AMC Update Monday 6/3/02


All My Children Update Monday 6/3/02

By Lori

Ryan asks Kendall why she didn't tell him she broke into Erica's home. Trey walks into the room and tells Ryan that he told Kendall not to say anything. Trey says it is better for Kendall if Ryan is not in the loop. Ryan ignores Trey and asks Kendall again to explain her reasons. Kendall says she cannot. Ryan walks out on her. Trey tells her that she has more important things to worry about than a sulking boyfriend. Ryan goes to the park, where he is looking through travel brochures. He remembers that he and Kendall planned to go off together. He throws them in the trash. Kendall finds him and wants to explain. She tells him that Trey is not the reason she didn't tell him about breaking into Erica's house. She says she decided on her own to lie to him. She says she went to Erica's home to see if she could find pictures of her. All she found were happy pictures of Erica and Bianca. Then she spread out on Bianca's bed to see how it felt to be the accepted daughter. She says she was afraid Ryan would think she was pathetic. Ryan says her desire to gain Erica's favor will never work. He tells her to trust him and asks her to go away with him. She agrees.

Mary tells Greenlee that by telling Leo to leave her, she is trying to protect her from getting her heart broken. Leo tells Greenlee that she would be better off dumping what has messed up her life. He walks to the door, opens it, and says "hit the road Mary." Mary asks Greenlee if this is what she wants. Greenlee says she'll do anything to protect her relationship with Leo. Mary says she only acted this way because Leo is not what she expected. She asks for forgiveness and Greenlee agrees to give her another chance. Mary leaves to go to the Valley Inn to check it out as a place for the reception. Greenlee tells Leo she thinks she made a breakthrough with her mother.

Simone meets Roger at the Valley Inn to tell them that their relationship is over. "I completely agree," Roger says to a surprised Simone. Simone says she didn't think Roger would give up so early. Roger says this isn't easy for him, but he can see he's not making her happy. Simone says she's acting out of her friendship with Greenlee. Roger understands, tells Simone he'll miss her and walks away. "Don't go," she says. Roger returns to the table and Simone returns jewelry he gave her. Roger says he gave that to her to thank her for working on the book project with her. He says he hopes they can still do the book. Simone says she thinks a clean break is best and it would be too difficult to work with Roger after breaking up with him personally. Roger says he'll stay in control, but Simone says he would have more control than her. Roger insists she keep the jewelry, and she puts it in her purse and leaves. "Damn," Roger says. Someone walks up behind him and puts her hand on his shoulder. He thinks it is Simone but it is Mary. Mary sits down and tells him she wants them to throw a fancy engagement party together for Greenlee. She asks if Roger will loan his platinum card toward the effort. Roger seems hesitant, but sees Trey come in and says "I'm in ? all the way."

Hayley is actually happy to see her mother in the hospital room holding Lorenzo. She goes over and hugs her, telling her she realizes how much she needs her mother right now. Arlene says she came as soon as she got a call from Trevor about Lorenzo's illness. She says she came to help the baby and already has given blood. Mateo walks in and is not happy to see Arlene. Hayley tells him she is happy to see her because she's going to help them. Hayley leaves to take Lorenzo for a test. Mateo tells Arlene that she is to leave as soon as it is determined if she can donate a portion of her liver to Lorenzo. Mateo leaves and tells Brooke and Edmund about Arlene. He says Hayley is falling for her act. Hayley returns to Lorenzo's room to talk to Arlene. A nurse walks in with the test results. Arlene is a match for Lorenzo. They tell Mateo the good news. Hayley tells Mateo she is taking Arlene home. Mateo says he doesn't want Arlene staying at their house. She would be more comfortable at the Valley Inn, he says. Hayley thanks Mateo for putting Arlene up at the hotel. She tells him that he has saved their son by alerting Arlene with his call to Trevor. Mateo says a complete match isn't a certainty yet. It will depend on the quality of Arlene's liver. Arlene says her liver is in good shape. She hasn't had a drink in months.

Edmund and Brooke discuss the irony of Maria being a perfect match for Lorenzo. Edmund apologizes for thinking about Maria just days after he told her he was over losing her. Brooke tells him the pain of losing Maria will be with him forever. She says she wants him to talk about Maria. The love he shared with her will strengthen the love they have, she says.

A woman is shown from behind, only her shoulder length brown hair showing. A doctor approaches her at a hospital. He tells her he hears that she's a natural with kids. "I hope to have one or two of my own some day," she says.

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