AMC Update Monday 5/6/02


All My Children Update Monday 5/6/02

By Lori

Greenlee is reveling with Leo in her newfound success at Revlon. She says her new job will teach Erica that she can't outfox her. Popping a champagne cork, Greenlee says she's ready to take on the world. This has been a great week for her, she says. She got her dream man back and now she has her dream job. She tells Leo that his turning down the book deal started them down the aisle. He tells her he's sorry that he shafted Simone by refusing to help her write the book. Greenlee tells Leo she has asked Simone to be her maid of honor. She says she once thought Simone was after Leo, but now she realizes Simone is not the kind of person to sneak around.

Simone opens her apartment door to see white roses on the floor. She looks at the card and sees they are from Roger. Roger is standing near with a rose in his hand, which he brushes up against her face. He pulls her toward him and they kiss passionately.

Brooke notices Jamie has witnessed the argument between Edmund and Tad. She turns to chastise the two men and when she turns back to Jamie, he is gone. Edmund and Tad go outside to look for him while Brooke looks for him upstairs. He cannot be found. Brooke is afraid he's run away. Tad reassures her, telling her that he'll come back. Tad leaves to look for Jamie. Now in private, Edmund asks her if she blames him for Jamie running away. Brooke says she doesn't blame him, she just wishes they would all take Jamie's feelings more into consideration. She tells Edmund it would be best if he left, just for tonight, so that when Jamie returns it will be more like what he's used to ? just the two of them. Edmund says he doesn't agree with how Brooke is handling this, but he agrees to leave. He asks her not to let Tad come between them. He's waited too long to get her back. Brooke says she would not do that because she loves him too much. Edmund leaves and sees Tad walk back with Jamie. Edmund tells them he is going home. He watches from outside as Brooke, Tad and Jamie interact like a family. Brooke gives Jamie a big hug. Tad tells Brooke that Jamie was by the railroad tracks. Jamie goes upstairs and Brooke tells Tad she feels like she has failed her children. He comforts her and they embrace. Jamie, who has not said a word in days, comes downstairs and sees his parents together. He calls out, "Mom," but she does not hear. Tad tells Brooke that he'll be there for her and Jamie as long as Jamie is still troubled. Jamie, hearing what his father said, smiles and walks back upstairs.

Trey is getting rough with Mia, demanding that she get the $20,000 she returned to Adam. Mia tells Trey that they don't need the money now because Adam is going to pay for a specialist to see her son. She asks for the name fo the hospital so they can get the money there. He continues to forcefully demand the money. Mia asks him why he wants to hurt her. She finally figures it out. He doesn't want the money for her baby. He made up the whole story about her baby being sick. Trey admits that yes, he made up the story. Her son is really fine. He needs the money because he is desperate. Mia says she's not going to help him by getting money to bail him out of whatever trouble he's gotten himself into. Trey resorts to blackmail. He asks Mia if she realizes how many adoptions get overturned because the biological father did not consent to it. The father of Mia's son didn't even know she was pregnant, let alone knowing about the adoption. He threatens to tell the father if Mia doesn't get him the money. Mia asks how he could do such a thing because they agreed to keep the paternity a secret. She asks Trey if he would take her son away from the only family he's ever known. He says he will if she doesn't cooperate. "Don't make me do this," she tells him. Jake approaches, asking "make you do what?" Trey excuses himself, but not before Mia tells him she'll have what he needs by tomorrow morning. Trey seems pleased. "What does this guy have on you?" Jake asks. Mia says Trey is her lawyer, but Jake tells her he thinks there is something more than a lawyer-client relationship. Mia is tight-lipped. Jake asks her if Trey is the father of her baby. Mia tells him that he is, then runs off.

Kendall is holding a gun on Erica at the Valley Inn. Chris asks her if this is a joke, but she says it is no joke. Ryan tells her to stop kidding around and give him the gun. But Kendall says Erica played her for a fool and now she's going to pay for it. Erica stands up to leave but Chris tells her not to move. Ryan tells Kendall that they need to get out of there but Kendall wants to have her say with Erica. She tells Erica that she's quite an actress. She was setting her up for a fall all along. She tells Erica that Greenlee told her the whole story about wanting to get rid of her. Now Greenlee has sold her out and gone to Revlon just like Erica sold Kendall out, she says. Erica says she doesn't believe what Kendall is saying about Greenlee.

A Revlon employee comes into Greenlee's office with her schedule. It includes a press conference to announce her hiring and a meeting with the CEO. Greenlee also has to hire an assistant. The employee gives her a list of names but says she can choose her own as well. Greenlee decides she wants to hire Simone. She says maybe she'll meet the man of her dreams at Revlon. She and Leo leave to go find Simone.

Simone and Roger are kissing when suddenly they hear Greenlee laughing around the corner. Roger rushes inside the apartment and Leo and Greenlee see Simone standing outside her door with the roses on the floor. Greenlee tells Simone she wants her to be her assistant. Before Simone can answer, she asks about the flowers. Greenlee looks for the card but sees there is none. Simone is pushing the card into her pants pocket. She says the flowers must be a mistake. Greenlee asks to come in so they can talk about the job, but Simone says they cannot come in. Greenlee wonders why. Simone says her apartment is a mess and she doesn't want them to see it. Greenlee tells Simone she thinks she has a man inside, probably the man who left the flowers. She asks her to introduce them, but Simone does not cooperate. Greenlee and Leo agree to leave, with Greenlee saying she wants to meet the man soon. Roger comes out, asking if the coast is clear. Roger asks when he can see her again, but Simone tells him that was too close for comfort. Roger says he loves danger. Back at home and looking through a bridal magazine, Greenlee tells Leo that she intends to find out who Simone is seeing.

Chris asks Erica if what Kendall is saying is true. Erica admits that she was trying to get rid of Kendall but she justifies her actions. She says she did it because Kendall is so vindictive. She says she is so jealous of Bianca that she wanted to hurt her by giving her alcohol so she would get in an accident. Kendall insists that is not true. Erica tells her that she will never choose her over Bianca, and if she can't accept that she should go ahead and pull the trigger. Ryan also tells Kendall to pull the trigger. That would prove that she is just what her mother says ? that she's twisted enough to kill her own mother. A beaten-down Kendall opens her hands and releases the gun. Ryan takes it. Erica breathes a sigh of relief and says she is leaving. She tells Chris that she knows she has disappointed him, but she can never bond with Kendall the way he has bonded with Ryan. She walks out. Ryan gives the gun to Chris, who sees it is not loaded. Ryan encourages Chris to go after Erica but Chris resists. Kendall is upset that Ryan is defending Erica after what she did to her. Ryan says he doesn't agree with what Erica did, but Kendall took her bait by stealing her file and going to Revlon. Ryan turns his attention back to Chris, telling him that the two of them share something. When someone lets them down, they run. Chris tells Ryan he'll do what he has to do and leaves. When Ryan turns back toward Kendall, she is gone.

Erica goes home alone. She thinks about Chris giving her the airline tickets for their cruise. She starts to cry. There is a knock on the door. It is Chris. They embrace. Ryan finds Kendall crying on a park bench. She tells him she doesn't need him and to leave her alone. Ryan asks her if that's what she really wants. She starts to leave but he picks her up and carries her away.

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