AMC Update Tuesday 5/21/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 5/21/02

By Ronda

Tad and Brooke arrive at her home after their trip back from Switzerland. Edmund is there to greet them. Brooke starts to fuss over Tad and Edmund reminds her that he is an adult and can take care of himself. Brooke is angry and feels that Edmund is being insensitive. Brooke goes to check on Tad anyway and when she comes back she apologizes to Edmund. He chalks it up to jet-lag and they begin to discuss other matters. Edmund tells her that Jamie hasn't spoken again since he talked to Tad, but he is doing better. He says that Brooke is not dealing with her own pain, that she is just trying to make everything OK for everyone else. She gets defensive again and asks Edmund if he has forgotten how hard it was to lose Maria. As soon as she says that, she is sorry. Edmund says that no, he hasn't forgotten, that he will never forget. He remembers the cold, dark pit of helplessness and despair he was plunged in to. He says that that is where Tad is right now and he doesn't want Brooke pulled down with him. Just then Brooke notices the box of wedding invitations that arrived during her trip. She sadly looks at them and Edmund asks if she wants to call the wedding off. Brooke tells Edmund that she just wants to postpone it for awhile. It would seem very insensitive to be having a joyous occasion in just a month. Tad comes in and tells them not to cancel on his account. He says that Dixie would want for them to be happy. They assure him that they will only be postponing it until later in the summer, and he thanks them for their thoughtfulness. He wants to be able to be happy at their wedding. Jamie enters the room and says "Dad". After they hug, Tad tells Jamie that Dixie had loved him very much, as if he were her own son. Brooke and Jamie go to make breakfast. Tad asks Edmund how he got through this pain. Edmund says he didn't get through it, it is always there. Edmund tells him that he had to hold it together for the kids, but the pain is always there. Tad says the hurt is OK so that he won't ever let go of Dixie.

David is asleep in a chair at the cabin. Anna storms in and asks him why he didn't answer the phone all night. He didn't answer on purpose because he knew it was her. She has serious doubts that this marriage of convenience is worth working on. David is under the impression that she doesn't want to work on it anyway. Anna realizes he is still angry about the birth control pills. SHE is angry that just because HE wants a baby, and a house and a willow tree, that she is supposed to just do what he wants. When she accuses him of having a huge ego, he asks if she wants a divorce. They argue all around that subject until they find out that neither one wants a divorce. They want to work on being married and learning to talk freely with each other. They start to kiss and decide that Anna can be late for work.

Chris and Erica have spent the night together in her room at the Valley Inn. Chris is freshly showered and wakes Erica with a kiss. Ryan arrives and apologizes for disturbing them, but he needs Chris' help to get Kendall out of jail. Chris tells him that he will do anything to help him, but as for Kendall, she can rot in jail. Ryan assures Chris and Erica that he is sure that Kendall did not set the fire, but he is talking to deaf ears. Erica reminds him that Kendall confessed, but Ryan does not believe that Kendall saying "It's all my fault" means she set the fire. He says Erica is twisting her words and her meaning. Erica refuses to listen and goes to take a shower. Ryan tries to convince Chris that Kendall is telling the truth but he's not buying it. Ryan says that it is time someone tried to help Kendall,and he leaves.

Kendall is asleep in her jail cell when the matron lets Trey in to see her. He tells her that Ryan hired him for her. He paints a gloomy picture of her chances and encourages her to plead guilty. Kendall is adamant about her innocence, but Trey tells her about all the evidence they have against her. She says that it is all lies and a frame up. Trey tries to sound sincere but he doesn't really seem to believe her. He tells her that she probably won't get bail, or if she does it will be very high. She is a flight risk with no ties to the community. Her fingerprints are all over Bianca's room. Erica made a statement to the police, that Kendall had never been invited to the upstairs part of her home. Kendall admits that she broke in before and wandered around, just to see how they lived. There was not one shred of evidence that she even existed in their lives, and she was hurt. Trey says that points to a pretty good motive for attempted murder. Kendall says that all she gave Erica was indifference, not hate. Kendall refuses to a plea bargain, saying that she will not plead guilty to something she did not do. Trey tells her that a cigarette lighter was found in Bianca's room that is just like one she was known to own. She tells him to look in her purse, but he said he already did and there is no lighter. Ryan arrives and Trey leaves. Kendall asks Ryan if he believes her and he says yes. He tells her that the bike is all ready for their big trip. She says it doesn't look good and she won't be able to go with him. He tells her not to get discouraged, he won't go without her. She wants to go to the Grand Canyon and Graceland. Ryan can imagine them making love under the stars. He tells her he will make it happen.They kiss through the bars. She tells him about all the evidence and he tells her to lean on him. She's scared.

Trey arrives at Willow Lake and walks out on a pier. He takes a cigarette lighter out of his pocket and throws it far out in the water.

Erica and Chris are kissing. She tells him she is crazy about him. She goes to make a call to Bianca on her cell phone so that Chris can use the phone in the room. He calls Anna and tells her about the fire at Erica's After they hang up, Chris suddenly remembers the filebox of stuff on Proteus that he took to Erica's. He is devastated to think that it is burned and destroyed.

Trey is sitting at the water's edge, reading the Proteus files.


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