AMC Update Friday 5/31/02


All My Children Update Friday 5/31/02

By Lori

Mary tries to convince Greenlee to break her engagement. She says Leo is not the man who will make her happy. Greenlee says she will do no such thing, but Mary offers to do it for her. Mary calls the proposed union of Greenlee and Leo a travesty and she wants to save her from it. Mary tells Greenlee about her failed union with her father and she doesn't want history to repeat itself. She says she married Roger to spite her parents and she believes Greenlee is marrying Leo because she hates her. Greenlee says she doesn't hate her ? she just wanted to be noticed by her. Mary says the reason she didn't pay attention to her was that she ruined her own life and she had no love to give to Greenlee. Mary berates Leo for being the son of a drug dealer and someone who is facing criminal charges. Greenlee accuses her mother of not wanting her to marry Leo because it would embarrass her.

Leo wants Vanessa to tell him where to find his father, Count duPres. Vanessa says she cannot do that, explaining that she has lied to him his entire life. The count is not his real father, she says. Leo protests, noting that Vanessa has kept scrapbooks about the count all these years. Why would she name him as his father if he was not, Leo demands. Vanessa says it's because she liked the small "d" and the big "P" in his name. Leo demands to know who is father is. Vanessa starts naming names ? Frank Sinatra, Fidel Castro, Liberace. A frustrated Leo turns to leave Vanessa's room. She tells him that she'll reveal his father as soon as they are in a safe place together. Leo walks out. Returning home, he slams the door and angrily shouts that he will kill his mother if she doesn't tell him where her drug money is. He doesn't notice Mary sitting with Greenlee. Embarrassed, he tries to explain that he was merely reciting a line from a rap song. Mary tells him he doesn't have to pretend. "I know how frustrating it is not to get your hands on the family drug money," she says. Greenlee tells her mother that Leo is trying to find the mother to give to the police. Mary sarcastically notes that doing so probably would get Leo's criminal charges reduced. Greenlee gets a business phone call and leaves the room. Mary takes the opportunity to ask Leo why he deserves her daughter. Leo tells her he doesn't need her approval. He says he and Greenlee are right for each other. Mary tells him if he truly loves Greenlee, the best thing he can do for her is to leave her. Greenlee, who hears the comment from the hallway, orders her mother to get out. "I don't want you in my wedding," she says.

Kendall protests the results of her polygraph test, insisting that the machine is broken. She demands Trey get hooked up to the machine just to show it is malfunctioning. Trey reluctantly sits down and lets himself be connected to the machine. The machine operator asks him simple questions but Kendall insists he be asked the same questions she was asked. Jack agrees and asks Trey if he set the fire at Erica's house. Trey says no, and the needle on the machine moves in a way indicating a lie. Trey agrees with Kendall that the machine is not working correctly. The operator says the machine is in perfect working order. "Then you're guilty," Kendall tells Trey facetiously. Trey says he will prove the machine is broken. He wants to be asked a question everybody knows the answer to, like what is his name. When asked, he states his name as James Kenyon III. Again, the needle indicates a lie. Trey says that proves the machine is broken. The operator says he has a test to determine if the machine is malfunctioning, but Trey stands up to leave, and still hooked to the machine, he pulls it to the ground. An angry Jack walks out and Ryan tells Trey that he blew it. Trey apologizes, but Kendall says it's not his fault. Trey says they don't have anything now, not even the results of the polygraph test. Trey walks out, leaving Kendall and Ryan alone. Kendall says she is not feeling well and asks to leave. She can tell something is bothering Ryan and asks him what is wrong. Ryan asks why she didn't tell him about breaking into Erica's home previously.

Mateo tells Brooke and Edmund about Lorenzo's condition. He says a living liver donor is needed immediately. He asks Edmund if he would agree to let Maddie be tested. Edmund hesitates, saying he needs more information on the liver transplant procedure. Joe approaches them and Mateo mentions Maddie as a possible donor. Joe says Maddie is too young. The donor needs to be at least 18. Mateo's mother arrives with the family medical records. She says Mateo's sisters, Rosa and Anita, are willing to fly in to be tested if necessary. Mateo talks to Edmund about possibly testing Julia. Edmund says that would be risky for Julia since she is in the witness protection program. Edmund suggests looking up Julia's medical records from a previous procedure to see if her blood type would match Lorenzo's. A nurse later arrives, telling Mateo that Julia's blood type is not a match. She is carrying a book of donors and Mateo wants to see it. The nurse will not allow him to see it, saying any potential donor must first be contacted. Mateo suspects that there is a donor in the book. Later he finds the book laying unattended and grabs it and reads it. The nurse tries to take it away from him but Mateo won't let go of it until he finds a donor. He then gives the book back and tells Edmund that the only perfect match for Lorenzo is Maria.

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