AMC Update Wednesday 6/19/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 6/19/02

By Laura

Greenlee demands that Kendall take off her spare wedding dress.  Kendall refuses.  Greenlee accuses Kendall of not only being an arsonist but a thief as well.  Kendall tells her that she wants to buy the dress, not steal it.  Greenlee calls Kendall a skinny chip off the old block and Kendall swears she is nothing like Erica.  Greenlee agrees – she is more like her father, the rapist.  Kendall goes to slap Greenlee and she catches her hand.  Kendall tells Greenlee to shut up about her mother.  Kendall and Greenlee continue to exchange their usual unloving comments to each other.  Greenlee tells Kendall that she really doesn’t care if she wears her spare wedding dress – besides, Kendall doesn’t do it justice.  As Greenlee walks away, Kendall steps on the back of Greenlee’s dress and causes part of the back to rip off completely.  Kendall smiles and responds, “Did I do that?”  Greenlee demands that she take off the spare dress so she can wear it in the fashion show and Kendall refuses.  They get into a pushing match and eventually start to wrestle to the ground ruining their dresses and veils. 

Mary Smythe is on the phone giving someone all the horrible details about Vanessa and how Greenlee Smythe, a big Revlon executive is about to become her daughter-in-law. 

Simone is getting her hair done by Opal when she spies her bracelet.  She comments on her beautiful bracelet and goes to find a matching comb.  Roger slinks in and tells Simone not to take the bracelet off because she will break his heart all over again.  Simone tells him that she would like to break him!   

Chris walks in looking for Erica and Bianca tells him that Erica left after her and Kendall’s sparing match.  An announcer welcomes everyone to their June Bridal Wedding Show.  Several pretty models walk in wearing beautiful wedding dresses and the large audience oohs and aahs.  During the fashion show, Roger approaches Simone asking to talk to her.  Simone insists they meet in the park.  As they leave, Mary spies them together.  The fashion show continues and the announcer tells the crowd that the bride of the year, Greenlee Smythe will now come out in her dress.  Before she can finish the introduction, Kendall and Greenlee burst into the crowded room fighting like cats and dogs and causing a scene!  The guests start screaming and laughing at the sight!  Greenlee realizes that everyone is looking at them and tries to save face by thanking everyone for coming.  But Kendall cuts her speech short by throwing fruit at her head!  Greenlee tells her “that is it!” and the wrestling continues.  They roll on the floor hitting each other with flowers as the crowd continues screaming and laughing.  Chris and a waiter come up to break up the fight.  Chris drags Kendall out as the two continue to yell at each other.  A man with a video camera catches the whole incident and Mary pays him and rushes him out of the room.  Mary asks the screaming crowd to please calm down and give them some privacy.  The crowd leaves and Mary asks Greenlee to show some dignity.  Mary just took a call from her boss, Casey Wexler and she is demanding an explanation of the fiasco.  Greenlee can’t believe that her boss found out about it so quickly! 

Back at Revlon, Greenlee tells Mary that Casey was very understanding – even nice about the pictures of her fight with Kendall.  Mary advises Greenlee that she has to be careful about generating any more adverse publicity – it could cost her her job!  Casey mentioned Vanessa – someone got a phone call about Vanessa being Greenlee’s future mother-in-law and now Casey thinks they should scale down her wedding and make it very low profile.  Greenlee contemplates who could have sent the photos to her boss and who could have made the phone call filling her in about Vanessa?  Mary acts innocent as Greenlee asks who would trash her wedding and break her heart?  Casey calls asking why Greenlee left the station unattended at the bridal fair.  Greenlee left Simone in charge – she is very grounded and there is no way she could have blown it off!  Greenlee asks Mary if she saw Simone leave?  Mary lies and tells her no.  Mary wonders if Simone could have tipped Casey off about the day’s activities and Greenlee defends Simone as the one person she can trust. 

Chris drops an upset Kendall off at the Pine Cone and she walks in to an empty room.  She tries to shut the door in Chris’s face but he calls her a sorry pain in the butt.  Chris tells Kendall that she made a fool of herself today.  He calls her one long desperate cry for attention.  Chris asks how Ryan would feel if he found out what happened today?  Kendall tells Chris that Ryan doesn’t have to know about it.  Chris doesn’t want to tell Ryan because he doesn’t want to hurt him.  If Kendall loves him, she should just let him off the hook.  Kendall and Ryan are leaving after the trial and won’t come back to Pine Valley.  Chris asks what will happen if she is found guilty?  What will their life be like together if she is behind bars?  Chris tells Kendall that he shouldn’t have to crawl into a cell of his own waiting for her to get out of hers.  Even if she is found not guilty, Ryan shouldn’t have to run away from family to be with Kendall.  Kendall is not forcing Ryan to do anything – he can do what he wants when he wants it.  Chris asks how she can let Ryan throw his life away for her – if she loves him, she should just break up with him.  Ryan slams the door of their room and glares at Chris upset about what he said to Kendall. 

Simone is at the park trying to take her bracelet off.  Roger walks up and she throws the bracelet at him.  Roger tells Simone to calm down and she says that Roger is the cause of her pain.  She knows about how he gave Mary and her the same bracelet.  Simone tells Roger that she has been stupid long enough!  She can’t believe that she actually started to miss him.  She tells him that it is over – she wants a clean break.  She turns to leave – Roger grabs her and tells her that he can learn to live without her but she has to make it up to him somehow.  Simone asks what Roger wants.  Roger tells her that he wants to continue with their book deal.  Simone wonders if he just wants to see her so they can hopefully get back together.  Roger grabs her and pushes her against a park wall telling her that he is growing impatient with her.  He tells her that no matter what they will finish their book together.  Roger coldly explains to Simone that he wants to work with her on the book because he is down to his last dime.  He is sick and tired of him using Greenlee’s credit card to send her flowers.  Simone realizes that he has used her from the beginning just to write the book – he never cared about her!  He wants a fat advance from her publisher.  As Simone cries Roger has no remorse and asks her when will they get to work?  Simone tells him that she never wants to see him again.  Roger threatens to tell her father about their relationship if she won’t work with him.  He extends his hand and tells her to shake on their deal.  Instead, Simone slaps Roger’s face. 

In the park, Barry gives Adam a file about getting custody of Colby.  Barry asks if he is going to divorce Liza and Adam says that at this point anything is possible.  He is upset that Liza embezzled Chandler Enterprises funds without Adam even suspecting a thing.  Adam just wants to make sure that if they go their separate ways, Colby is his!  Adam swears that when he gets through with Liza, she will look a lot worse than he ever could! 

Liza is in the hallway outside of David and Anna’s room grabbing her head in pain.  David walks up and catches Liza as she nearly falls over in pain.  He brings her into his room for her to rest as Liza tells him over and over again that she just wants him to leave her alone.  Liza wants to go home and David wants her to stay so he can check her out to be sure.  Liza refuses medication from him but allows his examination.  He doesn’t find anything wrong and thinks she just has a migraine.  He gives her a cold compress and she repeats that she doesn’t want anything from him.  Liza recovers from her pain and reminds David how he took advantage of her when she was sick.  Liza stands to leave and Anna offers to get her a cab but Liza tells her to worry about herself and to think about their discussion earlier.  David asks what she meant by their earlier discussion.  Anna tells David that she doesn’t care about Liza and her business venture.  David and Anna continue to argue in their room about David’s daily escalating problems.  David tells her that she knew how he was before they got married.  She brings up Dixie’s memorial service, Aidan’s arrest and Liza’s business deal.  Anna wonders why he isn’t afraid of any consequences to his actions?  David defends himself against her accusations.  David feels she is using all of those points as an excuse to walk away from him.  David tells Anna that she wants to love David the way he is because she is afraid – and no matter what he does or doesn’t do will change that!  David reminds her that every time he wants to share their lives together she gives him every reason in the world why it is not possible.  He knows that she wants to be with him.  Anna tells David that she hates living dangerously.  When David tells her that he isn’t afraid of anyone, that scares Anna because that means he has no regard for his own safety or his own life – so how can they make any plans together.  Anna worries about losing David.  Anna tells him that she wants what David wants – the house and the willow tree.  But she can’t have it if David has no regard for his own life.  She saw Robert die when she was a spy and couldn’t go through that pain again – not with David.

Adam finds Liza out in the hallway and asks how her meeting with David went.  She tells Adam that she told David that she is on to him and will be watching him.  Adam tells her that she made a mistake telling him how she feels.  Adam’s disapproval causes Liza to doubt her business judgments.    Adam and Liza walk into the Valley Inn bar and Liza is concerned about Adam thinking she made a mistake with David.  Adam keeps making subtle, implied references to her health and it is making Liza paranoid.  Adam warns Liza that she shouldn’t lower her guard with David.  She told David that she wants him to know that she is watching him.  Adam tells her that he has confidence in her.  Adam continues making subtle health references by telling her that she has always been one of the sharpest and most intelligent people he has ever known – and she still is.  Liza wonders what he means by “she still is”.  Adam pretends he didn’t mean anything by it.  Liza wonders if he thinks she is losing her edge.  Adam looks at Liza with pretended concern and asks her if she is OK, furthering her paranoia about her health.  Liza tells Adam to answer one question – does he think she is as sharp as she used to be?  Adam seizes the moment to make her even more paranoid by faking concern and responding, “How could you be?  With everything you’ve been through?  And its bound to be temporary.”  Liza’s face shows great concern for her health given her husbands doubts of her competence.  Adam tells her to reduce her stress by slowing down.  Dr. DeCarlo told him that last week that she should slow down.  Liza asks why he was talking to Dr. Greenburg’s partner?  Liza can’t believe that he went to go see her doctor’s partner behind her back!  Liza wonders what the doctor told Adam and he tells her not to worry about her tumor or any of her symptoms.  He pretends to show concern for her health and he stands to take Liza home. She breaks down asking Adam to help her with her brain tumor.  He reassures her that he will.


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