AMC Update Monday 5/27/02


All My Children Update Monday 5/27/02

By Lori

Tad, who is with Brooke at the chapel, gets a call and learns that JR just punched David at the hospital. He leaves to get JR. JR is angry with David for coming to his mother's memorial service and speaking. Anna, who didn't know David went to the service, glares at him. David tries to walk away but Anna tells him not to leave. JR tells David he should of had the decency to stay away and leave Dixie's family alone. David says he had every right to be at the service. But JR says before David got involved with Dixie, their lives were great. Tad arrives and puts his hand on JR's shoulder. JR turns and hugs Tad. Tad takes JR away. Anna is angry at David for going to the service when he said he was not and especially for speaking. David defends himself, saying he didn't want to grieve for Dixie alone. He tells Anna that he was left to grieve for his father alone and he didn't want to do that. Anna backs down and tries to understand. But David doesn't appreciate her reaction and walks away angry. Anna approaches Tad and asks how JR is. Tad says JR is fine but she should be the one to worry since she's married to David. He advises her to get out now. Tad tells JR that he wants him to live with him instead of Adam. JR says it will be difficult because he will continually be a reminder of the family he never had with Dixie. Tad tells JR that he will always be his son, no matter what. David is still angry and snaps at the nurses. One of the nurses tells him that Anna left through the emergency room exit and he probably still could catch her if he tried.

Brooke finds Edmund at Maria's tomb. Edmund is talking to his late wife, telling her how much he and the kids miss her. He says he was thinking of Maria the whole time Tad was talking about losing Dixie. Edmund sees Brooke and she tearfully apologizes. She says she was insensitive not to see how Dixie's funeral affected him. Edmund tells her that it's all right but Brooke says it is not. She says she's been so preoccupied with Tad that she has ignored him. She is so sorry. Edmund says he is not sorry because this has helped him to let go of Maria. Brooke says she was worried that it was going to make Edmund want to back away from her. Brooke says she wonders what would happen if Maria suddenly returned. Edmund says there is no chance of that happening. Brooke says her concern for Tad goes beyond their connection through Jamie. She says she has a history with Tad and he will always be in her life. But she says he is not a threat to them. Edmund says nothing will keep them apart.

Greenlee is surprised to see her mother standing at her door. Mary says she is there to help Greenlee plan her wedding. Mary instantly asks to see the "scamming gigolo" Greenlee plans to marry. Leo is at Simone's apartment, where he let himself in with a key. He is shocked to see Roger making out with a partially-clad Simone on the couch. Roger tells Leo that this is not how it looks. Leo doesn't buy it. He asks what kind of a father Roger thinks he is. He says he's going to tell Greenlee everything. Looking at Simone, he says he can't believe she is with Roger. She is supposed to bee Greenlee's friend and maid of honor. How could she do this to her. Simone says she's not proud of this. She says she didn't know Greenlee when she met Roger. Simone says her head is splitting, and Leo throws her the pills Greenlee wanted to give her. "These are from your friend," he says. A crying Simone runs out of the room. Leo tells Roger that it was Greenlee who almost came to Simone's apartment. What would he have done if Greenlee walked in on them? Roger tells Leo not to tell Greenlee about this because it could wreck her life. Leo leaves, promising to tell Greenlee. Greenlee proudly tells her mother that Revlon is footing the bill for her wedding and is doing a promotional spread with the wedding party. Mary wonders who is in the party because Greenlee doesn't have any girlfriends. Greenlee tells her mother that Simone Torres is her maid of honor. Mary says that doesn't sound like someone who belongs in the same social circles with Greenlee. Mary decides to recruit some of Greenlee's old friends for her wedding party. Greenlee tells her mother not to do that. Upset, she says she's going to get Leo. Leo finds Greenlee outside her door crying. Greenlee says she is crying happy tears because her mother has arrived. Leo tries to tell Greenlee about Roger and Simone, but Greenlee only wants to talk about her mother. All that's important now is for Leo to make a good impression on Mary, Greenlee says. They go inside and Greenlee introduces Leo. Mary comments that Leo is very handsome and doesn't look like a gigolo.

Simone tells Roger that she is going to tell Greenlee everything. Roger objects and tries to sweet talk her out of it with a seduction scene. Roger says Leo has told Greenlee the news and the last thing Greenlee needs now is to see Simone. But Simone still wants to see Greenlee. The two of them go to Greenlee's apartment. Greenlee answers. "I am so sorry," Simone says to a perplexed Greenlee. Back to The TV MegaSite's AMC Site

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