AMC Update Friday 6/7/02


All My Children Update Friday 6/7/02

By Lori

Leo checks into his room in Paris and contemplates calling his father. He hears a noise in the bathroom. He walks in and is surprised by Greenlee, who is taking a candlelight bubble bath and waiting for him. He appears stunned, and she is wondering whether he is glad to see her. He gets into the tub, fully dressed, and starts kissing her. Later, they are drinking wine and eating French bread in bed. Leo shows Greenlee his father's phone number and she urges him to call him. She says he can't be worse than the parents they already have. Leo makes the call and finds Count du Pres' secretary can speak English. Leo identifies himself as the count's son and says he wants an appointment with him. The secretary hangs up on him. Leo cannot understand why that happened. Later, a stranger is shown lurking outside their hotel room. Greenlee gets dressed to go downstairs and get something to drink. There is a knock on the door. Leo, thinking it is Greenlee, opens it. He is punched in the stomach and falls to the ground.

Anna asks the stranger in the park who he is. Before he can answer, David realizes he injured his hand when he punched the man. Anna takes him to the hospital, but the man follows.

Mia approaches Jake at the hospital and wants to make sure he isn't mad at her for Adam's interruption of their tryst the night before. Quite the contrary. Jake pulls her into a room and begins kissing her passionately. Jake is called away to tend to David's injured hand. Mia gets a call from Trey, who is demanding that she meet him in the park with more money. Mia tells him this will be the last time she will withdraw money from Liza's account for him. After he hangs up, Trey tells himself that it won't matter once Leo leads him to Vanessa's millions.

Erica is surprised to see Maggie and Bianca embracing at a restaurant. She asks what they are celebrating. Maggie says she is just congratulating Bianca on her graduating. Classmate Morgan tells Bianca to tell her mother what they are really celebrating. Before Bianca has a chance, Morgan tells Erica that Maggie announced she will be Bianca's prom date. Morgan expects a negative reaction from Erica, but all Erica says is "I guess we'll have to go shopping for a dress." She invites Maggie to go shopping with them, and Maggie accepts the invitation. After Morgan walks off in a huff, Erica tells Maggie she didn't realize she was... Bianca interrupts. Bianca tells her mother that Maggie is not gay and this is not a date. She says Maggie agreed to go to the prom to prove a point because Morgan was ragging on her. Erica gives Bianca her support, and tells her that the reason she didn't like Frankie was not because she loved Bianca, but because she was a con artist. After Erica, Bianca and Chris leave, Maggie runs into Trey. He tells her to have fun at the prom.

While David is having his hand x-rayed, Anna questions the man who has been following her. She discovers he is Aidan Devane, the son of her late sister. She says she didn't even know her sister had a child, and upon his request shares memories of her sister. Aidan shows Anna a music box that she remembers having as a child. He knows all about Anna's background, saying it wasn't hard to find. He talks about his own background in the military. Mia walks by Aidan and they glare at each other like they know each other. Mia walks off without saying anything. Jake tells David his hand is sprained but not broken, and lectures him for injuring his hand by punching someone. David walks out of the room and sees Anna talking to this man he punched. He sees a police officer walk in, and asks the officer to arrest the man for stalking the chief of police.

Trey arrives at the park and is on the phone with someone who tells him Leo went to Paris. Trey is surprised because Leo is not supposed to leave town. Mia meets him at the park and gives him a bag containing $50,000. She says he has to stop demanding money from her. Trey says he's the one in charge and he's the one keeping her secret. Mia threatens to tell Liza about how he is using blackmail to get Liza's money from her. Trey says that would only turn Liza against Mia. Mia says it also would stop the flow of money to Trey. "If you bring me down you're going down with me," she says. Mia begs Trey to let her son be happy with his new family. After she walks away, Trey gets on his phone and reserves a plane ticket to Paris.

Erica and Chris are in his office when the architects arrive. Chris goes to meet them. Myrtle arrives with a letter from the FBI that came for Chris. She gives it to Erica. After Myrtle leaves, Erica opens the envelope to see it contains a smaller envelope with "Chris" written in handwriting. Erica opens it and reads it. When Chris returns to Erica's office, a disappointed Erica says "how dare you."

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