AMC Update Wednesday 5/22/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 5/22/02

By Ronda

Mia and Liza are in the Chandler living room. Mia is on the phone making an appointment for Liza to see her brain surgeon. She is worried that she may be having a relapse. Marian arrives and is concerned that Liza is keeping secrets from her. Adam greets the ladies and tells them that he is taking JR to see Tad. When Marian is concerned that Liza is jeopardizing her health, Liza tries to reassure her. Stuart arrives and asks Marian to come and help Colby decorate a shoe box that she is turning in to a snail condominium. Stuart tells Liza that she is looking good and Liza praises Mia for helping her so much.

Brooke and Tad are in her living room. She tries to get Tad to eat a little something but he won't. She mentions that JR is on his way over and that they should discuss having a memorial service for Dixie. Tad says he can't. He'll just screw it up. JR and Adam arrive and Tad greets JR with a hug. Adam extends his sympathies and tells Tad that he will miss Dixie. He tells Tad that if there is anything he can do to just ask. After Adam leaves, JR asks to talk to Tad alone, so Brooke goes upstairs to make some phonecalls. After some general words of sympathy back and forth, JR tells Tad that he just doesn't get it. Tad doesn't get it either. They can't understand how someone as good as Dixie can be gone, and why it had to happen. JR says that the world sucks. He asks Tad what is next. Tad tells him he needs his help. Brooke thinks they need to have a memorial service for Dixie, and he needs JR's help to plan it. JR says that he still expects her to come walking in the door. Tad shares the fact that when he first heard the name Dixie he thought it was weird. Eventually he thought it was the most beautiful name in the world. JR thanks him for bringing her stuff home. Tad tells him that they will need to go through it someday. He tells JR that when they went in to her apartment it smelled like her. "Lilacs" they both say. JR wonders if his Mom knew he loved her and Tad assures him that she did. Tad tries to give JR the wishing star necklace back, but JR says it was a special thing for Tad and Dixie and he wants Tad to keep it. They discuss the fact that they will have to pick out music and who will do readings for the memorial. JR admits that he just wants his Mom back and he starts to cry. Tad cries too and they comfort each other. After JR leaves, Tad tells Brooke that he just can't bear to go home to his and Dixie's house. Brooke invites him to stay with her and Jamie as long as he needs to.

Erica is dressed in her bathrobe. She sits on the bed at the Valley Inn and has flashbacks to the fire. Jack arrives for a visit and Erica is anxious for an update on how Bianca is doing. Jack says that she went to school, and Erica is glad she is trying to get back in the swing of things. Jack sees Chris' shirt on Erica's bed and and scoffs at her concern for Bianca. He accuses her of being concerned that Bianca may have caught Erica and Chris in bed together. Erica accuses Jack of being jealous, but he comes right back with more accusations about her being more interested in bedding Chris than being concerned about her daughter. Erica is insulted and angry. She is upset that on top of losing her home and her belongings and her clothes, that Jack would pick this time to attack her. She falls apart and cries hysterically. Jack comforts her. He tells Erica that she pushes his buttons and Erica tells him that he was deliberately cruel. Jack finally admits that he is angry at Chris.

Ryan is visiting Kendall in jail. He says he will bail her out. Kendall isn't so sure. Trey arrives and tells them that the word around the courthouse is that her bail will be one million dollars. He tries to convince her that her best bet would be to plead guilty. Kendall says she won't do that.

Ryan goes to Liza and asks her for a big favor. He tells her that he needs one hundred thousand dollars and a guaranty on nine hundred thousand to bail Kendall out. He believes in her and wouldn't normally bother Liza, but he's desperate. Liza tells him yes and tells Mia to go to the bank and arrange for a cashier's check. Mia says no. Liza can't believe that Mia said no. Mia backpedals and tries to discuss the fact that Liza may need that money soon. Liza tells Ryan that he'll have the money and he leaves. Mia and Liza continue to discuss the merits of this withdrawal. Adam overhears that they are going out and gets upset. He says Liza is supposed to be resting today. She assures him that she is going to take it easy. She's feeling cooped up and so she and Mia are going out in the convertible to get some fresh air. Stuart drops by and asks how JR is doing. Adam tells them that JR is hurting and so is Tad.

Kendall's bail hearing starts and she is upset that Ryan is not there. Bianca is sitting on the back row, glaring at Kendall. The proceedings start and after the assistant DA states that Kendall is a flight risk, Trey says that she has ties to the community and no way to finance a flight, the judge sets the bail at one million dollars and asks for the plea. Trey says they are pleading guilty, but when Kendall looks dubious, the judge asks her if she's sure. Just then Ryan bursts in and lets Kendall know he got the bail money. He goes and sits down by Bianca. After Kendall hears Ryan she tells the judge she is pleading not guilty. She won't admit to a crime she didn't commit. Bianca glares at Ryan and gets up and leaves. The judge scolds Trey and tells him to be more prepared and to communicate with his client before the trial. After the judge leaves, Mia tells Kendall and Ryan that the bond has been posted. Ryan goes to do the paperwork and Kendall is led away to be processed out. Trey grabs Mia's arm and asks her what she thinks she is doing. She tells him that she was doing a favor for Liza and that the money is not hers. Trey tells her that he wants more of that money.

As Jack and Erica continue to fight, Bianca enters the room. Erica is glad to see her and asks why she left school. Bianca lies to her mother about where she has been and says that she couldn't concentrate. Erica assures Bianca that she has nothing to worry about because Jack has told her that Kendall's bail will be set so high that she can't possibly get out of jail. Bianca doesn't tell them what she knows about Kendall's bail. She and Jack leave to have lunch together.

Back at the courthouse, Ryan is finished with Kendall's bail paperwork, but he can't find her. When Trey suggests that they may have taken her back to her cell, Ryan says they would be able to hear her yelling from here. Trey suggests that she just took off. Ryan looks worried.

Someone knocks on the door to Erica's room. When she opens the door, Kendall is standing there.


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