AMC Update Thursday 5/30/02


All My Children Update Thursday 5/30/02

By Ronda

Kendall leaves a note for Ryan and sneaks out of the room. When Ryan wakes up, he finds the note and reads that she has gone to do what Trey wanted her to do, the polygraph test. Ryan is angry and jumps in to his clothes and rushes off.

Hayley and Mateo are pacing and worried at the hospital. Jake comes to tell them that a specialist has been called in for Enzo's case. They are still evaluating him. Hayley is convinced that this is her fault for drinking earlier in her life. Mateo assures her that this is not possible, especially if Enzo has a virus, which is what is suspected. They agree to fight this thing no matter what. Awhile later the specialist comes out and tells them that Enzo has a virus and it is destroying his liver tissue. They can treat his immediate symptoms, but he will eventually need a liver transplant. Hayley and Mateo are devastated. They learn that he can be placed on a donor list, but a living donor is a better way to go. They both volunteer to be tested, but Jake warns them that parents are not often a good match. If they don't match, then they move on to other family members. After their tests they are sitting with Enzo and Hayley breaks down again. She tells Mateo that the baby had been pulling himself up in his crib and clapping. Mateo tries to comfort and reassure her that he will be OK. They both desperately want to be a match. Jake comes to them with the sad news that neither one of them will be able to donate. The baby needs a type O donor. They start to think of other family members.

Brooke spirits Edmund away to a cheap hotel for some alone time. They haven't had time to connect and just be together in a long time. Edmund thinks it is a great idea. After making love Brooke wants to order greasy, yummy food and stay in bed all day. Edmund wants to set their wedding date and Brooke agrees it is time. She says name the day.

Adam is on the phone with his attorney. He wants all his assets locked up tight and protected from Liza. He joins Liza and Mia in the living room. Tad arrives and Liza says she invited him. Adam smells a conspiracy. Liza offers Tad his job back at Chandler Enterprises. He's not sure he wants to come back after Adam fired him. Adam almost starts another fight about how Tad should have kept Liza from stealing the money, but he backs off and apologizes. Then dam asks Liza if she has remembered where the money is. Liza thinks they should just write the money off. Tad is not up to running the whole show, but Liza surprises everyone by saying she wants to go back to work part-time. She invites Mia to stay on and look after Colby, and Mia accepts. Tad says he will come back under those terms. Adam looks suspicious. Adam goes upstairs and slams in to his bedroom. Colby comes running in, with Mia right behind her. They are playing dress-up, and Colby wants to use some o Liza's fancy jewelry. She wants Mia to be the 'Mommy' but Mia tells Colby she can ever replace her Mommy. Adam says "Never say never." He proceeds to try to give Mia a fancy necklace of Liza's. but Mia is very uncomfortable and asks him to take it off. Downstairs Liza is telling Tad that she needs him for damage control, so the board of directors can trust her again. He says he'll think about it.

Trey has invited Jack to witness Kendall's polygrapgh test. Trey is looking smug. Kendall wants to call Ryan, but Trey tries to convince her that Ryan will only rattle her. Kendall tells Jack that Bianca set the fire. Jack scoffs at that notion.The polygraph tech comes in, and they get ready for the test. Trey pours Kendall a glass of water, after placing some powder in it. Trey encourages her to sip her water and relax. Kendall drinks big gulps of the water and the questions start, just basic ones at first, then a specific one about if Kendall set the fire. When she says no, she seems to get agitated and the polygrapgh needles go wild.

Bianca goes to the burnt remains of her home. Shortly after, Ryan comes in and sees her. He asks her if she was terrified like he was when she was stuck in the flames. He asks her if she remembers seeing Kendall but she says no. He asks her what happened that night and Bianca is angry that he seems to be accusing her of setting the blaze. He reminds her that she burned down her house ten years ago. Bianca tells Ryan that Kendall is playing him. Ryan says he believes Kendall when she says she didn't do it. After he leaves, Bianca has a flashback to a time as a child when she was playing with her dolls. There is a Daddy doll, a Mommy doll, and an Uncle Jack doll. Bianca places the daddy doll in a box so he won't have to see the mommy and Uncle Jack dolls kissing each other. She then picks up a lighter and sets the mommy and Uncle Jack dolls on fire, then runs out of her room. Myrtle comes in and interrupts her memory. When Bianca reminds Myrtle that she had set her old house on fire, Myrtle reminds her that she's grown up and moved on, and that Kendall hasn't. They find a burnt picture of Mona, Myrtle's friend and Bianca's grandmother. Myrtle thinks she knows someone who can fix it up with a computer.


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