AMC Update Thursday 5/9/02


All My Children Update Thursday 5/9/02

By Ronda

At Greenlee's Revlon office, she , Leo and Simone are busy looking at print ad mock-ups, when flowers are delivered for Simone. The card does not have a name of the sender on it, but Roger is seen making a call to the florist to make sure the flowers were delivered. Simone beats a hasty exit. Leo tells Greenlee that he wants to help plan the wedding. He has been having dreams about details and such, much to his surprise. Greenlee is pleased with his interest, but broaches an even more important subject. She wants to leave Pine Valley as soon as the wedding is over. She explains to Leo that she wants to start fresh with him someplace other than PV. Leo informs her that he can't leave until all the legal messes with Vanessa and her drug money are cleared up, and due to her mental status, it could be awhile. Greenlee tells him that Revlon has offered her a great job in Paris and she wants to go. When Greens is called away for a photo shoot, Leo uses her to call Anna. He wants to meet with her to make a deal about Vanessa. When she tells him she is at Oak Haven, he says he'll meet her there.

In the park, Mia and Trey are meeting about the money delivery. Trey continues to threaten Mia with exposure about her son if she doesn't cooperate. Jake jogs by and demands to know what is going on. Mia tries to convince Jake that she and Trey often argue about things and he shouldn't worry. Jake tells Trey that Mia has told him that he is the father of her baby. Jake asks Trey to leave, first being nice, and then getting mean. Trey leaves reluctantly. Mia tells Jake that she can handle it and to get lost. Jake goes off in a huff. Trey comes back and Mia gives him a duffle bag, apparently filled with money. Trey tells her he'll be in touch. Jake arrives to find Mia looking sad, sitting on a park bench. He offers her a hot dog and a drink. They sit and have a nice conversation and call a truce to their fighting. Mia grins and tells him that she wants to take him home to her family.

At Chez Kane, Chris and Erica are discussing his move into the guest room so that he can be around to protect them from Kendall. Jack and Bianca come in from their chat on the front steps, and Jack makes it obvious that he is not happy about the house guest. Bianca and Chris head off to Myrtle's to get some of their things. leaving Jack and Erica to sort out their feelings. Erica accuses Jack of being jealous of Chris and he scoffs at the notion. She says she has heard that he's been dating a string of women and when he admits it, she tells him she wants him to find someone special to love forever. She is happy to have Chris and Bianca in her life. When Jack asks about Kendall, Erica declares that Kendall is dead to her.

Ryan is carrying Kendall into his room at the Pine Cone, kicking and screaming. She threatens to kill him if he doesn't let her go. She demands that he quit lecturing her and giving her pep talks. When he tells her that he wants her to have a happier life, she tells him that she has had hate and revenge in her life for so long that she doesn't know anything else. Ryan tells her that he can make her feel alive. He tells her he has a good feeling about them. They kiss and end up falling passionately in to bed. After making love she tries to explain some of her previous love fiascos, but Ryan just tells her that he wants them to get on the bike and run away.

Simone shows up at Roger's room and wants to know if he is out to destroy her or Greenlee. He tries to convince her that he is enraptured with her. She tells him she doesn't want to keep this up and Roger offers to let her go, but when he kisses her good-bye, it turns passionate. After they make love and are getting dressed, someone knocks on the door. Simone hurries into the bathroom. When Roger answers the door, a handsome young guy dressed all in black hands him the duffle bag that Mia gave Trey. He says "The kid delivered". Roger takes the bag and smirks. Roger finds out that Trey took awhile, but finally came through. He hands the guy a wad of cash from the bag. Inside the room, Simone's cell phone rings and it's Greenlee. As Roger enters the room he calls out "Sweetheart" and Greenlee hears him. Simone covers by saying that she is still having dinner with HER father and it was him. After Greenlee hangs up she is still puzzled by why that word sounded so familiar.

Chris and Bianca arrive back at the house with some of their stuff. Erica offers to whip up something to eat, but Chris jokes that he doesn't need any more near death experiences, so he'll cook. When Erica calls Bianca to come and eat, she doesn't answer and Erica panics. When she calls again, Bianca answers. Chris assures her that he is there to protect them, but someone is lurking on the front porch.

Leo meets with Anna at Oak Haven and offers to find out from Vanessa where the money is for getting all the charges against him dropped. Anna reminds him that his mother is insane and could be violent against him. He understands the risks and goes in to Vanessa's room. He greets her and tells her that they can't go on being mad at each other. He tells her he has missed her. Vanessa just sits there looking scared.


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