AMC Update Thursday 5/16/02


All My Children Update Thursday 5/16/02

By Ronda

Erica's house continues to burn. Inside sections start to collapse. Chris and Bianca make it as far as the living room, when suddenly, a piece of ceiling falls down, trapping Chris under it. Bianca tries to free him, but the debris is too heavy. He orders her to go out and get help, but she doesn't want to leave him. He finally convinces her to go, but asks her to tell her Mom that he loves her. He also asks Bianca to tell Ryan that he is proud to be his father. Out on the lawn, Kendall continues to restrain Erica, trying to keep her from rushing in to the burning house. Ryan arrives and Erica tells him that if it weren't for Kendall, her daughter and his father would be alive. Ryan tries to go in the house, but the fire department has arrived, and they won't let him in. As the firemen try to enter through the front door, a wall of flames bursts out and they have to retreat. Suddenly there is a commotion at the side of the house. Bianca has made her way out and everyone is helping her to safety. Erica hugs her and sobs. Bianca tells the firemen that Chris is in the living room, pinned under a fallen piece of ceiling. Kendall gets anxious when she can't find Ryan, and one of the firemen informs her that he stole a firefighter suit and went in. Inside, Ryan reaches Chris, and while they try to heave the debris off of him, more of it comes falling down and hits Ryan, knocking him out. Outside, the three women are praying for the guys safety when the house explodes.

Tad and Brooke are in Dixie's apartment after all the things are packed up, but Tad is refusing to leave. He doesn't see any need to go back home. Home is where Dixie was, so he wants to stay, just in case she might be found alive. Brooke reminds him that the authorities have said that is impossible. She also reminds him that Jamie and JR need him. Tad doesn't know what he will be able to do to help the boys understand this tragedy. He doesn't even understand it.

Leo is threatening Roger that he will tell Greenlee about his affair unless he confesses who the girlfriend is. Leo thinks that Greenlee should know that her folks are not getting back together, but Roger says that will crush her and Leo doesn't want to be responsible for upsetting her again, does he? Leo backs down and tells Greens that the lingerie is something he bought for her and couldn't resist showing it to Roger. After Roger leaves, an airmail envelope arrives from Greenlee's mother. It is a list of dignitaries and famous people that Mary Smythe says Greenlee must invite to the wedding. Greenlee is delighted, taking this as a sign that her mother will definitely be coming to the wedding. Leo isn't happy about trying to please Mary. He thinks it should be who he and Greenlee want to invite.

Roger goes back to Simone's apartment. He tells her he is sorry her father upset her. He tells her that one way to make him proud would be to write a bestseller about Proteus. Roger will be her source, since he was inside the organization. Simone finally agrees that this could be a good idea.

Jamie and Edmund are playing checkers but when Edmund tries to comfort Jamie about missing Dixie, Jamie knocks the checkers to the floor and runs to his room. Opal tries to convince Edmund that Jamie just needs time. Palmer arrives and Opal is left with the difficult task of breaking the news of Dixie's death to him. He is very sad and agrees to stay and have supper with Opal and Petey.

Brooke tells Tad that he is never alone and she will help him every step of the way home. Tad still says he's not leaving. Brooke calls to let Edmund know that they won't be home right away. He tells her that Jamie is not dealing with things very well. He's still not talking, and now he's not eating. Brooke asks to speak to Jamie and when he gets on the phone, she tells him that he needs to eat so he won't get sick. She tells him that it would help her and Tad a lot if they didn't have to worry about him. Tad gets on the phone and tells Jamie that it is OK to feel like he does right now. Tad admits that he isn't doing so good either. He promises Jamie that when he gets home, just the two of them will go to Willow Lake to go fishing. Jamie tells Tad "I love you" and then hangs up. When Tad tells Brooke what Jamie said, they both start to cry. Tad decides that his son needs him at home.


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