AMC Update Friday 5/10/02


All My Children Update Friday 5/10/02

By Lori

Adam discovers the letter Liza plans to send to the media explaining that her brain tumor caused her to misappropriate funds at Chandler Enterprises. He is angry that Liza wrote the letter, asking her if she wants to get herself thrown in jail. Liza says her plan is better than having Adam declare her mentally incompetent. They are arguing when Mia walks in with Jake. Mia tells Adam to knock it off or he'll put Liza back in the hospital. Liza explains to Jake that she misappropriated the funds. Mia tells Adam that she and Liza decided that going public would be the best idea. Liza tells Adam to read the entire letter. The letter explains that the problems were caused by Liza's tumor and she has recovered. Adam thinks it's a fine letter and he apologizes for over-reacting. Adam asks Jake why he's there. Mia tells him that she invited him. Mia and Jake leave the room while Liza and Adam talk. Adam asks Liza if she's thought about letting him back into her bedroom. Liza is reluctant. She says she thinks it's best if they wait awhile. She is tired but wants to do some business reading first. Adam insists that she rest and he says he'll read the documents to her. She is touched.

Mia and Jake are enjoying their time together and eating cupcakes. She describes to Jake her fantasy of how she imagines her son's life is with his adoptive parents. She says she thinks they have a busy and fun life, complete with food fights. She imagines her son with frosting all over his face. Jake approaches her with a cupcake and brushes frosting on her face. She takes her own cupcake and threatens him in a playful food fight. They declare a truce and Jake kisses the frosting off her face. Soon they are kissing on the lips. Jake tells her he knows she loves her son and is sorry she can't be with him. Mia thinks about Trey using her son to demand money from her. She tells Jake she knows she did the right thing. They kiss again and Jake leaves, telling her he'll see her tomorrow. Liza walks in, telling Mia that Adam read her company reports. She says the financial situation of the company is worse than she thought. She realizes she hurt a lot of people by taking the money. She says she's going to put the money back. "You can't do that," Mia tells her.

Leo is at Oak Haven seeing Vanessa. He tells her that he misses her and realizes she'll always be a part of his life. He says he never meant any of the threats he said to her before. He only said them because Greenlee was listening to him. He asks Vanessa to forgive him. Vanessa holds open her arms and tells him to come to mother. Leo approaches her and hugs her. Leo says they can't pretend like nothing's happened, but he wants her in his life. He leaves, telling her he'll be back. In private, Vanessa wonders what Leo is up to. "Round one goes to the old DuPres," Leo says to himself.

Simone walks into Greenlee's office. Greenlee tells her that she knows Simone was lying about having dinner with her father. She heard the mystery man's voice and it was familiar. She asks Simone who it was. Greenlee says she must know him, otherwise why would Simone not identify him. Simone tells Greenlee to let it go because she's not serious about the man. Greenlee agrees, and takes Simone somewhere that will cause her to think about the man. They are next shown each wearing a wedding gown in Greenlee's office. Simone says that after seeing her parents divorce, she didn't think she would ever get married. Greenlee says being in love will turn anyone into a raving optimist. Greenlee again turns to the subject of the mystery man. She concludes that the reason Simone won't identify him is that he's married. She tells Simone to be careful and be discreet. Leo walks in and Simone leaves. Greenlee asks him where he's been. He tells her he was doing things for their wedding. Leo leaves, unknowingly dropping his visitor's name badge from Oak Haven. Greenlee picks it up. "How could you do this to me," she says. Leo returns later and Greenlee tells him he has one more chance to tell her the truth. She shows him the badge and says she knows he went to see his mother. She asks him what it's going to take for him to stay away from Vanessa.

Flowers are delivered to Brooke and Edmund assumes they are from Tad. Brooke reads the card and sees they are from Tad. She says it's just a gesture of friendship. Edmund isn't so sure. He thinks Tad wants to be back in Brooke's life. He says he's going to put a stop to it. Brooke tells Edmund he has nothing to worry about because Dixie is returning and she and Tad are going to be together and are going to have a baby.

A happy Tad is in the park with JR telling him the good news about Dixie's return and her pregnancy. JR is pleased but he wonders why Dixie left in the first place. Tad explains that she did it to protect her baby, and said it was a very courageous thing for her to do. Tad says he's leaving immediately to fly to Europe to bring Dixie home. JR gives Tad the heart necklace that his mother gave him. JR says his mother gave him the necklace, which Tad had given her, just before she left. She explained that the necklace was filled with more love than anyone could imagine. Tad takes the necklace and promises he'll give it back to Dixie.

Tad goes to Brooke's house to see Jamie before he leaves. Brooke thanks him for the flowers. Tad says he didn't send her any flowers. It appears someone is using his name. He calls the florist and learns that the flowers were ordered online using Phoebe's credit card. They know Phoebe wouldn't have sent the flowers and wondered who would have access to her credit card. Tad concludes that they must have been sent by Jamie. Brooke says Jamie would not do that but Tad insists it's because Jamie does not approve of her upcoming marriage to Edmund. Jamie is called downstairs and with Brooke and Edmund in the next room, Tad talks to him. He tells him he knows he sent the flowers and is not going to punish him. But Tad tells him that Edmund and Brooke are going to be married and he's getting back with Dixie. Tad says everyone is happy. Jamie continues his silence, despite Tad's pleas to tell him how he feels. Instead, Jamie gets up and walks upstairs. Edmund and Brooke come back in after listening from another room. Brooke says maybe Jamie will realize how happy everyone is when Tad comes home with Dixie. Tad leaves for the airport, telling them to play down the wedding until he returns. A minute later, the doorbell rings. It is Opal, who is crying. Off screen Opal delivers some bad news and Brooke leaves. Edmund is shown hugging Opal, who sadly leaves the room. Jamie comes downstairs and Edmund tells him that his mother had to leave. Jamie picks up the vase of flowers and smashes them to the floor. Later, Tad is shown on the plane going through a book containing the names of baby girls. Soon, Brooke approaches him with a stricken look on her face.

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