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All My Children Update Thursday 6/13/02

By Laura

Oh won’t you stay - just a little bit longer? 

David walks into Anna’s office at the PVPD and says he was surprised to wake up alone in bed without Anna.  They “discuss” the state of their marriage when an officer brings in Anna’s nephew, Aidan.  Anna talks to Aidan about his assault charges - she got them dropped against Aidan but he doesn’t seem appreciative.  Aidan wants to put the matter behind him and leave town.  Anna wants him to stay longer while David is happy to see him go.  Anna wants to spend time alone with her nephew and David leaves the room with the warning to “be careful”.  Anna hands Aidan some coffee and asks him to stick around.  He warns her that it would be bad for Anna - for her career and for her marriage.  She tells Aidan that she has a daughter around his age (Aidan is 24) and she wants to connect with Aidan because she missed so much with Robin.

I am not your babysitter

At the hospital, an angry David approaches Jake.  Jake assigned David to Intern Orientation since he injured his hand in his squabble with Aidan.  David refuses to baby-sit Jake’s interns and Jake tells David to resign and he won’t have to!  Jake patronizes David about how his extensive knowledge could help the young interns.  David tells Jake that he is not resigning and will instead take a sabbatical until his hand is better.  David runs into Anna in the elevator and she tells him about her nephew staying.  David is disappointed and Anna reaches out to touch him and inadvertently causes pain to his injured arm.  Anna apologizes to David and he explains his sabbatical.  She asks him what he will do with his time off.  He tells her something with a financial gain!   

Trapped in Paris 

In Paris, Leo is shocked that the Comte du Pres never knew about his existence.  Leo leaves the room upset and the Comte du Pres excuses himself to leave but Greenlee asks him to stay.  Greenlee asks the Comte de Pres to stay while she talks to Leo to try to calm him.  The Comte comments on her devotion to Leo.  She excuses herself to talk to Leo.  Leo asks if the Comte is gone and is very upset that Greenlee wants him to stay.  Greenlee asks him to talk to the Comte to find out the real truth.  Leo agrees to talk to him to find out about the drug money – Greenlee tells him to forget about the money and concentrate on finding out if the Comte is his father!  She goes back out to speak to the Comte.  She asks the Comte du Pres to meet with Leo again.  She convinces him that they need to determine if they are father and son.  He agrees with her and will make another appointment to meet with Leo.  He leaves and Leo comes back into the room with Greenlee.  The Comte in is in the hallway speaking French on his cell phone and Trey catches a snapshot of him without his noticing.  Leo wonders if du Pres should be his last name – is he even part french?  Leo wonders if his Mother lured him to France, and if so, why?  Greenlee assures him that he was not setup.  Leo tells Greenlee how much he appreciates her being there with him in Paris.  He is happy to have her by his side and in his bed!  They leave the room to go for a walk and get some wine for a picnic in bed.  After they leave, Trey sneaks in to apparently bug their phone (it looked more like a needle than a phone bug) but Leo and Greenlee come back earlier than expected!  Trey sneaks to the balcony to hide while Leo apologizes to Greenlee for wanting to come back to the room.  Trey is trapped on the balcony listening to them.  He looks over the edge trying to figure out how to get off the balcony.  Back inside, Leo is still upset about if the Comte is his real father.  Greenlee encourages him to talk to David.  He tries to reach David on his beeper but Jake intercepts the call.  Leo and Greenlee share bread, cheese and wine in their room with Trey trapped on the balcony.  Greenlee and Leo talk about what their life will be like in Paris together.  Greenlee suggests they sit out on the balcony to enjoy their evening – Trey hears this and is desperate to get off that balcony (jump, Trey, jump!!) 


I’m begging – please stay 

Anna meets Aidan at the Valley Inn bar (doesn’t everyone meet there?).  Aidan admits that he would like to meet his cousin, Robin, and get to know Aunt Anna.  She is pleased he will be staying. 

Mind Games

Liza accuses Adam of lying to her about seeing the lights flicker.  Adam denies it.  Adam makes her think that everything is OK by saying that she is well.  It causes Liza to grow increasingly worried about her tumor coming back.  She talks out of control and Adam yells at her to get hold of herself as Marian and Stuart.  Liza tells her Mother about her vision problems.  Adam urges her to calm down and Liza worries that the doctors didn’t remove all of her tumor.  Liza explains about the lights flickering and Adam swears that he saw the light flicker.  Liza accuses Adam of lying to make her feel better and everyone tells Liza that she is blowing everything way out of proportion.  Stuart says that an electrician is in the house and could have caused the lights to flicker.  Adam remembers that he called an electrician about the security system and laughs that he forgot – the electrician must have caused the flickering.  Liza is relieved but still a little shaken.  As Marian and Stuart walk out of earshot, Adam admits to Liza to lying about the lights flickering to make her feel better.  Adam leaves and Stuart and Marian comfort Liza.  Liza wishes that Adam didn’t lie to her about seeing the lights flicker.  Marian insists he did it because he loves her. Liza wonders how she can trust him again about being honest about her health. 

Let Him Help You!

At the hospital, Jake teases Mia about the mysterious cuff link but the conversation becomes serious when Jake accuses Mia about becoming a chronic liar.  Mia is upset and Jake explains about how she lies to Liza about her relationship with Jake and she lied about Trey and the father of her son.  Jake says that he is seeing her fall deeper and deeper into something and wants to help her out of it – no matter what it is!  He warns her about Adam and how manipulative he is.  Mia’s phone rings and it is Adam asking to meet with him about Liza.  She tells Jake that Liza needs her.  Jake tells her to think about his offer for help.

Adam is up to something (again!) 

Stuart leaves Marian and Liza to find Adam.  Out in the hallway Stuart spies Adam and Mia embracing.  Shocked, Stuart creeps off so they don’t notice.  Adam calls Liza from the Valley Inn bar apologizing for leaving – he claims he had an emergency phone call regarding business.  Mia joins Adam at his table at the Valley Inn bar.  Adam acts upset and explains to Mia that Liza’s mental health is in jeopardy (he is so sneaky!).  Adam tells Mia about the light flickering incident.  He tells her how upset Liza got and how she blew everything out of proportion (even though Adam orchestrated the entire event).  Mia asks how she can help.  Adam asks Mia to become more active in Colby’s care – which means spend less time with Jake.  Adam hangs his head in his hands upset and Mia holds his hand for comfort as Jake walks in to see them (of course, everyone else is at the Valley Inn bar, why not the chief of staff for PVH?) 

Liza, Pine Valley’s human ATM

David goes to see Liza and tells her that they need to pick up where they left off (is it their business venture she agreed to while suffering from a brain tumor – oh yes David, that’s smart!)

A few final thoughts from Laura:

-     Who is dressing Liza?  I think she and Jake were wearing the same shirt!  Liza deserves better clothing – it’s not like she can’t afford it!

-     I love David Canary, but I do not understand how his character, Adam Chandler, woes women.   Other than his money, why do women, namely Mia, keep falling for his act?

-         David was so quick to embrace Maggie and ask her to move in so they can all be one big happy family, yet he is not allowing Anna to experience the same kind of family bonding with her nephew.  Why the double standard?

-         I wonder what Aidan’s role will be in Pine Valley?  He is very cute and the accent is adorable.  Who do the writers see as his leading lady?  Since Cameron Mathison is leaving the show, could it be Kendall?  Maggie?  Opal?  (She needs someone too!)

-         Mia’s hair has gone through some radical changes in color, style, shape, etc.  I love it now! 

-         I don’t understand David and Anna’s relationship but I always love their scenes together.

-         Why won’t Mia trust Jake with her secret about Trey?  How can you share your bed with someone that you don’t trust enough to tell your deepest secrets?   How silly of me, this is Pine Valley. 

I can’t wait until tomorrow’s episode!


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