AMC Update Tuesday 5/28/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 5/28/02

By Ronda

Simone and Roger appear at Greenlee and Leo's door, only to discover that Mary Smythe has arrived. Simone had started to confess and apologize for her and Roger's affair, but some quick thinking on Roger's part turns the 'secret' into a surprise engagement party for Greens and Leo. Mary is overbearing and snooty, trying to manage and rearrange everything in Greenlee's life, including her bathroom towels. Greenlee says that Mary and Simone have lots in common since they both majored in journalism in college. Mary makes a comment to Simone that she would be happy to rewrite anything that is giving her trouble. Roger pulls Mary aside and wants her to back off of Greenlee and to quit trying to make over her whole life. The phone rings and Mary answers it. It is Vanessa, acting like Rosie, and she is delighted to finally talk to Mary. She makes flattering remarks about Greenlee and when she tells Mary that she works for MGM, Greenlee figures out who is calling. She grabs the phone and has a cryptic conversation with 'Rosie'. Rosie leads Greenlee to believe that she is out of Oak Haven and looking at the loft through binoculars. She makes additional comments about finishing Greenlee off and singing at the wedding. After Greenlee hangs up on her, she screams at Leo that it is all his fault for going and visiting her and treating her like she is normal. They then inform Mary that Leo's mother Vanessa is a psycho, and is committed to Oak Haven. Leo finds out that Vanessa is still locked up, but Trey managed to get her phone privileges restored. Mary is aghast to find out this information. She develops a headache and Roger drives her to the Valley Inn. As Greenlee walks them to the car, Simone promises Leo that she is done with Roger for good. He is skeptical. Simone leaves and Greenlee comes back in. Leo tries to convince her that he is only speaking with his mother so that he can find out where the drug money is. When that whole mess is over, he promises to take her anywhere in the world that she wants to go.

Mia has invited Jake to dinner at the Chandler's. Adam is in a foul mood, and Stuart is glad Jake is there in case they should need a referee. Liza asks Adam to lighten up some and he continues to grump around. Stuart gets Liza alone and tells her that she needs to tell Adam the big secret. Liza isn't sure what he means. Hayley and Mateo are worried about Enzo's fever and Jake offers to look at him. He discovers that the baby has an unusual bruise and a very high fever. He sends them to the hospital and tells them he'll be there soon. Jake goes down and tells the rest of the family the news. Mia offers to go to the hospital with him, but he doesn't think she really wants to be there some more, after being there with Liza earlier in the day. Adam is livid when he finds out that Liza kept her fears about a relapse from him. She assures hi that she is fine, but the fact that she didn't confide in him to begin with makes Adam unhappy. They discuss it, and promise not to keep any ore secrets from each other. Stuart comes in and is glad to see that they have made up. Liza goes to tuck Colby in, and Stuart says to Adam that he is glad that Adam didn't care about those bankbooks, since he's a billionaire. Adam wants to know what bankbooks Stuart is talking about.

Ryan tells Kendall that he doesn't trust Trey a whole bunch. He thinks Trey's strategy of having Kendall take a polygraph test is a bad one. When Trey arrives, Ryan quizzes him on the reason for the test. It's not admissible in court, so why do it? Trey explains that since the jury isn't sequestered, the results of the test will be made public and they will find out about it through the media. Kendall thinks that is clever, but Ryan wants to know what happens if Kendall flunks the lie detector test. She offended that Ryan doubts her ability to pass the test. Ryan mentions that Kendall is too emotional to count on a machine that measures her heartbeat and respiration. Ryan wants to know why they don't wait for more info from the fire investigators, but Trey doesn't want to do that. We see a flashback to the gloved hand lighting the cigarette hat started the fire. The camera pans up and we see Trey. Trey calls Ryan ignorant and Ryan leaves in a huff. While he's gone, Trey convinces Kendall to take the test, but not tell Ryan. She says she doesn't want to lie to him,but Trey convinces her that just not telling him about the test is not lying. She agrees to take the test. Trey leaves and Ryan returns. Kendall tells him that she convinced Trey to try another angle. They get out maps and start to plan their bike trip. Ryan wants to go to Florida, but Kendall tells him she wants to got to Racoon Junction, Tennessee. They don't have cable TV and have never heard of Erica Kane. Ryan jokes with her ad tells her he will buy her the biggest most luxurious mobile home in the county.

Trey tells 'Rosie' not to be threatening on the phone or she will lose her privileges. He leads Rosie to believe that she may be out in time for the wedding.


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