AMC Update Wednesday 5/15/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 5/15/02

By Ronda

Leo is working at a laptop computer in Greenlee's living room, when

suddenly, his ears are bombarded by loud classical music. Greenlee

strolls into the room with a hand towel on her head like a veil, as she

clutches a bunch of celery. When Leo gets the music turned off, he asks

what that was all about. Greenlee is trying to pick out processional

music for the wedding. He is not impressed. He goes to choose some other

music. Roger arrives just as the music starts to blast out a contemporary

tune and Leo does his best "Risky Business" impression. After they all

have a good laugh, Roger tells Greenlee that he has been talking to her

mother, and she might come to the wedding. He also tells her that her

mother and he may be on the road to reconciliation. Greenlee is overjoyed.

Downstairs at Simone's apartment, the doorbell rings and she hurries to

the door, expecting it to be Roger. She seems disappointed when it is only

her father. He is there to write her a check to help with her rent. She

tells him she is sorry she has to ask him for help. When he asks about

her career plans, she tells him about the Revlon gig, but he is

unimpressed. He is also less than pleased when he finds out she has a

male roommate, and that she didn't check to make sure that Trey had really

passed the bar exam. He tells her that he loves her, but he wants her to

live up to her potential. After he leaves, Simone seems throughly

crushed. Roger arrives just then and Simone laments that they can't go out

in public. She is tired of sneaking around and wants to tells Greenlee

about them. Roger is not about to let that happen. The doorbell rings

and Roger has to hide. It is Greenlee coming to collect the rent. When

Simone hands her the check that her father has written, Greenlee can see

that she is depressed, and insists that Simone confide in her. Simone

tells Greenlee about the visit from her father and how inadequate he made

her feel. Greenlee sympathizes, telling Simone that she and her father

used to have issues but that they are getting along better than ever.

Greenlee leaves and the doorbell rings again. It is a delivery and Simone

opens it eagerly. Roger says he can't wait to see her in his gift, but

when she opens the box, a pair of silver candlesticks are all that are in

it. Roger is horrified to realize that his gift to Simone and his gift to

Leo and Greenlee have been switched. He hurries to Greenlee's apartment,

but Leo has already opened the box while Greenlee is in the bedroom taking

a call. Roger tries to explain, but Leo insists on holding up a set of

slinky lingerie and wonders what Roger had in mind.

Tad and Brooke arrive at the door of Dixie's Zurich apartment. He is

upset that he is there to pack Dixie's things to take home. He is

supposed to be taking Dixie home to have their baby and live happily. Tad

tells Brooke that he is afraid she's not dead, but just lying hurt and

lost somewhere. Brooke assures him that the authorities would have found

her by now if that was the case. He just can't let his heart accept it

yet. He remembers that when his sister Jenny died, everyone said that he

would get used to it, but he never really did. They enter that apartment

and see the table set for a dinner party. There are family pictures

sitting everywhere. Tad laughs when he sees three bottles of wine on the

table. He explains to Brooke that Dixie never felt like she could choose

the right wine for any meal, so she bought an assortment. Brooke goes to

the kitchen for a drink of water, and finds a gift for Tad. He opens the

card and reads of Dixie's love for him and her hopes for their future.

When he opens the box, it is a framed sonogram picture of the baby, and

Dixie had labelled it with the name she had chosen, Kate, after Tad's

grandmother. He breaks down and sobs. After awhile he composes himself

and opens some wine. He and Brooke toast to surviving. Brooke tells Tad

that she has arranged for the concierge to pack up and send Dixie's things

so he won't have to. She tells him it's time to go and Tad says she can

go, but he is not leaving.

At Erica's house, she, Chris and Bianca are discussing Kendall and

what a threat she is to the women. They are afraid of what she might do

next in her vendetta of hate. Erica decides that the only way to be safe

from her, is to press charges against her, and get her locked up.

Upstairs, a cigarette is lit and tossed to the gas-soaked floor where it

ignites the gas and starts a large fire.

Erica and Chris go off to meet with Jack about getting Kendall put

behind bars. Bianca stays home and goes up to bed. When she opens her

bedroom door, smoke and flames billow out and she is quickly overcome by

the smoke and collapses to the floor. Awhile later Erica and Chris drive

up to see smoke billowing from the house. Just as they try to enter,

Kendall stumbles out. She tells them that Bianca is upstairs by her room,

but she couldn't get her out. Chris prepares to go in, with Erica on his

heels. He tells Erica to stay outside and call 911. Kendall has to keep

her from going in behind him. Erica accuses Kendall of finally getting

what she wants. She accuses Kendall of setting the fire n an effort to

kill them all. Kendall denies it and keeps trying to prevent Erica from

entering the house. Upstairs Chris grabs Bianca and tries to carry her

out of the burning house. Erica has made her way as far as the stairs and

Kendall can't get her to come back. In a panic, Kendall breaks a vase

over Erica's head, and when she slumps to the stairs, Kendall manages to

get her outside to safety. Erica revives and as they argue some more, the

house starts to collapse.



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