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All My Children Update Thursday 5/23/02

By Ronda

Marian and Liza are in the Chandler living room, arguing about the secrets that Marian believes Liza is keeping. Stuart enters and watches them fight. Marian accuses Liza of keeping secrets from Adam and being too chummy with Mia. Liza tells her mother that She is the one who invited Mia to live with them and Liza is grateful. She doesn't know how she would have managed without Mia. She is her best friend. Marian says that Adam should be Liza's best friend and stomps out the door. Stuart tells Liza that she is Marian's life, and Liza snidely remarks that maybe Marian should get a life of her own. Stuart looks distressed and leaves. Mia arrives and Liza thanks her for arranging the money transfer for Ryan so that he could post Kendall's bail. Mia expresses misgivings about that transaction and suggests that she doesn't need to be on the bank account anymore since Liza is well. Stuart overhears this and ducks out. Liza tells Mia that she doesn't know how this is all going to turn out, so she still needs to lean on Mia. She can't tell her mother or Adam about her new symptoms for fear they will go ballistic with worry. They leave for Liza's doctor appointment.

Previously, at the courthouse, Trey was angry at Mia for giving a lot more money to Ryan than she did to him. Mia reminds him that it is Liza's money and SHE gave it to Ryan. Mia just did the scut work. He tells Mia that what she gave him before was only a downpayment. When Mia looks startled, he tells her that his is the face she should fear. Ryan comes back in the room and is disturbed to find that Kendall has not returned. Chris arrives and also wants to know where Kendall is. Ryan is using his cell phone to continue calling Kendall. When Chris asks Ryan where he would go if he was Kendall, they both look worried and head out. Mia's phone rings and it is Jake. When she tells him she's frazzled, he asks her what Adam did now. Then he apologizes and says that was a cheap shot. He offers to take her out and they won't talk about Adam. Mia turns him down and hangs up. Trey tells Mia that one call from him, and her baby secret is out. Mia wishes she had never met Trey. She reminds him that the money is not hers and the paper trail will lead back to her if she steals any more. After she leaves, Trey kicks a chair over. Maggie comes in the room and tells him he's busted. Trey tells her he's had a rotten day. Maggie is glad he remembered her name and jokes about making a good first impression. Trey is sorry he didn't make one on her. He says that Maggie is a truthteller and can she see him as a friend. She asks him if he is still Vanessa's attorney. He tells her yes, and wants to know if it makes a difference. Maggie says it sure does and leaves.

Jack and Bianca are having lunch. When Jack starts to discuss Kendall, Bianca tells him she doesn't want to talk about her...she wants to talk about him and her mother. She wants to know if he is still in love with Erica. He claims he's not, but that he doesn't think Chris is right for Erica. Bianca asks him to cut Chris a break. Erica loves him and right now he is the only thing that makes Erica feel safe. Jake agrees to back off a little. He gets a call and is angry to find out that Kendall made bail. When he finds out that Bianca already knows, he is surprised, but doesn't have time to find out how she knew. He leaves the restaurant and heads to the courthouse.

At the courthouse Jack corners Trey and makes him squirm a little about his methods of obtaining bail for Kendall. He tells Trey that the DA's office doesn't want to lose this case so Jack is sending a special arson forensics team to dig up clues at the fire scene. He tells Trey that they will absolutely figure out who set the fire. After Jack leaves, Trey looks very worried.

Meanwhile at the Valley Inn, Kendall has pushed her way in to Erica's room and is confronting her about the facts of the fire. Erica is yelling and screaming at Kendall about how she tried to kill her and Bianca and almost got Chris and Ryan killed also. Every time Kendall tries to clarify a point or tell Erica that she didn't do any of that, Erica just keeps yelling at her. Erica keeps bringing up the fact that Kendall confessed, but won't let Kendall get in a word. Erica becomes hysterical. She promises Kendall that she will testify against her about all the horrible things Kendall has done to her and Bianca. She says that she will do whatever she has to to protect her daughter against Kendall. Kendall screams out that she is her daughter too. "You are my Mother!" Erica's eyes open wide and she screams at Kendall that her mother lives in Florida and she and her father raised her with love and she should have stayed there. Chris and Ryan arrive. They each try to comfort the woman that they love. Ryan tries to convince Chris and Erica that Kendall meant no harm. She was only trying to get Erica to believe her. Chris says that he doesn't believe Kendall anymore. He is done with her for good. When Ryan tells Erica that Kendall pulled Erica out of the fire, Erica denies that it ever happened. Chris accuses Kendall of using him while he was in the wheelchair to get a straight shot at Erica. Ryan and Kendall leave.

Liza arrives at the hospital for her appointment. She is very nervous that her symptoms might mean she is having a relapse. Mia tries to reassure her and tells her that everything will be OK. They hug. Liza is called in to see the doctor. Jake and Mia come face to face and she apologizes for being nasty to him on the phone. He forgives her and they hug. She tells him about Liza's symptoms and how worried she is. Jake asks what he can do to help. She tells him that she is in desperate need of normal. Can he do normal? He assures her that he can do normal or anything else she needs. Jake invites Mia to go to Dixie's memorial with him tomorrow. She accepts and so he asks her to dinner. She accepts. Liza comes out and tells them that she is fine and all of her symptoms are normal after her surgery. She tells Jake what a godsend it has been. She reminds Mia that it is DVD and popcorn night with her and Colby. Mia tells Jake she is sorry that she forgot about that and can't do dinner. He looks confused.

Chris and Erica hug after she has calmed down. Erica starts to remember all of the keepsakes and cherished items that are lost now. Chris promises her he will send in a special recovery crew to find things. Erica suddenly remembers a stockholders meeting today in New York City. She can't send Greenlee since she defected to Revlon. She also has no clothes. Chris laughs and says they can go to NYC together and go clothes shopping as long as she wants to. She'll do her meeting and then they can have some nice alone time. Erica tells him that she can't leave Bianca. Bianca sticks her head in the door and says "Oh yes you can". Erica hugs her and thanks her profusely and Bianca laughs and tells them to get going before somebody sings "kumbaya". They all laugh and Bianca leaves. Chris flings Erica over his shoulder and they depart, giggling as they go.

Ryan tries to convince Kendall that this thing she has with Erica is at a dead end. The best thing for her is distance between her and Erica. After the trial they will go wherever she wants to go. Ryan takes off his wedding ring from Gilian and places it on the table. Kendall is amazed. She cannot believe that he'd give up everything for her. He asks if she is willing to give up Erica for him. She wants to know if he is willing to lose Chris in the process. Ryan wants to know if she's with him and does she trust him. She trusts him with her life. He makes her promise not to run out on him again.

Stuart finds Marian passed out drunk on the couch. When Stuart cradles her in his arms, she mumbles "secrets". Stuart asks her about the secrets and she says "Liza". Stuart looks alarmed.

Trey arrives to tell Ryan and Kendall That he needs Kendall's complete trust in him


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