AMC Update Friday 5/24/02


All My Children Update Friday 5/24/02

By Lori

David and Anna are in bed reading the newspaper. There is a complimentary story about Anna's running of the police department. Anna notices a story about Dixie's memorial service being that day. David did not know about it. Anna asked if he planned to attend. David says he plans to skip the service because he has a full patient load. Besides, no one will miss him. Anna asks him if he would regret not going. David says the best way to honor Dixie is to go to work and honor the living. Anna tells David she found a house in the want ads that she plans to go see.

Dixie's friends and family file into the chapel at Wildwind for her memorial service. Edmund is the first there and he greets the priest. Tad walks in with JR and Jamie. JR is carrying a large photo of Dixie. Tad takes it and displays it in the front of the chapel. Palmer, Joe and Jake enter and embrace Tad. Myrtle, Opal, Jack, Bianca, Liza and Adam arrive. "I can't believe she's gone," Tad tells Liza. "Liza, how the hell am I going to get through this?" Tad and Liza embrace.

David reports for duty at the hospital. He asks a nurse for his schedule for the day and sees that most of his appointments have been canceled. David asks the nurse where the staff is. She says many of them have the day off to attend Dixie's memorial service. The nurse says she's surprised David isn't there. After all, didn't Dixie once work with him?

The priest presents the opportunity for anyone to share memories of Dixie. Adam is the first to rise. He says he first met Dixie when she came to work for him. Later, she was carrying his child. A flashback is shown of Dixie and Adam when they learned she was pregnant. The result of that pregnancy ? JR ? is one thing that brought Adam and Dixie to the same side, Adam says. She loved JR more than life. Brooke is next to talk about Dixie. As sweet as Dixie was, she was a force to be reckoned with, Brooke says. Brooke thinks back to a scene when Dixie learned Brooke was carrying Tad's child. Brooke says Dixie had a big heart. She sets up the framed photo of the ultrasound carrying Dixie's unborn child. Opal starts to tell a story about Dixie when a voice is heard from the back of the church. "Stop!" David walks in. He says Opal is not talking about the Dixie he knew. "God knows how much I loved her," David says. JR stands to confront David but Tad stops him. Tad tells David that if he thinks he knew Dixie better than the rest of him, he should go on. David walks to the front of the church. He relates how when he first met Dixie, she was very sick. A flashback is shown of a deathly ill Dixie in a hospital bed with David and Ruth Martin watching over her. David says Dixie ruled life with passion and determination. What he appreciated most about her was her honesty. Another flashback is shown of David telling Dixie how much he wanted her and Dixie telling him she wanted him too. David apologizes to Tad for causing him and his family pain. She always belonged to Tad, David says, "but for one brief moment, she was mine." Tad is the final person to speak about Dixie. He says with Dixie he finally had someone who loved him back. "She was always first in my heart. She was my life. I feel so lost without her." Tad says he is angry at what happened but most of all he is angry at himself for making Dixie feel she could not be honest with him about her pregnancy. She paid the ultimate price because of Tad's fear. Brooke approaches Tad and embraces him. More flashbacks are shown of Dixie and Tad in happier days. The service is now over, and Tad tells Brooke to spend some time with Edmund. Brooke turns toward Edmund and sees he is gone. Edmund is shown visiting Maria's grave.

David returns to the hospital where Anna finds him. She wonders where he has been. David asks her why she is asking. Anna tells David she went to see the house and it is perfect. It even has a weeping willow tree in the back yard. Anna tells David she's willing to be part of his family plan, even to have a baby. Just then, JR angrily approaches David. "You could not leave us alone, not even at my mom's memorial," JR says before punching David in the face.

Leo and Roger are at a restaurant, where Leo accuses Roger of lying to Greenlee. Leo is angry that Roger is promising Greenlee a reconciliation with her mother while all along he has a woman on the side. Roger urges Leo not to tell Greenlee because it would destroy her. Leo tells Roger to get rid of the "side dish," at least until after the wedding. Roger says he'll break it off today.

Greenlee and Simone are going through bridal magazines. Greenlee tells Simone she's happy because her mother is coming to her wedding and she and her father are getting back together. Simone says she's happy her mother and father will be together at the wedding. Greenlee says they will be together forever, not just at the wedding. Simone suddenly has a headache and wants to leave. Greenlee is perplexed as to Simone's behavior. She tells Simone that their friendship seems to be one-sided. Greenlee tells Simone everything but Simone won't tell her anything about the man in her life. Simone says she can't deal with this today and prepares to leave. Just then Leo and Roger walk in. Leo asks Simone if she's working on any books. Simone says she was kicking around an idea, but decided not to do it. Greenlee tells Leo he must look at the wedding invitations. She takes him into a back room, leaving Roger and Simone alone. Roger asks Simone why she said what she did about his book idea. Simone angrily tells Roger to forget about the book and she hopes he is happy with his wife. She leaves. Roger tells Greenlee and Leo he must take care of something. He goes to see Simone, telling her he can explain everything. She lets him in but accuses him of using her for a book deal. Roger knows that Greenlee told Simone he was reconciling with his wife. He tells Simone that Greenlee is delusional. His wife means nothing to him. "You're the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with," Roger says. He says he looks at Simone and can't believe she belongs to him. Simone asks him if she really does belong to him. Roger tells her that's up to her. They kiss. Greenlee tells Leo that she is worried about Simone and wants to check on her. She has some pills that will help with her headache. She will go into Simone's apartment with her key and leave them for Simone, who is probably sleeping. Simone and Roger are making out on the couch when someone knocks and enters with a key. It is Leo. He finds the two of them together. Greenlee is rushing around her apartment when someone knocks on the door. She opens it and is surprised to see her mother.

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