AMC Update Wednesday 5/29/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 5/29/02

By Ronda

Adam and Stuart are discussing the revelation of Liza's big secret. Adam thinks it is the fact that she had been to see the doctor about some lingering symptoms. Stuart thinks it is the big secret about the bankbooks that he overheard Liza and Mia talking about. When he mentions bankbooks to Adam, they are both confused, but Adam catches on to the fact that Stuart knows more than he realizes. He cautions Stuart not to say anything about the bankbooks because it would make Liza be embarrassed. Stuart reluctantly agrees. After Stuart leaves, Ada goes to the computer to see just when Liza started to siphon off Chandler Enterprise funds.

Mia is helping Liza get read for bed. Liza is very grateful that Adam has paid back Chandler Enterprises for the money Liza stole. Liza wants Mia to take the remainder of the secret money they have stashed. When Mia refuses the money, Liza tells her that this would be the easiest way to get rid of the problem. Liza finally gets Mia to accept the offer by telling her they will set up a trust fund for her son to use some time i the future. When Liza insists that Trey be the one to be in charge of setting up the trust, Mia panics.

Hayley and Mateo are a the hospital worrying about Enzo. She doesn't want hi to stay the night at the hospital, but Jake has already had tests started on the baby. Hayley and Mateo decided to spend the night at his bedside. While Hayley goes in to see the baby, Mateo grills Jake about what is really wrong with his son. Jake tells him that because of the baby's jaundice, he suspects a liver problem. Jake tells Mateo that it is too early to get really worried. Mateo shares the news with Hayley and they prepare to wait for the test results. Hayley says that waiting is her best event. She asks Mate for quarters and goes out to a pay phone and calls Axel Greene, her AA sponsor. As she finishes her call to him, Adam sees her. She brings him up to speed on Enzo. Just then, Liza's surgeon brings some hospital records for Adam to see. Adam assures Hayley that Liza is fine and that he just wanted t discuss a few fine points with Dr. Greenburg. They go off a little ways and Adam asks the doctor if Liza could have been affected by the tumor as long ago as October of 1999. The doctor says no, the tumor was too fast growing, and they would have had to deal with it much earlier if that was the case. Adam was afraid of that.

Jake comes out of Enzo's room with the test results. He says the results are not good.

Trey is visiting 'Rosie' at Oak Haven. He tells her that she won't be getting out for the wedding. Another personality pops out and is introduced as 'Edward, the accountant'. He threatens Trey that if Rosie isn't sitting on the front row at the wedding, he'll never see on red cent. Trey looks worried.

At the loft, Leo is apologizing to Greenlee about Vanessa calling and freaking everyone out. He thinks to save everyone's sanity that they should elope. Greenlee is horrified and they argue about the big wonderful wedding she plans to have. Leo wants her to be happy, but he is skeptical that the wedding can go off without some crisis, given that both of their families are not exactly normal. "We both have families I wouldn't wish on a hamster" he jokes. Greenlee is adamant that she is going to have a spectacular wedding, her parents will be back together and they will be very proud of her. Leo looks like he doesn't believe that can happen.

Kendall is asleep and suddenly sits bolt upright. She says she knows who set the fire. She tells Ryan that it was Bianca. She tells Ryan that Bianca is a demon child and a brat. Ten years ago she caught Erica and Jack kissing and et fire to her bedroom. Kendall is sure that Bianca is the one who stole her lighter out of her purse at the courthouse. When Ryan tries to talk some reason in to her she just keeps throwing out implausible theories, convincing herself more each minute. She lets it slip that Trey has talked her in to taking the lie detector test. Ryan is getting really upset with her when Trey appears. When he hears her theory about Bianca, he jumps on it and agrees that that is the perfect solution. Ryan is amazed that the two of them are believing that this is a good idea. Ryan seems suspicious of Trey. Trey says he needs to talk to Kendall alone, so Ryan leaves. Trey tells Kendall that she must put all her trust in him and that Ryan can't be in the loop. Trey tells her that Ryan is jealous of him because Trey can save Kendall. Kendall doesn't believe him, but he tells her that Ryan will start to tell her not to trust Trey so much and will attempt to undercut his authority. She must ignore Ryan. Kendall says she loves him. Trey says that she can sleep with Ryan, but she has to listen to Trey. If she can' do that she needs to get another lawyer. When Ryan returns, Trey is making arrangements to pick up Kendall the next morning for the polygraph test. Trey informs Ryan that he can't come to the test with them. As he leaves, Ryan reaches out and grabs his arm, and Trey grimaces in pain.

Simone is out in the hall practicing a speech about how she has to leave Pine Valley. Greenlee comes out the door and tells Simone she was just coming to see her. Greenlee needs to boo-hoo on Simone's shoulder. Leo is freaking out on her. He wants to elope and Greens wants the big wedding. Simone reminds her that Leo's last 'big' wedding was a fiasco, and Greenlee grins as she remembers saving Leo from Laura. She tells Simone about how her father had found out about Leo's first wife and brought her to their first engagement party. She really wants this wedding to go off without a hitch and Simone has to help. She then tells Simone that Leo is trying to locate his father, Count DuPres before the wedding.

In Vanessa's room at Oak Haven, Leo brings his mother a bouquet of flowers. She is 'Rosie' and thinks Leo is an old beau. When he asks about money, she snaps into Vanessa mode and reminds Leo that he threatened to kill her. Vanessa says that Leo is pushing too hard about the money. Vanessa tells him that he has to dump Greenlee, and Leo says that will never happen. He then asks for Count DuPres' address. Vanessa says she'll tell him over her cold dead body.


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