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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/12/02

By Laura

Who’s the Daddy?

Leo is struggling, trying to get dressed for his meeting with the Comte du Pres.  While dressing, he recalls Vanessa telling him that his father wanted nothing to do with him.  Leo is short with Greenlee as she helps him get ready.  Leo admits that he is a little wired.  He wonders why the Comte wants to see him just because he dropped Vanessa’s name.  Greenlee suggest that the Comte might want to get to know Leo.  But Leo tells her that he is only in Paris to get Vanessa’s money, not connect with his Dad.  Greenlee calls him a liar.  She reminds him that he admitted that his biggest regret was not getting to know his father.  Greenlee tells Leo that she is worried about his meeting with the Comte.  She tells him she is coming with him to keep him safe and Leo laughs.  Leo walks towards the door and Greenlee runs toward him insisting she will go with.  She opens the door and sees the Count standing there.  He introduces himself as the Comte du Pres and Leo looks on in shock.  Greenlee fumbles to let him in and explains that they were on their way to his chateau.  He explains that at his house the walls have ears and it would be more private at their hotel.  He apologizes for his secretary punching Leo.  Wolfe has been with him many years and is very protective.  He has many false paternity accusations made at him in the past – his secretary thought Leo would be yet another accuser.  Leo and Greenlee stare at the Comte surprised at his friendliness and plain speaking.  Leo asks if the Comte knew his Mother.  The Comte recalls her as a very spirited woman and recalls his time with her fondly.  He admits that she was his mistress.  Leo asks if the Comte is his father.  The Comte is shocked at his question.  Leo explains to the Comte that Vanessa told Leo that she wanted to keep him and the Comte wanted her to get an abortion so she left.  The Comte tells Leo that story is not true - Vanessa never told the Comte about Leo.

Mary and Woody

Roger strolls into the bar at the Valley Inn towards Mary seated at a table.  He tells her how magnificent she looks and then asks how much “work” she has had done.  She quickly asks for the money for Greenlee’s engagement party.  Roger tells her that his business partner is out of town and can’t make a withdrawal without both signatures.  Mary doesn’t buy it and chastises him for not taking care of his daughter.  She tells him that since Greenlee has been born she has been her daughter, her responsibility, her headache.  Roger sarcastically comments how her maternal instincts bring tears to his eyes.  As Mary tries to reply her father, Woodruff, walks in.  She greets him with a kiss and tells her father that they were just catching up.  Woodruff thought it looked more like a prelude to a good flogging.  He looks at Roger and tells her to carry on.  Roger says he has to run and leaves the room.  Woodruff asks if Mary and Roger are getting along.  She explains that she is collaborating with him for Greenlee’s engagement party.  Woodruff asks if she is doing it because she wants to or because he threatened her inheritance?  Mary answers that she is doing it and that is all the counts.  It seems that Mary will only do the right thing when he threatens her with disinheritance.  He sees that she will do whatever he wants to keep Greenlee from getting his estate.  Mary tells him that she is the rightful heir and Greenlee will get it someday.  Woodruff tells Mary that having her for a daughter makes him feel like a failure.  Mary feels her parents gave up on her but Woodruff insists she gave up on them much earlier.  She asks if her Mother knows about his disinheritance threats to her.  Woodruff reminds her that Greenlee grew up with Nannies not parents.  Greenlee wants so much to believe in her parents and their love for her.  Woodruff tells Mary that if Greenlee rejects Mary, she will be disinherited.  Mary threatens to speak to her Mother about this.  Woodruff threatens back that he will be happy to tell her Mother how she “entertained” herself while on vacation recently and her Mother would surely cut her off.  Woodruff tells Mary to play the good mother and play it well.  Mary feels her father never tried to love or understand her.  She thinks he only tried with Greenlee.  Woodruff tells her that Greenlee is the only one that tried back.  Woodruff doesn’t want to cut her out but is prepared to if she doesn’t shape up.  Woodruff walks away and Mary is left at the table upset.  She pulls out a picture of Leo and Greenlee and tells herself that he is prepared to punish Mary by giving Greenlee a wonderful wedding present – her inheritance!  She tears the picture in half between Leo and Greenlee and says “I don’t think so!”  She crumbles up the torn picture of Leo.  Roger walks through the hospital to see Dr. McMillan, Simone’s father!  He sees Simone in the hallway and they exchange electric, complimentary words.  Roger confesses he misses her and Simone misses him too.  Roger asks to meet with Simone and she declines.  Dr. McMillan comes out and tells Roger he is ready to see him. 

That isn’t mine – I didn’t see that

Adam walks into his office while Liza casually drinks her coffee and reads the paper.  He tells her that he is off to meet with the lawyers.  He leaves and Liza hears the help talking and giggling out in the hallway.  Liza comes out and asks what is so funny.  Winifred gives a cuff link to Liza and tells her that Jennifer, another maid, found it in Mia’s bed.  Mia walks in and asks if Liza was all right because Winifred said she wanted to see her.  Liza smiles and hands her the cuff link and tells her that Jennifer found it in her bed.  Liza tells Mia “Looks like you and Jake are getting pretty close?”  Mia remembers Adam telling her not to tell Liza about being with Jake.  Liza sees the concern on her face and tells her that she is not mad at her.  Mia insists that she doesn’t know how the cuff link wound up in her bed.  Liza assures Mia that she can have overnight guests and Mia is defensive.  Liza insists that it is OK – she didn’t mean to embarrass her.  Mia asks if they can just forget about it.  Mia leaves for the hospital where Jake teases her about being her boss and taking an interest in her physical excellence.  He tells her that he wants to visit her in her pool again soon.  She remembers Liza and tells Jake that they need to cool it.   Jake wants to know why and Mia comes up with excuses.  Mia hands Jake the cuff link, assuming it is his, and asks if his Dad gave him the set.  Jake says he doesn’t wear cuff links to bed – the cuff link is not his!  Mia wonders who is the owner of the cuff link!  Adam is at the hospital talking with Liza’s doctor about her recent visit to the doctor.  Her doctor insists that she was just having patient anxiety and that everything was fine.  Adam claims that he is worried about Liza’s health because she went to the doctor without telling him.  With a sneaky look in his eye, Adam asks what symptoms he should be looking for to determine if Liza is fine or not (what do you have planned Adam?) The doctor tells him that possible symptoms of a brain tumor can be mood swings, headaches, seizures, confusion, vision problems and light flashes.  Adam asks the doctor not to tell Liza he spoke with him – he doesn’t want to worry Liza.  Adam comes home and sees Liza in his office.  Liza asks if everything is OK with the legal department and he said that he told her that he was meeting with accounts, not lawyers (what is he up to?)  Liza insists he said lawyers, not accountants!  Adam told her not to worry about her mistake when the lights flicker.  Adam pretends not to notice.  Liza asks why the lights just flickered – she asks if he noticed.  He very obviously answers yes making it seem like he is trying to make her feel better.  She looks curiously at Adam.

It’s Not You, It’s Me!

Tad, Brooke and Jamie are in counseling with Dr. McMillan.  The session ends well with Tad telling Jamie that his love for his son is helping him to deal with the death of Dixie.  Jamie hugs Tad and walks out to wait in the hallway.  Dr. McMillan asks if he should hold their time spot for the rest of the summer to continue their family therapy sessions.  Tad says the time is good with him and Brooke agrees but reminds him that she won’t be able to make it to therapy the week of her wedding.  Tad looks at Brooke with surprise.  He thought Brooke and Edmund were postponing the wedding.  Brooke reminded him that they did and now they are ready to proceed as planned.   Brooke asks Tad if it is OK if they get married and the doctor asks her why she feels she needs to ask her ex-husband for permission to get married.  Tad jokes about wanting her to stay single.  The doctor notices Tad is defensive.  Tad and the doctor exchange words about the way he is acting.  Dr. McMillan sits to take notes and Tad insists that everything is OK with Brooke and Edmund getting married as long as – Brooke finishes his sentence by saying as long as she puts Tad and Jamie first.  With tears in her eyes, Brooke walks toward Tad and tells him that she has given up years of happiness because she always put Tad first – happiness with Tad and Edmund.  Brooke tells him that no matter what she is not making the same mistake twice – Tad will not come first any more in her life.  Brooke apologizes to Tad because her timing is bad.  Tad wants to know the truth about how she feels.  Tad feels guilt for leaving Brooke for Dixie caused Brooke great pain.  She leaves the office in tears as Tad calls out for her.  Brooke apologizes to Tad again for her outburst.  Tad understands and feels guilty for hurting Brooke to be with Dixie.  Tad tells Brooke that he is happy she has Edmund.  They hug as Edmund walks off the elevator.  Tad leaves to let Brooke and Edmund have some time alone.  Brooke tells Edmund they are making progress with their therapy.  Edmund is happy to share that a match for Enzo has been found – a hospital worker out in the southwest.  Brooke offers to fly out to find the match and she wants to bring Tad along.  Tad has investigative experience as a P.I. that could help Brooke - and the journey could boost his confidence and get his mind off Dixie.  Edmund agrees to her idea and will be there for Jamie while she is gone. 

Your Name Please?

“Maria” is shown at a hotel all dressed in black.  The desk clerk asks for her name and she answers “Maureen”.


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