AMC Update Thursday 5/2/02


All My Children Update Thursday 5/2/02

By Ronda

Erica tells Kendall that Greenlee is in danger of bringing down Enchantment. Erica says she needs Kendall's help to stop her. Erica says there is clear evidence that Greenlee has been in contact with Revlon. If she is offered a position, she will be in a position to give Enchantment's secrets from its new line to the competition. Kendall asks Erica what she wants her to do. Erica asks her to get a file in her office that contains the secrets and hide it. Erica gives Kendall the key and Kendall promises she won't let her down. In her mind, Kendall is thinking "Hello, Revlon." Erica is thinking about getting rid of Kendall.

Greenlee, meanwhile, goes into Bianca's room and asks her what is going on between Kendall and Erica. Bianca doesn't tell her anything. Greenlee concedes that not even Kendall will bring her down today. Bianca wonders what is so special about today. Greenlee proudly displays her engagement ring and tells her she and Leo are engaged. Bianca tells Greenlee that she should thank her because she pushed Leo into going after Greenlee. Greenlee tells Bianca she gives herself too much credit. Greenlee leaves the room and runs into Erica. She tells Erica she doesn't have time to talk and plans to clean out her office. Erica tells Greenlee her plan to get rid of Kendall and tells Greenlee she's playing her part beautifully. Erica says Kendall will get the file in her office and take it to Revlon. Revlon will be so impressed that Kendall will be hired and sent to work in Paris. Greenlee remembers learning that Revlon wanted her to work for them. Erica walks away, telling Greenlee that everything is going exactly as planned. Greenlee says to herself, "not quite, Erica."

Simone and Roger are kissing passionately in Greenlee's loft when Simone breaks away. She tells Roger they can't do this. They need to forget about what happened between them. Roger tells her that one night wasn't enough for him. He asks if their affair can be their secret. Simone says their night together happened because they were both lost that night. She recalls how she first saw him at the end of the bar. It was the night she learned she had just been set up by proteus. Roger says his connection to Vanessa got someone killed. That is what got them together, he says. Simone says their night together was exactly what she needed then, but not now. She says she's the only girlfriend that Greenlee has and she doesn't want to sneak around. Roger says he doesn't want to hurt Greenlee but what they have is too good to throw away. He gets close to Simone, telling her she needs someone to love. Simone is weakening but tells Roger to stop. Roger says he's not sure she wants him to stop. He kisses her. Just then, Greenlee is arriving home and puts the key in the lock. Roger and Simone hear her and stop kissing. They pretend they have been helping her with her wedding plans. Greenlee is angry about her treatment by Erica. She positions herself between Roger and Simone, puts her arms around them and tells them she's thankful she has people in her life she can really count on. Simone stands up to leave and Greenlee asks her if she has a date. Simone says no, but she needs to call the publisher and tell him the book deal is off. After Simone leaves, Greenlee tells her father that she needs to take charge of her life and do the things that make her happy. She leaves. Roger calls a florist and orders flowers for Simone, using Greenlee's credit card.

Kendall is at Enchantment looking into Erica's file cabinet. Ryan walks in and sees her. He assumes she is there to help Erica. He tells her he is proud of her. He is there to help her but she says she doesn't need help. Ryan says he understands that she wants to prove to Erica she can do the job. Ryan leaves and Kendall looks at the giant portrait of Erica. "He believes in me, why can't you, mother," she says. Kendall says that she is hurt and feels used and discarded. "You're only getting what you deserve," she says. Kendall takes the file and leaves. She goes to Revlon and knocks on a door. The person behind the desk has the chair turned to the window. The person turns around and it is Greenlee. "You're too late," Greenlee says. "It's not our policy to hire trailer trash."

Trey is at SOS waiting for Mia to arrive with the $20,000. He gets a call from a man who asks where his money is. If he doesn't get the money soon, Trey's double life is over. Trey says he needs a little more time. He tells the man he'll call him back and hangs up. "Mia, where are you?" he says to himself. Mia is being confronted by Hayley, who doesn't believe her story about a sick son. Hayley asks her what's wrong with her son. What is his medical condition? Mia doesn't know ? all she knows is it's serious. Hayley says she doesn't like Mia's generic answers. She wonders why the only information she got from the boy's adoptive parents is the price tag for the surgery. Adam and Liza walk into the room and Liza says she doesn't like the way Hayley is attacking her sister. Hayley says she's not attacking Mia, she's just asking her pointed questions. She is suspicious that Mia came to town recently and has wormed her way into the family. Liza defends Mia, and tells Hayley she hasn't been around to see what a big help Mia has become to the family. The housekeeper brings Lorenzo to Hayley and says he is not feeling well.

Mia watches while Hayley tends to Lorenzo. Would Hayley do anything for Lorenzo, would she even give up her life, Mia asks? Hayley says she would do anything and would give up her life in a heartbeat for her son. Mia tells Hayley they have something in common. Even though she doesn't have her son, she loves him and thinks about him every day. She says she would not use her son to get money for selfish purposes. Hayley proposes an idea. She says her father can fly in the finest doctor to care for her son. It will cost more than the $20,000 that Adam is lending Mia but it will be worth it to get the best care, Hayley says. Mia likes the idea, and gives the $20,000 check back to Adam. He says he'll contact the doctor right away. A happy Mia says she'll let the adoptive parents know and leaves. Adam, flashing the returned check at Hayley, asks her if she still doesn't trust Mia. Meanwhile, Trey gets another call from the man demanding the money. Trey says his contact is running a little late but he'll have half the money. He asks for a deal. He says there is a guy standing in his way of getting all the money. He asks the man to take care of him. Later Mia arrives to give Trey her good news. She tells him that Adam is hiring a specialist to care for her son so she returned the money to him. Trey appears stunned.

Erica is having a heart-to-heart talk with Bianca. They reminisce about when Bianca was a little girl. Tearing up, Erica asks Bianca to move back home. She apologizes for everything she's done and said that upset her and she wants a chance to make it up for her. Bianca says she wants to come home because she misses and needs her mother. They embrace. Erica says she will make sure Kendall will never hurt her again. Bianca says drinking and driving was her own fault. Erica says Kendall can't be totally blamed but they don't have to worry about her anymore.


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