AMC Update Tuesday 5/7/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 5/7/02

By Ronda

Ryan and Kendall go to his room at the Pinecone. Kendall is convinced Ryan is trying to dump her after her little gun stunt, but that's not exactly what he has in mind. Ryan tells her that it takes a 'special' girl to turn up for dinner and point a gun at her own mother. He doesn't know how this fits in with his world, but he wants to see her happy. Kendall can't fathom why Ryan would want to be nice to her. He kisses her.  Ryan asks her how he can help her to be happy. When she doesn't have an answer for him, he suggests that she make a list. He wants her to put down on paper the things that will make her happy, and he will help her make every one of them come true. She wants to know why he would do that for her. Ryan just tells her to trust him. He kisses her and they go to sleep on top of the covers with all their clothes on. In the morning, Kendall gets up and sneaks out. When Ryan wakes up and finds her gone, he tries desperately to find her.

Chris and Erica meet up at Erica's house and kiss passionately. Erica was sure she would never see him again after he found out about her plan to get rid of Kendall. Chris says he is there at the urging of his son. Chris admits that his 'rules' have cost him lots of things he wanted in his life. He wants Erica even though her machinations against Kendall don't square with his code of ethics. They agree to disagree about some of the aspects in the Kendall situation. When Erica invites him to spend the night, he makes it clear he is not giving in to her. She goes to make sure the guest room is made up. Chris takes a ring box out of his pocket, and gazes at the ring inside, saying "not yet Erica", before snapping it shut.

Greenlee calls Simone and wants to know if Simone's lover is there with her. Simone insists she is sleeping alone and she hasn't got anyone hidden in her closet. Greenlee wants more details about Simone's 'hottie', but Simone isn't telling. Greenlee reminds Simone about coming to Revlon to apply to be her assistant. After they hang up, Roger calls Simone to wish her goodnight.

Opal and Tad are in his living room talking the next morning. Opal 'can't wrap my hairdo' around the fact that anyone from her gene pool could just quit talking. Tad assures her that Jamie hasn't spoken a word since Vanessa traumatized him at the hospital. JR had offered to spend the night to see if he could draw Jamie out, but so far no report. He blames himself and his absorption with finding Dixie for adding to the crisis. Opal does agree that if Dixie doesn't want to be found, he should give it up. He agrees that that might be best for awhile. He needs to be a better father to Jamie.

Anna and David are in bed. He tells Anna that he wants to have a baby with her. She is very surprised and says that maybe they should work on buying a house with a mortgage first, She admits she terrified to have a baby and all the responsibility it would involve right now. SHe has a grown daughter, a new job and their marriage was just supposed to be a business arrangement at first. David admits that he wants to have a baby with her for love. She agrees to sleep on it.

Bianca comes downstairs just as Chris is hollering for everyone to come and eat. Bianca tells him that she remembers that smell from when they lived at Myrtle's and it must be Stamp's Killer Omelet. Erica comes in and asks if everyone slept well. Chris says that the guest bed is very comfortable. Bianca giggles and tells them they don't have to play G-rated for her. Chris assures her that it is not like that for he and Erica...yet. When he says that he didn't want Erica to be alone last night, they are forced to tell Bianca about Kendall holding a gun on Erica. Bianca is stunned, but Chris assures her that the gun wasn't loaded. Erica is quick to tell her that she didn't know that at first and that Kendall terrorized her. Erica says it would be a good idea to stay away from Kendall. The doorbell rings and when Erica answers the door, Kendall is on the front steps. She demands that Kendall leave, but Kendall requests to see her sister. Erica starts to slam the door in Kendall's face, but Chris stops her. He asks Bianca if she wants to see Kendall. Bianca answers yes, but in private. When Chris and Erica leave the room they discuss the fact that Erica didn't tell Bianca the reason Kendall had been so angry. Kendall apologizes to Bianca about giving her the champagne. Bianca brushes off that incident and tells Kendall she can take her other apology and cram it. Kendall is hurt and confused. They start to discuss old hurts and hateful things they did to each other. When it gets really mean, Kendall runs out the door and right into Ryan. He tries to comfort her and wants to make everything better. He takes her back to the door and rings the bell. When Erica answers he asks if they can come in. She reluctantly lets them in, but just before the door closes, the police arrive, asking for Kendall.

At Revlon, an exec is impressed with Simone's resume and tells her she will probably make the cut for interviews for Greenlee's assistant. Greenlee informs Simone that Revlon is going to pay for her wedding as a publicity event. They start talking girl-talk and weddings. As they are bonding, Simone's cell phone rings and it is Roger. When he learns that she is in Greenlee's office he hangs up. Greenlee gives Simone the third degree about her lover. Awhile later, Roger arrives at Green's office with flowers for her and flirting for Simone. When Greenlee has to leave, Roger puts the moves on Simone and pressures her to get smoochie. Greenlee returns and they have to cool it to Simone's relief.

Anna is house hunting on the internet, but David keeps harping about having a baby. David receives an overnight letter from Europe. Anna knows it is from Dixie and tells him to go ahead and read it.

Tad also receives a letter from Dixie. He is very stunned and has trouble believing it. He finally shares it with Opal. Dixie is sorry for leaving the way that she did. She had to go away so that she could keep a secret from him. Now it is OK to tell him and she hopes he will forgive her. She is pregnant with his child.

David reads in his letter that since Dixie is in her third trimester and most of the danger is past, she is going to tell Tad about the baby and hope he will take her back so that they can raise the baby together. David tells Anna that he hopes Tad and Dixie can be as happy as they are. Anna is disturbed that their 'business arrangement' marriage has progressed this far and she is not sure she is ready for it.

Dixie's letter tells Tad that she had an ultrasound and an amniocentesis, and that their baby is perfect. It's a girl. Tad is overcome with emotion and keeps saying "a baby" and "a daughter". Dixie also asks for his forgiveness and wants to know if he'll take her back. Tad tells Opal that of course he'll take her back. He jumps up and starts trying to get organized to go get her. Then he remembers that he needs to give Jamie more attention, but Opal assures him that she'll stay with the boys. As Tad heads out the door, David is on the steps.


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