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All My Children Update Tuesday 6/11/02

By Laura

A Perfect Match?

Mateo asks Dr. Conway how much longer they have to wait to find out if Arlene is a liver donor match for Enzo.  She tells him that as soon as the reports come back she will tell him the results.  The doctor walks away and Edmund shows up with coffee for an impatient Mateo.  Mateo complains to Edmund about the amount of tests needed and how long they are taking.  Edmund tells Mateo not to worry because Arlene is in good health and hasn’t had a drink in months.  Mateo wonders if Arlene is telling the truth about her sobriety.  Hayley picks up Enzo from his hospital room crib with Stuart and Arlene looking on.  Stuart sees that Arlene is worried about the test results.  Hayley reassures Arlene that everything with the tests will be fine.  Arlene says that she isn’t worried about being a match for Enzo – she is more worried about how she is going to take care of herself after the surgery alone in her hotel room.  Stuart graciously offers that he and Marion could take care of her at his house.  Arlene replies that she would much rather be with Hayley and Enzo so they can all take care of each other.  Hayley responds that she will run it past Mateo but she is sure that he will agree to her moving in.  Mateo walks in and Hayley nervously explains to Mateo that they were just thinking that Arlene would need a place to recuperate after the transplant surgery.  Arlene adds that they could also use an extra set of hands with the baby.  Mateo asks Arlene if bunking with them would mean that they would all take care of each other.  Stuart and Arlene smile and nod yes.  Hayley asks Mateo if it would be okay.  Mateo responds that she’s family and she can stay with them.  Stuart smiles and says that life works out if you just let it.  Arlene happily promises that she will not be any trouble.  Mateo noticed that they are all acting like Arlene’s liver was a match.  He asked if they got the test results back.  Hayley tells him not yet but really soon.  Arlene says that she is glad she quit drinking because waiting for the test results is such much pressure; pressure like this could send a person head first into a fifth of vodka.  Her statement shocks everyone.  Stuart offers to calm her down with a hot fudge sundae from the hospital cafeteria.  Arlene says it won’t help.  Nervous, Hayley further tries to calm Arlene by reminding her that she is Enzo’s grandma.  Her blood type is a match and her liver should be a perfect match too.  Arlene walks out of the room to put a rush on the test results.  Stuart tells Hayley and Mateo that he will keep on eye on Arlene.  Hayley says that Arlene knows what is at stake and she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize Enzo’s chance of a transplant.  Mateo interrupts with instructions that Stuart keeps a close eye on Arlene.  Out in the hallway, Arlene charms a male hospital staff member into checking on the test results for her and Enzo.  He walks off to find her information as she tells him to hurry back.  Arlene calls the Valley Inn telling the front desk that she checked out this morning and they are holding her bags for her.  She asks that they hold her bags a little longer.  As she gets off the phone Edmund comes up and asks if Arlene is moving out of the Valley Inn.  Arlene tells Edmund of “Hayley’s idea” to have her move in with Hayley and Mateo as she recovers from transplant surgery.  Edmund agrees that it makes sense to have family around.  Arlene walks away saying to herself that she could use a little support herself right now – something cool and smooth.  Stuart catches up with Arlene and walks with her to get a hot fudge sundae.  Brooke walks up with a cup of coffee for Edmund commenting on how they didn’t have the cream he likes, just the powder stuff.  Brooke asks Edmund what’s up.  Edmund states that watching Arlene is like watching a ticking time bomb.  Brooke sarcastically wonders if the pressure of holding Enzo’s life in Arlene’s hands is getting to her.  Edmund doesn’t care about that – if she has a drink she doesn’t just hurt herself, she hurts Enzo.  As Stuart and Arlene walk down the hall she tells Stuart that she is just a little nervous about the test results.  She offers to meet him down at the cafeteria for those hot fudge sundaes.  Stuart agrees and walks away.  Arlene spots the male hospital staff member and grabs the test results out of his hands.  She reads the results.  Brooke and Edmund walk down the hall as she tells Edmund that Arlene’s prospect of saving Enzo’s life may be reason enough for her to stay sober.  Edmund asks if she really believes that.  Brooke says she would like to for Enzo’s sake and wonders what is wrong with holding a positive thought.  Edmund admits that it can’t hurt.  Brooke compares it to Laura’ situation where everything looked hopeless, time was running out and there was no donor.  Edmund sarcastically responds “And let me guess, you never gave up hope.”  Brooke says she had her moments.  Edmund replies, “Who would have thought that Gillian’s death would save Laura’s life.”  Brooke feels a miracle will happen.  Back in Enzo’s room, Hayley confides in Mateo that she prayed to God and said that if he sends someone to save Enzo, she would never ask for anything again.  Mateo tells her that she tried to bargain with God – it doesn’t work that way.  Hayley said that God answered their prayers with Arlene and that her being there is a sign for all of them to heal.  Mateo worries about Arlene’s sobriety.  Hayley says Arlene knows this is her last chance with the family and wouldn’t do anything to ruin that.  Stuart walks in looking for Arlene and Mateo says she isn’t there – Mateo runs out to look for her.  He finds Arlene reaching for a drink at a bar.  He calls her “Same Old Arlene”.  He tells her that if it were up to him he would let her drown in her alcohol.  But she has to keep sober for Enzo.  Arlene sadly tells him that she is not a match for Enzo.   Disappointed, Mateo sits down and tells her that they were sure she’d be a match.  Arlene doesn’t want to tell Hayley that she is not a match.  She doesn’t want to lose a connection with Hayley – she wants to be there for her.  She wants to be a good mother and grandmother.  Mateo feels sorry for Arlene and tells her that Hayley will want her to stay around whether she is a match or not.  Arlene says she is too weak and will just leave her in peace.  Arlene says to tell Hayley goodbye, sorry and that she loves her.  She never realized how much until today.  Mateo says he believes her and walks out.  Back in Enzo’s hospital room, Mateo tells Hayley that Arlene is not a match for Enzo.  Hayley wonders what happened to her prayers and Mateo tells her that they will be answered.    Mateo tells her Arlene said goodbye.  Hayley can’t believe that her Mother has left.  She cries about being stupid enough to believe Arlene and everything she said.  Mateo said that she might be wrong about Arlene and that maybe she showed you how much she loved her by leaving.  Hayley cries in Mateo’s arms. Back at the bar, Arlene decides not to drink the alcohol and walks out. 

Read the Letter

Chris tries to give Ryan the letter from his deceased Mother.  Ryan looks at it and says, “Put it away”.  Chris tells him to read it.  Ryan says that he filed enough info on his Mother to last him a lifetime.  Chris tells him that most of what he has told Ryan about his mother has been wrong.  Chris tells Ryan “The bottom line is your mother loved me.   And she loved you Ryan, very, very much.”  Chris tells Ryan that everything his mother did was because of the man he thought was his father, Patrick, forced her to do it.  She didn’t ditch Ryan.  Patrick kidnapped her and Braden at gunpoint and forced her to blow Chris’s cover.  Ryan wonders what happened after she got kidnapped and after she had him – why didn’t she tell Chris that she had his son.  Chris says that Patrick threatened to kill Ryan’s mother if she ever tried to get back together with Chris.  Patrick killed her spirit but he could never kill her love for Chris.  After all those years up until the day she died, she kept Chris in her heart.  Ryan doesn’t believe that she ever loved him.  Chris tells him to read the letter and promises to never bring it up again if Ryan doesn’t change his mind about his Mother.  Ryan reads from the letter:

 “Chris, I can’t tell you how often I’ve relived that day.  Patrick driving me off, knowing I would never see you again.  My life became a prison with no hope of escape.

 Chris tells him to skip down to where she talks about when Ryan was born.

Years too late you’re finding out we had a son.  I imagined you with me the morning Ryan was born.  Holding your boy in arms that never struck out in anger.  Love at first sight the way it was with us.  Chris, he looked so much like you, so much it hurt to look at him sometimes.  Hurt just to be near him.  Because he reminded me that I was a cheat and I was a coward.  And I robbed him of a life with a father who would have loved him to the skies and gave him to a man who wished he had never been born.” 

Ryan puts the letter on the bed.  Chris continues reading:

As much as I know that you will hate me for hurting your son, know that I hated myself more.  Every blow I struck against Ryan was me hitting back at the world without you.  Every drink I took was to wash away your memory; it meant another beating, another bruise, and another black eye for Ryan.  I don’t have the nerve to ask you or your son to forgive the unforgivable.  So I am writing this letter too many years too late to try to make up in some small way for the damage I have down by giving a father back to his son.  I wish I could be there when Ryan meets you for the first time.  I wish I could see his face, not filled with fear, but with wonder knowing finally that he wasn’t a mistake.  That our son was part of something wonderful – born of love.  The hell of it is that despite the abuse, Ryan grew into a kind and caring man.  He took care of me when by rights, he should have spit on me and walked away.  God knows that he did nothing in his lifetime to make a poor excuse for a Mother like me, even though I did love him in my stupid, stumbling, sorry way.  I loved him with all my heart.”

Ryan wonders why his Mother never told him about Chris and why she never told him that he was loved.  Chris blames himself because after Ryan’s Mom left, he just shut down.  He should have had enough faith in what they had together.  Chris says that if he had gone after her they could have been a family.    He didn’t because of his pride.  The same false pride that has kept him living on the outside his whole life.  Ryan is glad to know the truth.  Chris asks if Ryan hates him.  With tears in his eyes, Ryan asks how he could hate someone that loved his mother so much.  Chris pulls out an envelope with a ring in it.  He said he gave it to Ryan’s mother on their blue-sky day at the lake.  Now he wants Ryan to have it.  Ryan asks why he wants him to have it.  Chris tells him that the ring is all about what could have been.  Chris puts it in Ryan’s hand and tells him that when he finds his love to grab it, hold on to it and never let go, no matter what.  Ryan tells Chris that he has some things to think about and Chris says he has some things to do and walks out. 

Dining Alone

Erica is at the Valley Inn bar seated at a table alone when a waiter walks up with a message from the front desk.  Her things have been moved out of Mr. Stamp’s room to another suite just as she requested.  Erica asks if Mr. Stamp has been told about the move and the waiter conveys that as far as he knew Mr. Stamp has not returned to the hotel yet that evening.  Erica nods her head disappointed as Kendall slinks into the room.  With a smile on her face she asks, “Drinking alone, Mother?  Must mean trouble in paradise.”  Erica does not look amused.  Kendall remarks that now she knows why Chris showed up at the Pine Cone all hot and bother – they are on the outs.  Erica asks if that is why she is here – to gloat?  Kendall tells her to check her ego at the front desk.  She had no idea that Erica would be there drowning her sorrows in designer bottled water.  Erica finds that a little hard to believe because she always has a ringside seat every time she takes a hit.  First the trial, the fire, and now this – it’s what she lives for.  Erica tells her that if that is what she came for, get a good look.  Kendall says it is not her fault that Chris finally saw through the flash and dazzle to the real Erica.  Erica wonders what the real Erica would be?  Kendall tells her it is someone who is a taker, totally incapable of giving anything to anybody except for her precious Bianca.  Kendall says Erica never gave her anything unless you count rejection, hatred and disgust.  Erica stands up and reminds Kendall that she gave her life.  Kendall tells Erica “Here we go again”.   Kendall says that by Erica giving birth to her made up for the neglect and damage.  Erica says that no one neglected her.  She was raised by people that loved her.  Erica points out that she and Mona gave her a life.  But not the one she wanted.  She always thought the Harts were not good enough.  She came back to Pine Valley to get what she thought was due to her.  Erica reminds her that she didn’t turn her back on Kendall when she first came to Pine Valley.  She took her in and gave Kendall a job and her response was to stab her in the back.  Kendall says it was because Erica didn’t think Kendall was worthy of her love like precious Bianca.  Kendall would have crawled across broken glass if just once Erica would have looked at her and - Erica interrupts and says that she can’t.  Kendall asks if she can’t or won’t?  Kendall asks if she has ever really looked at her and seen her.  Erica says that she has tried.  Kendall reminds her that she is her daughter, her flesh and blood.  Erica shakes her head and says no, you’re not, you’re him – and every time she looks into her eyes, she sees him.  Kendall asks whom?  Erica tells her that she sees the man that raped her.  She says that everything about her reminds her of her rapist father.  Kendall wonders when Erica is going to stop using the rape as an excuse to hate her.  Erica has tried to block out the rape but she can’t.  She thought the rape was a private nightmare until she realized that something was growing inside of her.  Erica reminded Kendall of when she left Bianca alone with the rapist.  Kendall tells Erica that she never wanted Bianca to get hurt.  Erica tells Kendall to listen hard and really hear what she is saying – the reason she looks at Kendall and sees her rapist is because she looks at Kendall’s eyes and can see her soul.  She is someone who identifies someone’s weakness and moves in for the kill.  Unlike her father, Kendall will never get the best of Erica.  Chris walks in and tells Erica that he just heard she moved his things out and asks why.  Kendall says she is freezing him out.  Who knows what big, bad boogieman he reminds Erica of?  Kendall walks out upset and Chris suggests they go and talk.  Erica just walks away.    Chris stands outside Erica’s door asking to speak to her.  She doesn’t answer.  Just as he walks away, she opens the door.  Chris asks to come in and she reminds him that he walked out on her.  He said that she doesn’t even know why the letter affected him so much.   She tries to close the door on him and he holds it open saying that closing the door on him means nothing compared to the doors she closes on him in her heart.  She slams the door shut in Chris’s face.

Back at the Pine Cone

Kendall walks in upset and Ryan doesn’t notice as he sits at the desk reading the letter.  She packs her clothes in a suitcase while he tells her about the letter.  He tells her that he is surprised how much his Mother and Father loved each other.  Kendall tells him that it is not a surprise that a wonderful guy like Ryan would be born from love, unlike the people who conceived her.  Ryan finally notices that she is packing and she tells him that she is not good for him or for anyone.  He grabs her arm and says, “You did it again, you went to see Erica.”  Ryan tries to talk to Kendall but she says not to touch her because everything about her is bad because she was born bad.  Ryan grabs her and asks if she is so bad, how can he love her so much?  Kendall is shocked by his profession of love and runs out of the room.  Ryan stands in the doorway calling out to her.


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