AMC Update Monday 5/20/02


All My Children Update Monday 5/20/02

By Lori

After hearing Liza scream, Hayley and Mia rush toward her. Liza is coming down the stairs in the living room and is acting a little shaky. Hayley wonders why she screamed but Mia tells Hayley to leave Liza alone. With Adam now in the room, Liza says she over-reacted after seeing a mouse in the house. Hayley is suspicious but Adam gets on the phone to call an emergency exterminator. Mia offers to make some tea for Liza and Hayley wants to help her so she can talk to her. Adam follows them into the foyer and talks to Hayley while Mia goes into the kitchen. Adam asks Hayley if she still has doubts about Mia. Hayley tells Adam she doesn't believe Liza's story. She thinks Liza is hiding something and Mia is helping her. Mia brings the tea out and Adam takes it to give to Liza. Hayley tells Mia that she still needs to answer her question about Trey. Mia says she'll answer it in private. They go outside, where Hayley tells Mia that she overheard Trey accuse her of scamming her family. Hayley threatens Mia by saying if she messes with her family, she'll take her down. Mia tells Hayley that she knew Trey before coming to Pine Valley. They had a relationship and now he is causing her personal problems. Hayley wondered why Trey thinks she's scamming them. Mia says because it's natural Trey would think she is scamming a rich brother-in-law like Adam because that's what he would do. Mia asks Hayley to trust her. Hayley warns Mia to stay away from Trey. While alone, Adam asks Liza if she really did see a mouse and she says she did. When Mia returns, Adam gets a business call, leaving Mia and Liza alone. Liza tells Mia the truth. When she came down the stairs her vision was distorted and she started to fall. Liza says she thinks her brain tumor is coming back. Mia tells Liza she'll take her to the doctor tomorrow. Adam returns and notices how Liza leans on Mia. In private, he thanks Mia with a kiss on the cheek.

Erica berates Kendall, who is being arrested at the hospital on suspicion of burning Erica's house down. Ryan tells Erica to leave Kendall alone. Erica protests, claiming Kendall tried to kill them all. As police haul Kendall to jail, she cries out Ryan's name. After she's gone, Erica tells Ryan that Kendall confessed to starting the fire. Bianca supports Erica, saying she also heard Kendall confess. Ryan cannot believe what he's hearing. He says Kendall denied setting the fire. Erica tells him that when he went into the burning house, Kendall said it was all her fault. Ryan walks out of the hospital. Chris tells Erica he got two rooms at the Valley Inn for himself and her. Bianca tells her mother she is going to stay with Jack. Bianca notices Jack's face when Chris and Erica leave together. Bianca tells him she saw the way she looked at her mother. She asks him when he's going to get over her. Jack says he'll probably never get over her mother. Bianca tells Jack that her mother knows she lost custody of her because of her relationship with him. She says she'll never forgive Jack for that because that means she would have to forgive herself. Jack gives Bianca a box of mementos that was pulled from the fire. Inside is the book of sonnets that Frankie gave her along with the final letter she wrote. Bianca picks up the letter, which is wet, and accidently tears it. She is upset, but tells Jack that even though she doesn't have the letter, Frankie is still in her heart.

Chris takes Erica to the Valley Inn and shows her to her room. He urges her to take a bath, and while she is enjoying a bubble bath, Chris enters with two glasses and sparkling cider. They drink a toast. Chris washes Erica's back with a sponge. After the bath, Erica finds Chris in the room turning down the bed. They kiss, but he says he is going to go to his room next door. He turns around to walk out, but Erica whistles at him. He turns around and Erica urges him back. She opens her robe to reveal some sexy lingerie, a gift from Chris. They kiss passionately.

Kendall is lying on the bed in her jail cell when Ryan comes to see her. He tells her that her lighter was found in Erica's house. He notes that she set her room at the Pine Cone Motel on fire twice, so it appears she has a thing for setting fires. "You think I did it? You think I'm evil, too," Kendall says. She tells Ryan to leave. Ryan tells her he doesn't think she did it. She is not capable of hurting someone like that. "How do you know," Kendall demands to know. "Because I know you," Ryan replies. Kendall says that's what you call faith and Ryan says that's exactly what it is. The guard tells Ryan he must go and as he leaves, Kendall reminds him that she told him she loved him. She wonders if he feels the same way about her. "I don't want to," Ryan says, obviously implying that he does love her.

Maggie and Trey are talking at the hospital and Maggie calls him a low-life ambulance chaser. "What does a good fire go for these days?" she asks. Trey leaves her alone long enough to see Bianca. Maggie apologizes to Bianca for everything. Bianca tells Maggie she's sorry too and walks away. Trey returns and questions Maggie about Bianca. He tells her he noticed she was shaking after Bianca left. Maggie tells him that Bianca made a pass at her but was really making a pass at her dead twin. Maggie says she didn't even know Frankie was gay. Trey tries to get Maggie to leave the hospital with him but she refuses. As he tries to leave, she notices he is injured on his arm. She insists that he see a doctor. Trey tells the doctor he suffered the injury in a fall. The doctor says that doesn't explain why there is a burn on his arm.

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