AMC Update Monday 5/13/02


All My Children Update Monday 5/13/02

By Lori

Greenlee is angry at Leo for visiting his mother. Leo tells her he has an excuse but Greenlee doesn't want to hear it. She tells him he must make a choice between her or his mother. "I'm thinking," Leo says. Greenlee doesn't understand what Leo has to think about. Leo tells her that he is trying to get Vanessa to trust him so she'll lead him to the money she stashed. He says once he finds the money, he'll turn it over to the police and will be released from the criminal charges against him. Greenlee calls that a lousy excuse and walks out of her office. Later, she returns to her office and Leo comes in. She tells him she over-reacted and they kiss and make up. Greenlee tells Leo she wants them to have a fantasy family and she thinks about her own family. She says she's looking forward to having her father give her away at her wedding. Leo asks her about her mother. He hands her the phone and urges her to call her but Greenlee doesn't want to. She says she hasn't seen her in years. Leo tells her to let her mother know how happy she is. Greenlee relents and calls her mother. She tells her that she's getting married and invites her to be there. Her mother tells her she'll think about it. Greenlee hangs up and tells Leo she's sure her mother will come up with an excuse not to be there.

Mia urges Liza not to return the money she stole from Chandler Enterprises. She says she can't trust Adam. Liza doesn't understand Mia. She was supporting Adam, so what has changed? Mia tells her that Adam will find out she knowingly took the money and will use that against her to get Colby away from her. Liza doesn't buy what Mia is saying and urges her to tell her the truth. Mia gets upset and storms out of the room, telling Liza she shouldn't have come there in the first place.

Brooke asks Tad to get off the plane so she can talk to him in private. Tad refuses and demands to know why Brooke is there. Brooke asks the woman sitting next to Tad to move, then sits down to talk to him. Brooke tells Tad that Opal got a call from Dixie's sister. Swiss police report Dixie's car went down an embankment. Tad asks how badly she was hurt and Brooke only shakes her head, indicating that Dixie did not survive. Tad refuses to believe it. He says he still needs to go to Zurich to be there for Dixie. A flight attendant tells Brooke she needs to get off the plane, but Brooke hands her her passport and gold card and asks to be given a ticket. She calls Edmund to tell him she's going to Switzerland with Tad. Edmund understands and tells her to be safe.

Back at Brooke's house, Opal is mourning the loss of Dixie. She tells Edmund she has left a message for Palmer at his hotel in Hong Kong. She doesn't know what she's going to say to Tad when she sees him. She tells Edmund that Tad's dreams were finally starting to come true. Jamie bursts into the house and immediately goes upstairs without saying a word. He is followed by Jake, who tells Edmund that he found Jamie walking along the street and gave him a ride home. Edmund tells Jake the bad news about Dixie. Opal calls Adam to tell him. Adam is looking for Liza when the phone rings. He wonders why Opal is calling so late at night. While he is talking the doorbell rings and he answers it. It is JR, who forgot his key and is listening to music with headsets. Adam turns his attention back to his phone call. Opal tells him that Dixie was killed in a car accident in Switzerland. Adam hangs up the phone and realizes he needs to break the news to JR. Liza and Mia walk into the room and see that something is wrong. Adam whispers the news to them and they leave so he can talk to JR. He tells JR there's been an accident and JR immediately thinks something happened to Tad's plane. Adam says Tad is fine, and a relieved JR says Tad is going to bring his mother home. Adam tells JR he's terribly sorry and JR realizes what his father is trying to tell him. He breaks something on the table. He is angry at Adam for mistreating his mother all these years. JR says he never cared about Dixie, he just used her to have more kids. Adam tells JR they can talk about this later and JR yells that he is running away. He says his mother would never run away from him. Adam tells her that he's not a religious man, but if there's a heaven he knows Dixie is there. She would want him to give JR a hug. A tearful JR hugs his father. Liza calls Opal to express her sympathy. Opal tells Liza that Dixie was pregnant.

As Brooke sleeps in the seat beside him, Tad reminisces about his past with Dixie. Scenes from the couple's younger days are shown, including a clip of their first wedding. Looking again into the stars, he remembers how he and Dixie used to wish upon the stars together. He pulls out the star necklace he gave her and with tears in his eyes he tells Brooke about it. He looks out again and sees a falling star. He calls out Dixie's name. "Together forever," he says.

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