AMC Update Friday 5/17/02


All My Children Update Friday 5/17/02

By Lori

Adam arrives home and realizes he's going to have to face JR. Mia is with Adam and they are standing outside the front door. She reassures him that he'll find the right words to say to his son. Adam thanks Mia for the help she's been to the family. Hayley opens the door and sees Adam and Mia hugging. Adam tells Hayley he was merely thanking Mia. He asks Hayley how JR is. Hayley says JR has totally shut down. Liza approaches JR and asks him how he's doing. Mateo is trying to get JR to leave so they can go talk. JR just wants everyone to leave him alone. He says he is handling everything. Adam walks in and tells Mateo to leave his son alone. Adam tells JR that he has talked with Dr. McMillan and they can see him tonight. JR says he is not in the mood. Liza tells JR he can't deal with his mother's death on his own. The door bell rings. Mia goes to answer it. It is Trey. She wonders why he is there. He says he is there to talk business with Adam. JR tells everyone to stop worrying about him and stop staring at him. Mateo urges JR to leave with him and he reluctantly does. Liza tells Hayley that JR hates her. Hayley says she's over-reacting. Adam sees Trey and asks him why he's there. Then he remembers he had called Trey because he is skilled in mental competency cases. Adam tells Mia he was going to talk to Trey about Liza's case. But he says he doesn't need him anymore. Trey asks to at least have a few minutes to talk to Adam about how he can serve him in the future. Adam invites Trey in and says he'll check his schedule. Adam introduces Trey to Liza and Hayley, who realizes he is Vanessa's lawyer. Trey tells her not to hold that against him. "Too late," Hayley says. Liza is still stressed out about JR and Mia tries to calm her down. She has her to do some deep breathing exercises. Liza is calmer and she asks Mia how she does it. Hayley, under her breath, says "that's what I'd like to know." Trey watches this with a look of amusement. Adam returns and tells Trey he's booked solid for the next couple of weeks. He'll call him later and set up an appointment. Mia sees Trey to the door. Standing in the doorway, she tells him that she has a good thing going with this family and asks him not to mess it up. Trey says he can't believe they're buying her Mother Teresa act. Mia says this is not a scam. She cares about her family. Hayley walks by and stares at them. After Trey leaves, Hayley asks Mia why Trey is so fascinated with their family. Just then, Liza screams.

Mateo takes JR to the gym and encourages him to work out on a punching bag. JR doesn't want to. Mateo tells him that after his father died in a car accident, the gym helped save him. Mateo says that he was with his father when he died. JR tells Mateo that he should have asked his mother to stay instead of leave Pine Valley. Mateo says he needs to stop dumping on himself and live the way his mother would want him to. He tells him to punch the bag, and JR punches slow at first but soon at full strength.

Maggie is mad at David for signing her up for CPR classes. She accuses him of trying to arrange her life. A nurse interrupts by giving David a note from Dixie, which apparently was sent before the accident. In the note, Dixie says her life is good now and she thanks David for helping her. Maggie tells David she's not through talking to him, but an upset David doesn't want to deal with this. He angrily tells Maggie that if she wants to be on her own, so be it. He walks out.

Anna is on the phone to the pharmacy to check on her birth control prescription. David walks in and she quickly hangs up. David tells her about his encounter with Maggie. Anna tells him this is another example of how he wants to take care of people and solving their problems. David says he's heard about his so-called savior complex. Anna asks if he's heard that from Dixie. David is angry that Anna has brought Dixie into the conversation. She says they need to talk about Dixie so he can work through his feelings. David tells Anna he's not being allowed to grieve for Dixie because she won't let him. Anna says David has put Dixie on such a high pedestal that no one can measure up. She says now that Dixie's dead, she doesn't think their relationship stands a chance. She says she doesn't want to be in Dixie's shadow. David says he thought she knew that he wanted their marriage. Having children together is huge for him, he says, noting she still hasn't given him an answer about that. There is a knock on the door and it is a delivery man with Anna's prescription. Anna tries to intercept it but David sees it before she can take it. He notices it is birth control pills. He says he thought they were going to discuss the issue together. Anna says having a baby is not something they can decide overnight. She says she got the pills because she ran out. David says this clearly is something Anna wants to decide on her own, just like everything else. Frustrated, he walks out.

Erica is frantic outside her burning house, especially when a fireman tells her there is no way anyone who is in the house is alive. Ryan is unconscious in the smoke but wakes up. He sees Chris lying beside him unconscious. Ryan gets up and goes to Chris. He screams for help and cries for Chris to wake up. Jack arrives on the scene and Erica tells him that this is Kendall's fault. "You're right, I did do this," Kendall says. "This is all my fault." Jack asks Kendall what she's talking about. Kendall says everyone who goes near her ends up getting hurt. Erica tells Kendall she'll make her regret this for the rest of her life. Kendall gets angry and yells at Erica to go ahead and send her to prison. Ryan is trying to revive Chris and cradles him in his arms. He tells him he needs him and he's proud to be his son. Chris coughs and wakes up. Ryan helps him out of the fire and Erica is overjoyed to see them. "How you doing, Dad," Ryan asks him. Chris asks him about the rest of the things he said, telling him he can take them back now. Ryan says there's no way he'll take them back. A fireman tells Erica that this is a case of arson ? they found an accelerant in the front bedroom. Erica realizes that is Bianca's bedroom and that Kendall had been in that room. Kendall hears the news and tries to leave but Ryan stops her. He tells her that one of the main reasons he wanted to get out of the house was because of her. He says he didn't expect her to want to run out on him. Erica tells Ryan that he shouldn't be surprised because Kendall always runs from the scene of her crimes. She tells Ryan that this was arson. Kendall tells Ryan to leave, but he says he won't leave without her. Chris, Ryan and Bianca go to the hospital to get checked out. Chris is in a room with Erica and tells her that she is what helped him get through this. Erica expresses her gratitude for him rescuing Bianca. Bianca is preparing to leave the hospital when Maggie approaches her to see if she's all right. Bianca, still hurt over Maggie's rejection, shuns her. She tells her that she just wanted to be friends but since Maggie didn't want that, she can have a nice life alone. Ryan is ready to leave the hospital and Kendall asks him if she can go now. Ryan asks what's with her. Kendall says if he sticks around her much longer he could be dead. Ryan says he's not going to die. He asks her why she really wants to walk out on him ? does she hate him that much? Kendall says by no means ? she loves him. Ryan asks her to repeat that and she again tells him she loves him. Ryan prepares to kiss her when Jack approaches with a police officer. Jack tells Kendall she's under arrest for arson and attempted murder. Chris, Erica and Bianca approach the scene just in time to hear Kendall being read her rights.

Maggie is standing alone in the hospital thinking about what David and Bianca said to her. She starts to cry. Someone touches her on the shoulder to comfort her. Maggie turns and sees that it is Trey. They embrace.

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