AMC Update Friday 5/3/02


All My Children Update Friday 5/3/02

By Lori

Tad, Brooke and Jamie arrive home from their counseling session. Tad wants to take Jamie camping. Jamie agrees but still does not say a word. Jamie goes to pack and Tad and Brooke talk about the counseling. Tad thinks they should keep it between the family without including Edmund. Edmund, who has just arrived, overhears and says he thought he was part of the family. Brooke apologizes to Edmund for not including him in the session. She says there was a cancellation so they scheduled an appointment that day. Tad and Jamie leave, and Edmund confronts Brooke about her relationship with Tad. He says Tad is pulling her in and she's letting him do it. He says Tad can't stand it that Brooke's happy and he's not. Edmund says the first time he and Brooke fell in love, Tad showed up and interfered and Brooke married him. Brooke asks Edmund if he thinks that Tad is a threat to them and Edmund says yes, that's what he thinks. Brooke says she married Tad because he is Jamie's father and she thought it would be best for her son. Edmund says he won't let that happen again. Tad returns, saying Jamie forgot his tooth brush. He and Edmund have it out, and Tad punches Edmund in the face. Brooke orders Tad to leave or she'll call the police. They notice Jamie, who is standing there with tears in his eyes.

Trey is livid with Mia after learning she gave back the $20,000 to Adam. He tells her he doesn't need the doctor, he needs cash. His ranting causes Mia to start crying, and Jake walks up and wonders what's going on. Trey excuses himself, and Mia tells Jake that she's upset about her baby. She tells him he's sick and his adoptive parents don't have the money for his treatment. Mia says she told Adam and Liza and they were great to her. She can't believe they are treating her so well. Jake tells her to enjoy being part of the family. He wonders, though, what Trey has to do with this. He asks Mia what is it that she's not telling him. Mia doesn't want to talk about Trey but Jake insists. Just as she starts to say something, Jake's pager goes off and he is called to the hospital. He leaves, telling Mia he wants to continue the conversation later. Trey is in the alley when the man demanding money from him stops by wearing a ski mask. Trey tells him that he still doesn't have the money and the man punches him in the stomach. Later, when Trey sees that Jake has left, he pulls Mia into the alley. He orders her to shut up and get him the money now.

Erica is at Enchantment and looks into her filing cabinet. Seeing that the file she planted for Kendall is gone, Erica is overjoyed that Kendall took the bait. "Thank God I'm rid of her," she says to herself. Chris walks in and wonders who she's talking about. Erica covers, saying that an obnoxious housekeeper has been fired from Enchantment. Erica is amazed Chris is walking with just one cane. She asks where the other cane is. He grabs her, kisses her and tells her it's right here. He throws the other cane down and walks over to get it. He says soon he'll be walking as good as he was before. Chris presents Erica with plane tickets to Italy. She tells him she doesn't know if she can leave Bianca so soon after her accident. Chris tells her they can go whenever it works into her schedule. Then Erica says she doesn't know if she can leave Enchantment because of the new line. Chris tells her Greenlee can take care of that, especially with help from Kendall. Erica says Kendall can do the job. She says she never thought she would have Kendall working by her side. Chris tells Erica he's so proud of her for doing a 180 with Kendall. He says letting her off the hook after she gave alcohol to Bianca shows she has heart. He asks her again to go to Italy, and she says she will.

Greenlee is at Revlon, where Kendall has taken the file from Enchantment. Kendall can't believe Greenlee is working at Revlon, but Greenlee says they made her a sweetheart of a deal. Greenlee says she knows Kendall has the file from Enchantment because she would do anything to hurt her mother. But Greenlee tells Kendall she was set up. Greenlee tells her the entire story of how Erica and she were plotting to get rid of Kendall and that hiring her at Enchantment was the way Erica planned to do it. Kendall doesn't want to believe what Greenlee is saying, but eventually she does. "She really hates me," Kendall says softly. She appears very hurt. Greenlee taunts her. "She's the winner and you're not," she says. Kendall drops the Enchantment file and runs out.

Ryan and Leo are at SOS, and Ryan is telling Leo about his plans that evening to have dinner at the Valley Inn with Chris, Erica and Kendall. Leo wonders what Ryan sees in Kendall. Ryan tells him that he doesn't know Kendall like he does. Kendall has changed, he says. Ryan then cautions Leo about Greenlee, telling him that ditching her was the best thing he's ever done. Leo surprises Ryan by telling him that he and Greenlee are now engaged. The two men drink a toast to complicated women.

Ryan goes to the Valley Inn, where he finds Chris. Chris tells Ryan about his plans to take Erica to Italy and says he plans to propose to him there. Ryan says he doesn't see how Erica could refuse. Erica arrives, and the three of them are laughing and having a good time. Kendall arrives and meekly sits down. Quietly, she takes a gun out of her purse and points it at Erica. Chris demands to know what she is doing. "Geting even. Ready Erica?" she says.

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