AMC Update Thursday 6/6/02


All My Children Update Thursday 6/6/02

By Glynis

Erica is explaining to the school that Bianca is not going to Gettysburg. She hangs up and learns that there are some problems. Her first thought is to call for Greenlee but of course she isnít there. Chris gets there just in time to offer her some help. She is glad to see him. She wants Chris to help Jackson put Kendall away for destroying her house. Chris would like to fix things for her. He tells her to picture something. He is walking into a building and he sees some workers. They are turning raw space into storage. Chris thinks that the raw space is going to make a great apartment for Erica and it would be on top of the building. Chris would oversee everything. She canít build a house right now but she could make herself a classy apartment. She looks at him strangely and he notices that. He knows what she needs even when she is not aware of it. She never considered living on top of her own building. She loves the idea. The view is going to be great. She would only be an elevator ride from her desk. They could plan a future together and build a future together. Erica is going to love every minute of this.

Kendall is pissed. She tells Ryan that she knows that he has been warning Bianca. She is very angry and he tries to calm her down. He is surprised that she doesnít trust him, but how can she trust someone that is trying to put her in prison. She demands an explanation from him for talking to Bianca about what she is trying to do. Bianca came to her earlier and was barking insults when she was talking to Trey. Kendall wanted to let Trey know that she wouldnít keep anything from him. Now she isnít so sure that she wants to confide in Ryan. Ryan reminds her that Trey wanted her to plead guilty earlier. She should look at that. He is someone that consistently lets her down and she is letting him run her life. She feels like Ryan is giving up on her. She just doesnít understand Ryan. He walks from her, leaving and closing the door. Kendall senses that she has done something terribly wrong.

Students from Biancaís school see Bianca with Maggie and they assume that Maggie going to be Biancaís date. Maggie stands up to the group and Bianca likes it. Maggie thinks that the students should be more interested in someone being murdered. Maggie attacks a girl for being shallow. A waitress stops the argument but no referee is needed. The girl leaves to sit with her friends and Bianca tells Maggie that she was great with blowing off the girl just now. Maggie tells her that she would like to keep company with Bianca and Bianca is happy to hear that. Just then at the other table, the waitress that stopped the argument earlier spills a drink on the mouthy girl that was attacking Bianca and Maggie earlier. Maggie and Bianca both laugh at that. Bianca put son her cap that she is going to wear to graduation and they discuss how Frankie would have hated all this. Maggie thinks that Frankie would have loved all this graduation stuff. They decide that they donít care what people think. They get up and go over to the group to announce that they will be going to the prom after all. They will be Queen and Queen of the prom. They hug each other much to everyoneís delight. At that moment, Erica walks in with Chris and they see Bianca hugging Maggie.

Anna and David talk at Greenleeís. They are trying to sort out their differences. He would like her to accept him for what he is. She finds that amusing. He isnít sure what this is all about. It seems that she wants a divorce. She seems to think that he is a quitter. He should prove to her that he isnít. She doesnít know him well enough to decide if he is a quitter or not. He may never win the husband of the year award but when it comes to helping people, he will never stop. He pushes people beyond what they are capable of and people donít like him for it. He is not smooth or polite but his patients donít die. When he thinks of their marriage, he doesnít want that to die either. Her cell phone rings but she doesnít want to answer. She finally does and learns that someone called her and didnít leave his name. Someone has been trying to contact her. She has to go right away for something urgent. She will call him later but David wants to talk now. She canít talk now and they can finish their discussion later.

There is someone new in town looking at a picture of Anna at the airport. He folds the picture and puts it in his pocket. He then picks up his bags and walks out of the airport.

Anna goes to meet the man who has been trying to contact her. She is in the park and the man is behind her watching her. As he tries to approach her, David walks up and the man grabs a hold of him. Anna is alerted that someone is behind her and she sees her husband in a headlock. She pulls her gun telling the strange man to let go of David now. David is released and Anna demands to know who the man is. He throws his passport to her and she reads it. "What the hell is this supposed to mean?"

Ryan returns home and finds Kendall with a bag ready to go. He canít believe that she is leaving him. He tells her that she deserves good things happening to her. She feels like she is going to explode from being loved so much. She canít believe that she lived without love in her life ever again. She doesnít want to wake up in the morning without him next to her. She is not going to leave him ever. She touches his face and moves closer to him.


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