AMC Update Tuesday 5/14/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 5/14/02

By Ronda

JR is asleep on the couch in the den. He thinks he hears Dixie calling his name, but when he wakes up, it is Hayley who is there. JR tells her he wants to be alone. He's used to it. Whenever he needs someone, they always cut and run. He starts blaming himself for Dixie's death. Hayley tells him that there is no way it was his fault. JR is also convinced that Adam doesn't love him very much. Hayley is concerned that JR may turn to drugs for comfort at this time of crisis. She tells JR that if he goes back on drugs that it will destroy him. She encourages him to accept and feel the pain. If he makes the pain part of himself, he will be able to get over it eventually. He seems to accept her advice, but then becomes sad again at the thought that Tad may not want him to live with him and Jamie anymore. Hayley assures him that Tad won't hate the sight of him. She tells JR that his mother truly loved him and he is blessed to have been loved like that.

Anna answers the phone thinking it is David calling her. When she finds out that it is a doctor from Switzerland calling about Dixie, she is angry.

David is in a hallway at the hospital when he sees Jake walk by. When Jake ignores him, he makes a crack about the Martin's being overjoyed that Tad and Dixie are getting back together. Jake stares at David as if he is insane. Just as Jake starts to confront him about his remark, Joe comes along and breaks the news to David that Dixie is dead. David is stunned. He drops his files and flees from the hospital. Leo had just arrived and follows David to the park. David is dazed and sits on a park bench, remembering his last good-bye to Dixie before she left for Switzerland.

Back at the hospital Jake sees Adam and demands to know why he left JR alone at a time like this. Mia jumps in to defend Adam and tells Jake he needs to cool off. Jake is offended that Mia would side with Adam and leaves. Adam insists on seeing Dr. McMillan immediately. He is very concerned that JR may resort to drugs again as he tries to deal with his mother's death. He doesn't think that JR will accept help from him. Mia tries to convince him that he isn't a bad person, that he is only desperate for his son's love. Anna gets off the elevator and hears some nurses talking about how hard David took the news of Dixie's death. She rushes off to look for David.

In the park, Leo is trying to comfort David, but David is feeling guilty for being the one who arranged for Dixie to be in Switzerland in the first place. Leo reminds David that he did it because he loved Dixie and wanted her to get the best care she could during her pregnancy. David says that he is an arrogant SOB who loved playing the hero, but now he knows he is no such thing. He learned about what it means to love a family from Dixie. He loved her and will never love a woman like that again. Anna is eavesdropping from a grove of trees, but leaves when she hears this. Leo tells David that Dixie helped make him a better person, but she knew their fling could never last. David admits that he understood a lot more about love since he and Anna had gotten closer lately. Leo said that he had noticed they were acting more 'married' lately. David tells Leo that they had been talking about having a baby and starting a family of their own. Leo assures him that Dixie would be happy to know that.

At the Kane house, Erica is angry that Bianca and Kendall's arraignments are at the same time. Bianca tells her that she doesn't have to worry about seeing Kendall because she is not coming to court with her. After some arguing Bianca gives in and Chris , Erica and she leave for court.

Ryan is trying to assure Kendall that everything will be OK in court today. Kendall doesn't think that is possible. Erica has a way of always getting what she wants and she wants Kendall out of her way. Ryan says for Erica to bring it on. He has a surprise. He has hired Trey to be Kendall's attorney. Kendall tries to light up a cigarette, but Ryan convinces her not to add any more grief to her record. Trey says that Kendall needs to plead not guilty. He'll do all the talking. Erica, Chris and Bianca arrive and the two groups have a stare-down. Bianca's case is called and Chris pleads her guilty of DUI and drinking underage. The judge asks Bianca if she has anything to say before he sentences her. She reads a statement that accepts responsibility for her actions and that she knows it was wrong to drink and drive. The judge is impressed by her accepting responsibility but still gives her a stiff sentence of six months probation, during which her license is revoked, driving class and she has to live with Erica and mind all her rules. It is then Kendall's turn and Trey pleads her not guilty. Erica yells " NO, absolutely NOT!" The judge tells Erica to keep out of this it is not her concern. Erica argues right back to the judge that it is her concern. Her daughter was put in danger because of Kendall. Kendall then blames it on Bianca by saying that she stole the champagne from Kendall. That prompts Erica to bring up the incident of the gun. She keeps telling the judge to not listen to Kendall, that she is a liar. She now wants to press attempted murder charges against Kendall. The judge tells Erica that she is out of order and if she wants to add any charges she has to do so through the proper channels. Erica starts arguing again and he tells her she is in contempt and Erica accuses him of shirking his duties. The judge has had enough and tells Erica to take it up with the DA. Erica assures him that she will. The assistant DA says that they consider Kendall a danger to the community and the judge sets her bail at $25,000. Kendall sadly says that Erica always wins. Trey says she didn't help much by opening her mouth. Out in the hallway Bianca thanks Maggie for coming, but Maggie says she was subpoenaed by the prosecution on her case, and she wasn't there to support Bianca. Kendall and Bianca confront each other and say some nasty things. Bianca tells Kendall to get over Erica's rejection and go home to the mother who raised her. Kendall tells Bianca to go on home with Erica, to her pretty bedroom/prison. As Erica and Bianca leave, Kendall shouts to them that they'll pay for this.

Back at the hospital, Mia tries to get Jake to admit that Adam loved Dixie. Jake knows that Mia has not heard all of the story concerning Adam and Dixie's past. He then tells her about how Adam got Dixie pregnant so that he could have a son and heir, how he had Dixie committed to an institution so he could get sole custody of JR and other assorted bad deeds. Mia finds it hard to believe, but Jake warns her that he is doing the same thing to Liza and she better try to protect her. At the nurses station, Anna picks up a prescription for birth control pills. David finds her just then, and Anna tells him how sorry she is to hear of Dixie's death. He apologizes to her about how messed up they have been lately. He says that they haven't taken very good care of each other lately and he wants to change that. When he asks about her prescription, she tells him it is for vitamins so that she can keep up with him.

Back at Erica's house, Chris tells her that the attempted murder charges against Kendall won't stick. Bianca wants her put away too. She says she's scared of Kendall. She realizes that Kendall has never seen her bedroom, but she described it perfectly just now.

Ryan has come up with Kendall's bail money, but he can't find her.

In Bianca's room, a figure with black gloves on splashes gasoline on the curtains and the bed. Then the hands are seen holding a flaming lighter up to a cigarette.


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