AMC Update Friday 6/14/02


All My Children Update Friday 6/14/02

By Lori

Jake is standing in the entryway of a restaurant and sees Mia at a table comforting Adam. Jake backs away so Mia can't see him. Adam is pretending like he is broken up over Liza's problems. He asks Mia to quit her job because she is needed at home. He says the effort to constantly reassure Liza she is OK is wearing on him. He's also scared that Colby will be negatively affected by this, and he wants Mia to take a bigger role in caring for Colby. Mia says she can't take the place of Liza in Colby's life. Adam assures her that is not what he's asking, but she may be the best person to help protect Colby right now. Adam says that since she is close with Jake, he should be able to hold her job at the hospital. Jake walks over to Mia, plants a kiss on her and notices she is flushed. He asks if she's been working out. Adam excuses himself and Jake sits down. He wants to know what's going on, but Mia doesn't want to tell him. Jake asks what Adam wants from her, but Mia says it's none of his business. "I thought we were getting close," Jake says as he stands up to leave. Mia sits him back down and assures him that Adam is being good to her. Jake tells her that Adam is using her. He makes a practice out of using people outside his marriage to fix his marriage, he says. Mia says that Adam loves Liza. Jake tells her that she doesn't know what Adam is capable of. Mia tells him she'll respect his feelings when he respects hers. She leaves.

David tells Liza that he wants Chandler Enterprises to fund his medical research. He shows Liza the contract she signed pledging to do just that. Liza informs him she signed that contract the day before she learned she had a brain tumor and didn't know what she was doing. She says the contract is invalid and he can be prosecuted for taking advantage of her during a vulnerable time in her life. She grabs the contract and sticks it in the front of his pants, telling him to put it where the sun doesn't shine. David doesn't back down. He tells her the contract is binding and together they can make the world a better place. Liza says the only thing that would make the world a better place would be David's untimely death. Adam arrives and Liza tells him that David is trying to hold her to the contract. She tells him to call Barry and she will call Jack to have David prosecuted. Adam tells Liza the contract is binding. After David leaves, Liza tells Adam that he humiliated her in front of David. Adam tells her again that the contract is completely binding and she'll have to work with David to market his drugs. Liza says she will not because David used her. She excuses herself to go lie down. Adam is gleeful, clapping his hands as he grabs the phone. He calls his lawyer Barry and asks for a complete report on paternal custody agreements. The call is interrupted by an incoming call. "Why the hell wasn't I told," Adam barks.

Leo and Greenlee are cozy in their room in Paris but Greenlee wants to go onto the balcony. Trey, who is hiding on the balcony, crawls over the rail and jumps off. Greenlee hears a thud and walks toward the balcony to see what it was. Since she is only dressed in a towel, Leo grabs her and pulls her back to the bed. As she massages his back, Leo tells her that he called David but he wasn't there so he left a message with Jake. Later, Greenlee is shown waking up alone. She looks for Leo and is worried when she can't find him. She hopes he is not out looking for her father. Just as she grabs the phone, Leo walks in with a tray of food. Greenlee rushes over to him and hugs his waist. She spots a gift box on the tray and gleefully opens it. It is a necklace from Leo with three diamonds that represent the past, present and future. Greenlee puts it around her neck. Later, after Greenlee is dressed, Leo is massaging her leg and trying to seduce her. She says if this keeps up they won't get back to the United States. There is a knock on the door. It is Count du Pres. They are surprised to see him. The count tells Leo that he made an impression on him. He says he has been doing some investigation and realizes what Vanessa is telling him could be correct. He could be Leo's father. He suggests they take a DNA test to determine if he is his father. Leo asks whether this will mean that suddenly he has a father.

Trey wakes up in a French hospital. He is battered, bruised and cut from his jump off the balcony. A doctor asks what happened. Trey says he tripped, fell and hit his head. The doctor says his injuries are not consistent with a trip. He tells Trey he was found outside the hotel where he is not a registered guests. He asks what prompted him to make a quick leap from the hotel. Trey doesn't answer but wants some crutches. The doctor tells him he cannot leave. A police officer enters and tells Trey that he is under criminal investigation. Later, the doctor and the officer are conferring behind a curtain. The officer says that James Kenyon III has no criminal record. They pull the curtain open and notice that Trey is gone.

Ryan is at his room at the Pine Cone wondering where Kendall could be. He calls Anna asking if she came to see her, but she did not. Worried that he has lost her, he reminisces about his times with Kendall. He recalls how he told her he loved her and she ran out on him. Ryan angrily throws things around the room.

Erica goes to visit her mother's grave at the cemetery. Talking to her mother's headstone, Erica says she is scared. Everything melted together in the fire and she can't pull it apart. She says that Chris is a gift that she sometimes thinks her mother brought to her. As Chris walks up behind her, Erica says she would fight if she knew how to fight. "How about fighting for a second chance?" Chris asks her. Erica reminds Chris that he walked out on her when she confronted him with the letter. Chris tells her the letter was from Ryan's mom. Erica wonders how that could be since his mom died. Chris says it was sent to him after her death at her request. He says he needed to take the letter to Ryan right away to reassure him that his mother really did love him. Chris asks Erica to leave with him. After they leave Kendall arrives at the cemetery. As thunder is crashing overhead, Kendall gets on her phone and asks Ryan to come and get her.

At the Valley Inn, Erica asks Chris if he can forgive her. He tells her he already has. They go to bed and Erica has a nightmare about the fire at her house. She wakes up and sits up in bed. What if Kendall didn't set the fire, she wonders.

Ryan arrives and finds Kendall at the cemetery. She tells Ryan that she finally gets it. She has been letting the past kill her future. It has made her sink so low that she broke into Erica's house to see what it would feel like to be near her things. She says she realizes you can't make someone love you and she can't force her way into Erica's heart. She says it even made her run away from him. She asks him if he meant it when he said he loved her. She wants him to tell her again that he loves her and he believes in her. "I love you heart and soul," Ryan says. "Before you I was as good as dead. Now I feel." As they stand in the cemetery with rain pelting down, Ryan tells her that he needs her in his life now and forever. "Marry me," he says. She embraces him and they kiss.

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