AMC Update Monday 6/17/02


All My Children Update Monday 6/17/02

By Lori

Tad and Brooke are at a hospital looking for Maureen Gorman. They tell a nurse that Maureen doesn't know them but she can help save a little boy's life. They say that she is a perfect match to be a liver donor. The nurse reports to her supervisor, who approaches Brooke and Tad and says there is a problem. No one knows where Maureen is. The supervisor says Maureen failed to show up for work a couple of days ago and she can't be found. She says the children at the hospital want Maureen to come back. Just then a little girl named Brittany approaches and asks Tad and Brooke if they know where Maureen is. She says she needs to finish her story. Tad asks for Maureen's personnel file, hoping that might provide some clues. While the supervisor is gone to get the file, the girl asks Tad and Brooke if they know where Maureen is. Tad bends down and tells her that as soon as they find her, he'll tell her that Brittany is looking for her. The little girl hugs Tad. A nurse takes the girl away, and Brooke tells Tad he bonded with the little girl. Tad says it makes him think about how Dixie was when she was a little girl. Brooke can see how it also makes him think about the little girl that Dixie was going to have. Tad says he can't dwell on that right now. The best thing he can do is help Hayley and Mateo. The supervisor returns and tells Tad and Brooke that the file is missing. Brooke calls Edmund and tells him that the location of the potential donor is not known so she and Tad are coming home. But she wants Edmund to let Hayley and Mateo know that they aren't giving up. After Tad and Brooke leave, Brittany tells the nurse that Maureen needs to finish the story about the princess from Wildwind Castle.

Joe tells Hayley and Mateo they can take Enzo home and they are relieved. Adam approaches them and confronts them about bringing Arlene back to town. Hayley tells her father off. She says her mother has been more understanding and helpful than he has been. She says for the first time in her life her mother was going to do the right thing by helping her son. Adam apologizes and offers to help. Hayley says the best way he can help is to go home. Adam asks that she not shut him out and Hayley promises she'll keep him up to date. Stuart, Marian and Mateo's mother arrive with a stroller covered in balloons to celebrate Enzo's homecoming. Edmund tells Hayley and Mateo about Brooke's news about the donor. Mateo assures Hayley that Enzo will be fine.

Erica is having a nightmare about the fire at her house and she wakes up screaming. Chris comforts her and asks her what is wrong. She says she was frightened by the thunder. Chris knows that this has something to do with Kendall and Erica admits that it does. Chris calls a buddy and learns that Kendall's trial is scheduled for July 5. Erica wonders what if the jury doesn't convict her. Chris says Kendall is a criminal who will go to jail and never bother them again.

In a driving rain, Ryan is asking Kendall to marry him. He says he's going to keep asking until she says yes. She says yes over and over again, and they embrace and kiss. Suddenly the rain stops. "You see what you did?" Ryan asks in amazement. They go to the Pine Cone, kissing as they enter the room. Ryan gets a towel and drapes it over her. Kendall promises to never push Ryan away again. Ryan tells her not to promise anything she can't keep because he is in this for the long haul. Kendall tells him she believes that he loves her. She wants to feel this happy for the rest of her life. Ryan encourages her to call someone and share her happiness. Kendall says she doesn't have anyone to call. Ryan suggests she call her mother. He does not mean Erica, he means her adoptive mother. Kendall hesitates. She says she and her mother don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. Her mother's favorite color is beige and she wanted Kendall to be a schoolteacher. "We're not in the same universe," Kendall says. Ryan says she still cares about her. Kendall says she didn't want to talk to her mother until after her trial is over. Ryan tells her to just tell her the good stuff. Kendall calls her mother and tells her she's getting married. She says she'll keep her posted and hopes she can make it there. After hanging up, Kendall thanks Ryan for making her do that. She admits she had been close to calling her mother before but her mother always had a sound of disappointment in her voice and she didn't want to hear that again. Ryan says it's his turn to make a call. He wants to call Chris. Kendall doesn't want him to. Chris hates her and he'll try to talk him out of it. Ryan says there is no way he can do that. Since Kendall is going to be his daughter-in-law he'll have to accept her. Ryan calls Chris's room and Erica answers the phone. He tells Erica he has some news. When Erica asks what the news is, Ryan says he wants to talk to Chris. Chris gets on the phone and Ryan tells him the news immediately. Chris asks Ryan to come over so they can talk about it but Ryan says it's not up for debate. Chris says he can't marry a woman who's going to jail but Ryan says she won't go to jail. Chris at least asks for Ryan to wait until after Kendall's trial on July 5. Ryan excitedly proclaims that Chris has given him the wedding date ? the day before the trial starts. They hang up and Chris tells Erica his son is throwing away his life. Ryan tells Kendall that if Chris and Erica want to bring her down, they'll have to go through her husband first.

Leo tells Count du Pres that he will take the DNA test tomorrow. The count says in the meantime, he has a surprise for he and Greenlee. There is a knock at the door. It is the count's secretary, Wolf. "What kind of a setup is this?" Leo asks. The count assures Leo this is not a setup. Wolf doubles as his chauffeur, and he wants to take them on a tour of Paris. The count asks Wolf to apologize to Leo and Greenlee for his prior actions and he does. They drive to the count's chateau, and Greenlee wants to get out of the car and look around. While Leo is in the car with the count and Wolfe, Leo wants to talk about his mother. He says he is no longer the con man that Vanessa wanted him to be. The count says he knows his mother was a bad influence, but he believes Leo has integrity. They get out of the car to walk around. Wolf gets on his phone and reports that he has a message for Vanessa. Her son is getting in over his head. Later back at the hotel, Leo tells Greenlee that he likes this man. Greenlee wants to cancel her flight home tomorrow to be with Leo but he won't hear of it. In the car, the count tells Wolf that he never imagined that he would wake up and learn he has a son. Wolf says that son could be gone.

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