AMC Update Tuesday 6/18/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 6/18/02

By Laura

Watch out - here come the brides

Erica readies for the bridal fair downstairs at the Valley Inn and Opal walks in talking about how her Glamourama products and services are drawing crowds.  Erica isn’t listening, as she is more worried about Kendall and Ryan’s engagement.  Opal can’t believe that Ryan has proposed to Kendall – everyone believes that Kendall is on her way to prison.  Erica asks what if she isn’t going to prison?  What if she is innocent?  Opal can’t believe that Erica might think that Kendall is innocent.  Erica tells her that a jury might think she is innocent – all Trey has to do is give them a reasonable doubt.  Opal reminds her of the evidence against Kendall.  Erica explains that when she saw Kendall at the house, the house was full of smoke.  Her attorney could argue that if she set the fire she would have been long gone.  Erica tells Opal that Kendall claims she saved her life and she tried to save Bianca’s life.  Opal doesn’t buy it.  Erica thinks it is possible that she didn’t set the fire.  Opal tells Erica that she wants Kendall to be better than she is.  Erica thinks that Ryan found something to love about her and he could change her.  Opal doesn’t buy it and they go downstairs to the bridal fair.

Have you heard?  I’m engaged!

Kendall is at the bridal fair looking at bouquets when Bianca and Frankie walk in.  Bianca heads straight to Kendall asking what she is doing there.  Kendall smiles slyly and tells her that she is planning her wedding – Ryan proposed!  Bianca can’t believe that Kendall nearly burned Ryan to a crisp and now he wants to marry her!  Bianca asks if she is going to promise to love, honor and cherish till prison do they part.  Frankie laughs.  Bianca asks how Kendall can marry Ryan since her trial starts soon – doesn’t she care about dragging him down with her?  Kendall tells Bianca that Ryan believes in her.  Bianca calls Kendall selfish and Kendall calls Bianca jealous – jealous that she is marrying a man and Bianca never will.  Bianca reminds Kendall that she will be a jailhouse bride.  Frankie tells Kendall to back off and they leave.  Kendall calls out to Bianca that Ryan believes in her and she doesn’t care if no one else believes her.  Kendall took a lie detector test just to clear her name and still no one believes in her innocence.  Erica walks in and asks Kendall if she really took a lie detector test.  Kendall won’t answer her and tells everyone to leave her alone as she storms away.

Erica tells Bianca to forget about Kendall - she is just happy to see Bianca.  Bianca said she got a message to meet someone at the bridal fair and she is trying to figure out whom it is from.  Erica said she didn’t leave the message.

A dress to spare

Greenlee and Simone talk in Greenlee’s office at Revlon about her wedding.  Greenlee is having a fashion show at the bridal fair, but Greenlee is more concerned with outfoxing Erica.  Mary walks in, greets Greenlee lovingly and immediately begins to critique Greenlee’s wedding choices.  Greenlee and Simone rush out of Greenlee’s office with Greenlee’s wedding dresses (a spare wedding dress just in case – subtle foreshadowing?) and Mary follows.  Anna comes in telling Greenlee that her bridal fair will wait – they have to talk.  Mary introduces herself and Anna hurriedly says hello explains who she is – Mary is happy to meet a law-abiding relative of Leo’s.  Mary offers Anna coffee and Anna ignores her and pulls Greenlee aside.  Anna can’t believe that Leo left the country – he can’t even leave the state.  Greenlee explains that he is looking for Vanessa’s drug money.  Plus he is getting to know his could-be biological father, Guy.  Anna reminds Greenlee that Guy could be Vanessa’s accomplice – Leo should have come to Anna first and she would take care of it.  Greenlee assures her that he will be back – he has to show up for their wedding.  Greenlee tells Anna that she looks tired and Anna explains that she just pulled an all-nighter.  Greenlee tells her to go to the bridal fair and get some lingerie to model for David.  Anna isn’t excited by the invitation and tells Greenlee to be more careful because felony charges won’t look good for her career – helping Leo leave the country is aiding and abetting and the D.A. would be all over Greenlee.  Anna leaves in a hurry and Mary calls out to her that it was nice to meet her too!  Simone takes a call about Vanessa being moved to the Pine Valley Hospital for a check up.  Mary wonders why they are calling Greenlee about it.  They warn Greenlee so she can stay away from Vanessa.  Mary shows her unapproval for Leo and his family.  Greenlee quickly changes the subject and reminds Simone that they should leave for the bridal fair.  Mary excuses herself saying she has an errand to run.

Meet me at the fair

Bianca walks in to a secondary room of the bridal fair and asks if Opal is the one that left the message to meet Bianca.  Opal splashes Bianca with rose water from the Glamourama and tells her that she loves to see her but she didn’t leave the message.  Greenlee walks up behind Bianca smiling ear to ear and tells her that she left the message for Bianca to meet her.  Bianca wonders if she should be afraid.  Greenlee asks Bianca to be a bridesmaid in their wedding - for Leo’s sake.  Bianca says no and Greenlee asks her to reconsider.  Frankie walks up and Greenlee says that since Frankie is Leo’s cousin she wants her to be a bridesmaid too.  Both girls are reluctant and Greenlee’s fake façade breaks as she asks them to just get through one day on behalf of Leo.  Bianca and Frankie agree.  Greenlee gives them the details of the event with one final wish – no hand holding, kissing or dancing together.  Bianca tells Frankie that if she has to be a bridesmaid for Leo and Greenlee’s wedding that she is going to do it her way!

Why are we here?

Mia, Marian and Colby walk into the bridal fair at the Valley Inn and Mia questions why they are there.  She asks who is getting married? Marian explains how she wants to re-affirm her wedding vows with Stuart.  Mia loves the idea.  Colby models a bridal veil and asks Mia if she has ever been married.  Mia uncomfortably answers no.  Colby asks if she has ever had a baby.  Mia pauses for a minute and tells her that someday she hopes that have lots and lots of babies that ask her all kinds of questions just like Colby.  Colby tells her that babies need Daddies too.  Colby tells Mia to find someone like her Daddy to marry.  Mia smiles at Colby sadly.  Colby asks Mia just how many babies does she want?  Marian asks Colby to try some wedding cake and apologizes to Mia for Colby’s uncomfortable questions.  Mia tells Marian it is OK and explains that she gave up her baby because she wasn’t ready to get married or raise a child.  Mia tells her that she is at peace with the adoption.  She didn’t tell the father that she was pregnant.  Mia explains that when she sees Adam with Colby and how involved he is in Colby’s life, Mia knows her son wouldn’t have gotten that kind of love from his father.  She tells Marian how lucky Liza is to have Adam as Colby’s father.  Marian explains that there have been lots of ups and downs in their relationship.  Mia says she isn’t jealous of Adam and Liza’s love – how could she be?

Yes, another wedding to plan

Myrtle, Brooke and Maddie sit at the Valley Inn talking about Brooke and Edmund’s wedding.  As Maddie shows Brooke a picture she colored, a picture of Maria falls out of the book.  Brooke is a little sad to see the picture.  Brooke and Maddie walk into the main bridal fair room and Brooke comments to Maddie that her picture of Maria is beautiful.  Maddie tells Brooke that Brooke can wear Maria’s wedding dress when she marries Edmund because Brooke will be her Mommy now.  Brooke is touched and tells her that she wants to plan a celebration for their new life together.  She asks Maddie to help her pick out things for the wedding.  Maddie walks over to Myrtle to pick out flowers.  Brooke scans the room and stumbles upon Erica.  The two exchange the usual clever banter with obvious disdain for one another. Brooke gestures to a wedding dress and asks Erica if she is ready for round 10?  Erica tells Brooke that white is not a good wedding dress color for someone Brooke’s age and tells her to stick with a pastel suit.

Myrtle sees Erica at the bridal fair and asks why she hasn’t taken her up on her offer for a home cooked meal.  Erica tells her dear friend that since the fire everything in her life has been such a mess!  Myrtle feels responsible since she didn’t stop Kendall from leaving the night of the fire.  Erica is surprised that Myrtle saw her leave that night – she tells Myrtle to tell her exactly where and when she saw Kendall.  Myrtle knows the exact time Kendall left – 7:30 – the same time her neighbor invites her over for a martini every night.  Myrtle called out to her but Kendall was quick to leave.  Erica is intrigued.   Erica wonders if Kendall even had time to set the fire.  Erica sees Kendall across the room and walks towards her but Greenlee steps in her way.  She introduces herself as VP at Revlon and Erica tells her she doesn’t care and tries to walk towards Kendall.  Greenlee gets in her way again telling her that Revlon’s new line could do wonders for Erica’s complexion.  Erica and Greenlee spar and Erica tells Greenlee that Revlon is using her for her trade secrets from Enchantment.  Greenlee reminds Erica that Erica used her and she got wise.  She has learned Erica’s tricks and is going to take her down.  Kendall comes up applauding at their scene.  Kendall tells Greenlee that usually she is kissing Erica’s butt and now she is kicking it – she tells her to continue.  Erica tells Kendall to stop before she embarrasses herself.  Greenlee asks why Kendall is even there and Kendall informs Greenlee that she is there planning her wedding to Kendall.  Greenlee doesn’t believe it.  Kendall admires Greenlee’s wedding dress and Greenlee tells her to back off.  Greenlee walks off to get ready for her fashion show and tells Kendall to stay out of her way.  Erica tells Kendall that marrying Ryan isn’t going to solve anything.  Kendall can’t understand why Erica won’t listen to Kendall about her innocence.  Erica won’t listen because Kendall lies and hurts people.  Kendall reminds Erica that she isn’t perfect either – she thought Chris was cheating on her when he got the letter from Ryan’s dead Mother.  If Erica was wrong about Chris, why can’t she be wrong about Kendall too?  Erica tells Kendall that Chris has given her every reason to trust him and Kendall has given her every reason to mistrust her.  Kendall walks off upset.  Opal walks up to Erica and asks her how Kendall could be innocent with a scene like that?  Erica tells Opal that she is right – Kendall isn’t innocent.

This isn’t my thing

Anna walks in to the bridal fair uncomfortably.  Frankie walks up and asks her if she enjoys a big wedding and Anna explains that tulle and taffeta are definitely not for her.  Anna excuses herself and goes up to her room and finds Liza waiting for David.  Anna asks why she wants to talk to David and Liza tells Anna that he tricked her into signing a business agreement.  Liza explains that she was ill when she agreed to go into business with David.  David is demanding that Liza honor their contract – he has no scruples!  Anna can’t believe he would do such a thing while Liza was sick.  Anna takes a defensive stance and reminds Liza that her husband doesn’t exactly have a resume he can be proud of.  Liza admits that Adam has pulled some whoppers but nothing like this.  Suddenly Liza is overcome with great head pain.  Anna rushes to her side.  Liza tells Anna that she is OK and Anna asks if she wants some water or wants to sit down.  Liza tells her that all she wants is for David to stay out of her life.  Liza leaves and experiences more head pain in the hallway. 

May I have a moment with the crazy lady?

Mary approaches a straightjacketed Vanessa at Pine Valley Hospital and asks to speak with her.  She tries to join forces with psychotic Vanessa to stop Greenlee and Leo’s wedding.  Vanessa agrees that she doesn’t want them to marry either.  Vanessa offers to kill Greenlee and Mary is completely horrified.  Vanessa tells her that she tried twice to kill Greenlee and failed.  Shocked, Mary tells Vanessa to leave her daughter alone – Mary wants their wedding stopped, not Greenlee dead.  Vanessa tells Mary she will see her at the church.

Greenlee takes her wedding dress to change for the fashion show as Simone hangs up her spare dress.  Mary walks up and Simone tells Mary that Greenlee went to change.  Mary grabs Simone’s arm and tells her that she had a bracelet just like Simone’s.  Simone is nervous and claims she bought it for herself.  Mary tells her how she got her bracelet from her ex-husband.  Roger bought them the same bracelet!  Simone nervously excuses herself to see Greenlee’s fashion show and Mary slowly follows.  Kendall walks in and spies Greenlee’s spare wedding dress.  Kendall sneaks off with it and tries it on and admires herself in the mirror.  Greenlee comes up in disbelief as the two stare at each other wearing the same wedding dress.

Laura’s Final Thoughts

-         When Liza was defending Adam’s history, she said that Adam never did anything so horrible as David did entering into a business deal when Liza was sick.  Is Liza’s brain tumor causing amnesia also?  Has she forgotten when he had Dixie put in a nut house so he could have JR to himself?  Or when Adam switched Jake’s sperm for his so he would be the father of Colby?  Should I go on?

-         Why would Mia confide in Marian that she never told her baby’s father about the baby?  Why is it easy to confide in Marian and not Jake, the man that would move mountains for her.  Now we know why Mia is falling for Adam’s tricks.  She sees a good father in Adam and is impressed since William’s father was no good.

-         Why did all of the men of Pine Valley have the day off?  The bridal fair could have included a few grooms.  Today’s episode was one big catfight after another between Erica and Kendall, Erica and Brooke, Erica and Greenlee, Greenlee and Kendall, Kendall and Bianca, Anna and Liza, etc.

-         There sure are a lot of weddings in the works – I wonder which couple will actually tie the knot: Leo and Greenlee? Ryan and Kendall? Brooke and Edmund? Marian and Stuart?  (Hopefully not Mia and Adam)

-         Kendall was at the bridal fair planning her wedding.  How is she going to pay for it?  Ryan is working extra-shifts at SOS but that can’t pay for the pricey dress she picked out.  Will they JP it?  This is Pine Valley after all – not all weddings happen as planned.

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