anna for dinner and Chris walks up visibly upset.  He tells Erica about how he can’t save Ryan from Kendall.  Chris is upset that he and Ryan were just starting to get close and now Kendall is causing them to drift further apart.  Erica asks Chris if he thinks Kendall could be innocent.  Chris reminds Erica of the mounting evidence against Kendall.  Erica excuses herself with a headache. 

Anna and David are still arguing in their room.  David tells Anna that he has given more to her than any other woman on the planet and kisses her passionately.  Anna stops him and tells him that they cannot continue their cycle of fighting, kissing and making up over and over.  Anna is concerned about David’s lack of concern for consequences for his actions.  Anna tries to leave and David stops her.  Their argument escalates and Aidan hears the shouting from the hallway.  He walks in and asks if she is OK.  David tells him to mind his own business.  Aidan and Anna go downstairs to have dinner together.  David receives an upsetting call concerning Tad.  At dinner, Aidan tells Anna that he has checked his bags at the front desk and wants to stay somewhere else.  He wants to pay for his own place – something a little less fancy.  Aidan doesn’t trust David and doesn’t want to be so close to him.  David walks up explaining that he has to leave town on a medical emergency and will tell her all about it later.


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