AMC Update Wednesday 6/5/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 6/5/02

By Glynis

Trey threatens Mia, telling her to meet him in the park in an hour. She has just spent the night with Jake at the Chandlers' and Jake wonders what her phone call was all about. She tries to shut him up with kisses, but he will not be quieted. Just then, there is a knock on the door. It is Adam, and he would like to come in, asking if she is decent. Mia says that she will be right out. Adam shouts to her that Liza is going back to work and Adam is frantic about that. Adam then leaves and Jake wonders what the big deal is about him spending the night with her. She has to figure a way out of the house for him. They get dressed.

After he gets off the phone, Trey talks to Kendall about her case and the ‘firebug’. Bianca happens to be in the park and wonders out loud, so that everyone can hear, if the little ‘firebug’ is she. Bianca knows that Kendall is trying to frame her for the fire. Kendall reminds her about Bianca’s history of playing with matches and burning down houses. Bianca says that everyone knows that Kendall is the one that set that fire. The girls have a catfight while Trey sits and watches it go down. Bianca can’t believe that Kendall thinks that she didn’t have faith in her at one time. Bianca was starting to see something in her that no one else did. Bianca thought that she could break through Kendall’s walls and reach her sister. She was willing to give up her mother for Kendall and now she is glad that she didn’t do it. Everyone dislikes Kendall now. Once alone, Trey tells Kendall that Ryan is going to undermine all the work that they have done. He tells Kendall again that she has to lean on him and not Ryan.

Tad is with Liza, discussing returning to work that day after not being at work for a long time. Tad is really down but has to be strong for JR. He can’t fall back in his cocoon. Tad is sure that Adam is not happy with JR living with him. Liza thinks that Adam has too much on his mind to worry about JR living with Tad. Adam returns to breakfast and finds Liza and Tad talking. He is worried that it is too soon for Liza to be returning to work. Liza leaves to kiss Colby before leaving for work. Tad tells Adam that JR is hanging on. The two talk civilly, but Tad tells him that they have to make some decisions. Tad knows that Adam has to be told of anything that happens with JR. They both want the best for JR, who has missed his exams because of his mother’s death. Tad thinks that they should hire a tutor, but Adam wanted JR to intern for him. Tad thinks that JR needs his education and Adam thinks that working for him is an education. Tad really wants to be on the same page with Adam. Adam has difficulty with this. They have to do everything to keep this kid grounded with love and support. Adam thinks that the answer is to let JR come home. Tad disagrees and says that JR’s home is with him. Tad thinks that he would be honoring Dixie’s wishes if he does what is best for JR. He begs for Adam's help in this. Adam says that maybe Tad is right. He doesn't think that he can fight both of them. He leaves the room.

Mia sneaks down the stairs to see who is around. She sees no one in the front room, so she sneaks up the stairs and returns, bringing Jake down with her, holding his hand. As they hit the front room, Adam appears and greets them. Mia goes off with Adam and they talk about Liza. She explains that she had Jake over for swimming the night before and things got carried away. Adam tells her that she has to explain nothing to him. He only wants her to keep this from Liza. He can see that she is getting together with Jake and getting closer with Colby, and he thinks that the combination could upset Liza. He hugs her, telling her that he would like her to stay a part of the family for years to come. Liza and Tad walk in from having breakfast and Mia takes off. Liza would like to know what that is all about. He tells her that Mia was upset and he was just trying to comfort her. Adam is being very understanding and Liza likes that. Adam tells her to have a good first day back at work, as he never wants to fight with her again.

Anna shows up at Greenlee’s, complaining to her and Leo about David and how impossible he is. She sees bags packed and assumes that they belong to Leo. "Leo! Are you leaving town?" She asks the question, possibly knowing that Leo will be breaching his probation if he leaves the jurisdiction. They move her away from the subject and she returns to bitching about David. Leo tries to leave and Anna asks him to wait and tell her what to do to handle the situation with David. Leo is sure that he can’t help. He thinks that he is not the guy that should be giving advice. She wants to use him as a sounding board. He agrees to stay a little longer. She goes on and on with Greenlee and Leo, ignoring the fact that he wants to catch a plane.  Greenlee and Leo exchange smiles behind her back, laughing at her preoccupation.

Maggie and David are having lunch together and they discuss the house. David wanted to talk to her the night before, but she assures him that she isn’t falling apart. David wanted them to live together; she says she wanted that at one time. She was into the idea for a little bit, but she hasn’t had a house to live in for a while. He feels that she is disappointed in her life. She got wrapped up in a fantasy of having a house and a white picket fence and she feels that it is her fault that she expected those things. He tells her that he feels that he has been pushing Anna into a position that she didn’t want to be in. Maggie understands. David longs for having family dinners and lazy Sundays and taking the kids to the mall for sneakers. Maggie thinks that families like that are not real. David doesn’t believe that, and he is sure that Maggie doesn’t believe that, either. Anna and David both want different things, but neither of them is willing to cave in. Maggie tells him to move on with his day and his life and not to worry about her. He has to leave her now. He gets up and hands Maggie some money for shopping. He leaves and she looks after him longingly. Maggie tells herself that she is a jerk. She gets up to leave the restaurant, and on the way out she bumps into Bianca who is coming in.

Anna and David end up alone at Greenlee’s to talk after Greenlee manages to leave them, and Leo gets out to take his trip. Leo shows up at the airport and gets his ticket. He turns to find Greenlee behind him. She is there to wish him a good trip. He is doing this for their future…for the both of them. She sees him off and then goes to her cell phone and starts dialing. She tells someone that she needs their help right now.


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