AMC Update Wednesday 5/8/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 5/8/02

By Ronda

Mia is staring at a bankbook when Trey calls and demands that she get him the money he needs.  When she begs him to give her a break, he threatens to tell her baby's father about the child, and the fact that she gave it up for adoption without notifying him. She begs him not to do that. As she's trying to tell Trey that she won't steal from Liza, Marian comes in to the room. Mia hangs up on Trey and she and Marian have a conversation about Liza. Marian wants to apologize and tells Mia she is ashamed of her drinking binge during Liza's hospitalization. Mia tries to assure Marian that it was OK and they were all under a lot of stress. Marian is not real convinced, but goes away to talk to Liza.

Tad answers his front door and finds David there. He demands to know what David wants. David says he's there to make sure Tad doesn't screw up. When Tad tells David to get lost, David quickly tells him that he knows about the baby. Tad figures out that David has known about Dixie's pregnancy all along and he is very angry. Tad confronts him about allowing Dixie to leave the country. David tries to explain to Tad that Dixie was his patient and he was doing what he could to insure her safety and well being. He tries to make Tad understand that Dixie put her life on the line to bring this baby into the world. They agree to give each other a wide berth. Brooke passes David as he's leaving. Tad gets a goofy, silly smile on his face and tells Brooke that Dixie still loves him and wants him back, and, oh yeah, she's going to have his baby ! Brooke is delighted and they hug happily. Tad tells Brooke about Dixie's letter and how relieved he is now. He says his meltdown is over and he starts apologizing for all the mean things he has done and said lately. Brooke welcomes back the old Tad and assures him that everyone will be happy he's back. Tad tells her how he wants to just pick up and go to Switzerland and get Dix, but he can't because of Jamie. Brooke assures him that Jamie will be fine, and that the most important thing to him will be to see his father happy. She tells him to go get Dixie. He thanks her and they hug and tell each other how much they love one another. Jamie sees this last part and grins.

At Erica's mansion, Kendall accuses Erica of calling the cops on her and Ryan tries to diffuse the situation. Jackson is there and he hears what he thinks is an admission from Kendall that she drew a gun on Erica. Ryan assures Jack that nothing happened and Kendall tells him that the gun wasn't loaded. Jack then presents Kendall with a summons for delivering alcohol to a minor that contributed to an automobile accident. Kendall is outraged that she is being blamed for bratty Bianca getting drunk and driving. Jack tells her that he might tack on some more charges now that he has heard about the gun incident. When he asks where the gun is, Chris admits that he confiscated it. Kendall accuses them all of tag-teaming her. Erica, Bianca and kendall argue back and forth about blame and punishment. It finally comes out that Jackson is the one who pressed charges against Kendall. He was so angry when Kendall called Donald Steele and made sure that Bianca's DUI ended up on the front page that he decided to get legal on her. Erica, Bianca and Jack tell Kendall she is a sick person and she needs help. Kendall tells them all to go to hell. Bianca assures Kendall that she has used up all her 'benefit of the doubt', and to get out of her house. After Kendall and Ryan leave, Bianca bursts in to tears and runs out the door, with Uncle Jack following her. They sit on the front steps and discuss how hard it is to know who to trust. Bianca is sorry about freaking Maggie out when she touched her face, and she's even sorry that she and Kendall can't be close. She's also not real sure that living with Erica is a good idea. Inside, Chris and Erica discuss a way to bring peace to the house. Erica laments that the only way to do that is to get rid of Kendall. She is nervous about what Kendall's next actions might be and Chris says he needs to move into the mansion that day, to keep her safe.

Marian and Liza are pacing around Liza's living room. Marian is crying and says she's ashamed that she wasn't there for Liza during her hospital stay. Liza assures her that Mia was a big help. When Marian mentions Adam, Liza tells her mother that he is not someone who is helpful to her at this time. Adam comes in and Marian goes up to see Colby. Liza and Adam argue about the plan to have her declared mentally incompetent. Adam tells her she can trust him, but Liza states that she only trusts Colby and Mia. Hayley comes in and hears the last part and scowls. She tries to offer her two cents worth about Mia, but Liza refuses to be ganged up on. Hayley insists that she is on to Mia's scam, but Liza can't understand that since Mia gave back the money Adam had given her. She seemed delighted that they were flying in the doctor for her baby. Hayley is sure that Mia will want the money soon. In the other room, Trey is on the phone again. He threatens Mia so much that she agrees to get the money. She goes out and tells the Chandlers that her baby is well and they won't need the doctor. Hayley looks smug. Later when they are alone, Mia and Liza talk about the secrets they have to keep, and the lies they have to tell to protect the ones they love. Liza comes up with a plan to get out of the incompetency deal with Adam. After she leaves, Trey appears at the back door and yanks Mia along with him. He reminds her that HE makes the rules.

Anna is at Oak Haven. She gets a call from David and he apologizes for pushing her about the family thing. Just then Dr. Axelrod comes in and Anna hangs up on David. Anna and the doctor start to discuss Vanessa and her apparent insanity. The doctor tells her that it has been hard to tell if she is faking because of the Libidizone she was on when she was admitted. Anna starts to question him abut insanity and heredity. David overhears part of the conversation from the hall and confronts Anna about being afraid to have a child with him. He thinks she is afraid that the insanity could be passed down. Anna demands to know just exactly what this marriage is about. David realizes he is going too fast for her and agrees to slow down. After David leaves, Vanessa is being escorted to her room and greets Anna in a silly voice.

Kendall and Ryan are passing through the park. Kendall is ranting and raving about all the people that are against her. She is convinced that Ryan must hate her too since he found out that she is the one who called Donald Steele about Bianca. Ryan stays silent and lets her run out of steam. She finally asks him why. He says he wants her to trust him. The tough girl act won't work on him. Ryan admits that Erica hasn't been particularly nurturing, but Kendall hasn't given her much to work with. He insists that Kendall needs to make it right about the champagne and gun incidents. Kendall is outraged by the way they spoke to her at Erica's house. She wants revenge. She sits down and takes out a cigarette. Before she can light it, Ryan flips it out of her hand, picks her up, slings her over his shoulder and walks off with Kendall kicking and screaming.


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