AMC Update Monday 6/10/02


All My Children Update Monday 6/10/02

By Lori

David tells a police officer at the hospital to arrest Aiden for assaulting him and stalking his wife. Anna says he was not stalking her ? he's her nephew. She tells the officer to leave him alone. David tells her that she will ruin her career if she plays favorites by giving preferential treatment. He says this is a blatant abuse of power. She doesn't know anything about the guy. She should at least get a background check on him. Anna agrees to the background check, but says she believes who he says he is. Anna tells Aiden that she has to take him in because David wants to file a complaint. As the officer takes Aiden away, Anna asks David if he's happy now. Later, Anna is in her office at the police station with Aiden. David walks in and says he heard the results of the background check. They show that Aiden is wanted on felony assault in England. Aiden explains that he saw a man beating up a woman and he pulled the man off of her. The woman, not wanting her husband arrested, told police that Aiden started the fight. After Aiden is taken to jail, David tells Anna that he doesn't believe him. Anna says her gut tells her he is telling the truth. She tells David about the music box from her childhood that Aiden gave her. She says she is not going to lose a family member she just found.

Trey is visiting Vanessa and tells her that Leo is in Paris. Vanessa becomes hysterical and says Leo is going to get himself killed. She tells Trey he needs to go to Paris to protect him. Trey wonders what is in Paris that might harm Leo. He wonders if it has anything to do with Vanessa's drug money. He tells Vanessa to tell him everything so he can protect Leo and the money. Vanessa doesn't reveal anything as she continues to fret about Leo. She tells Trey she even went so far as to tell Leo that Count du Pres wasn't his father. Trey asks her if he is his father. Without answering, Vanessa reverts back to her Rosie personality and flips through a tabloid magazine. Trey tells her he'll be on the next flight to Paris.

In Paris, Leo is on the ground after being punched in the stomach by a mysterious man. As the man threatens Leo's safety, Greenlee approaches with a bottle. She prepares to use the bottle to hit the man but he stops her. The man identifies himself as the private secretary to the count. He says they are not welcome and are in danger if they don't leave. The man calls Leo a fortune hunter but Leo says all he wants is to meet his father and invite him to his wedding. The man says the count's schedule is too booked. Before the man leaves, Leo tells him to give the count greetings from his mother, Vanessa Bennett. After the man leaves, Leo comments that the man iced up after he mentioned Vanessa's name. Leo says he's not leaving before he meets the count. He urges Greenlee to leave for her protection but she refuses. Later, the man calls Leo and tells him that the count has agreed to meet him tomorrow. Greenlee comments that Vanessa's name must have made an impression.

Kendall is leaving a phone message for Trey. She thinks Ryan is sleeping, but he hears everything. Kendall says that Ryan is part of her defense team, and she won't do anything without telling him. After she realizes that Ryan is awake, she holds the phone receiver down and pretends to continue talking. She praises Ryan up and down. He gets up, grabs her, lays her on the bed and kisses her. They talk about going on a trip together.

Erica is livid about finding a letter to Chris from another woman. She accuses him of cheating on her. He hasn't a clue as to what she's talking about. Erica shows him the letter and reads part of it to Chris. "You promised our love would keep us going, and it has," the letter reads. Chris grabs the letter from Erica's hand. "It's not possible. It's from her," he says. Erica continues to rant and rave. "How could you do this to me," she screams. Chris tells her she had no right to read the letter. It was personal, he says. He walks out of her office. Erica runs after him and throws her shoe at him. Opal arrives at Enchantment, finding Erica ripping up papers in her office. She gives her the shoe she found on the floor and asks her what's wrong. Erica tells Opal that it's over with Chris because he is cheating on her. She tells her about finding the letter from someone named Gail. Opal tells Erica that she had no right to open that letter. She tells her she is jumping to conclusions and there could be a reasonable explanation. Opal says she knows Chris loves Erica will all of his being and he probably didn't appreciate her jealous fit.

Ryan and Kendall are laying on the bed when Chris knocks on the door. He asks to speak with Ryan privately and Kendall leaves. Chris tells Ryan that he got a letter from his mother. Ryan wonders how that could be since she's been dead for months. Chris says her will just came out of probate and the letter was to be mailed after that. Smiling, Chris says everything they believed about his mother was a lie.

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