AMC Update Wednesday 5/1/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 5/1/02

By Suzanne

Erica thanks Jack for helping to keep Bianca out of jail. Kendall brings some of Myrtle's 
corn muffins for Erica, surprising everyone. Erica thanks her pleasantly. Ryan and Kendall 
ask about Bianca; Erica says she can't have visitors yet. Kendall says they'll stick around 
for a while. Ryan asks how Kendall feels. She is relieved that Binky is going to be fine. 
He remarks that she and Erica seem to have forged a bond because of their caring for Bianca. 
She asks him to get her some water and she takes the opportunity to call Donald Steele to 
let him know that Erica got Bianca out of trouble with the law.

Erica and Jack visit Bianca. She is worried that she'll go to jail. They tell her that 
Jack will be helping and she won't have to go to jail. Donald Steele bursts in and starts 
joking around about Bianca's uncle the DA getting her out of trouble. Jack tells him to get 
out. He won't leave. Ryan comes in and threatens him. Steele keeps asking questions and 
insinuating that she is too rich to serve time. He says he'll be watching to make sure that 
this doesn't disappear. Ryan throws him out. Erica wonders who could have tipped him off. 
Jack points at Kendall. Erica asks Jack to see him outside. Jack can't understand why 
Erica doesn't want to see that Kendall is the obvious culprit and why is she being so nice 
to her. Erica feigns innocence so Jack asks what she's up to against Kendall. He assures 
her that it's nothing illegal and everything is under control. He still worries. 

Kendall tells Ryan that it's such a shame that Bianca had to go through that. Ryan tells 
her not to beat herself up. She thinks she finally understands Erica and Bianca. Kendall 
has a fantasy that a cop is arresting Bianca. Erica does everything she can to change the 
cop's mind, so he arrests her, too, for bribery. Kendall watches, smiling. After the 
fantasy, Kendall tells Ryan that it was great how he threw Steele out. They go over to 
Erica and ask her if she's okay. Kendall says she's sorry that she had to deal with "that 
creep". Erica thanks Ryan for getting rid of him. They offer to stand guard outside of 
Binky's room to keep reporters out while Erica visits more with her. Erica gives Kendall a 
look behind her back and then has her own fantasy. Chris tells Erica and Bianca that 
Kendall finally left town; he put her on a bus himself. Bianca tells Erica that she was 
right about Kendall being poison. Chris and Erica kiss. Erica murmurs to herself, "Soon, 

Greenlee wakes up in bed to find Leo gone. She sleepily calls for him and then notices that 
her engagement ring is gone. She says, disappointed, "It was all a dream". She sits on the 
couch. Leo comes in carrying a bunch of stuff. She jumps into his arms, excited and happy. 
He has wedding planning stuff. He wants to make sure that everything goes right this time. 
Leo takes out her ring in a box and asks her to marry him formally. She notices that he 
got it engraved--"Forever. Do not remove." She accepts his proposal and hugs him. They 
kiss. The phone rings and she lets the machine get it. It's Erica. She tells her to pick 
up or call her back immediately. Greenlee wants her to wait. Then there is a knock on the 
door. It's Roger. Greenlee is happy to see him, but Leo isn't. Roger sees that they are 
engaged again and shakes Leo's hand. He wishes them happiness. Simone knocks on the door. 
There is a steamy look between her and Roger as Simone asks for Greenlee. Greenlee shows 
her the ring and Simone jumps up and down excitedly. Leo thanks Simone for helping them get 
back together. Leo excuses himself, saying he has to get some "wedding insurance".

Roger, Simone, and Greenlee chat about the wedding. Roger wishes he could help them out 
financially. She says she wants him to walk her down the aisle. He proudly accepts. 
Greenlee asks Simone to stand up for her as her maid in honor. Simone accepts, too. 
Greenlee explains to Roger that Simone told her that Leo turned down the book offer. He is 
surprised. Erica phones Greenlee and tells her that she needs her at the hospital. Then 
she hangs up. Greenlee is confused and then outraged at the way Erica treats her. Roger 
says that he and Simone would be happy to look through the catering books while she goes to 
see Erica. She thanks them and rushes off. They kiss passionately.

Chris visits SOS and asks Mateo for help to put Vanessa away for good. Hayley is not 
willing to let Mateo take any more risks or help Chris again. Mateo stays silent while she 
and Chris argue. Chris tells Mateo that he knows that serving drinks doesn't give Mateo 
enough excitement now. Hayley tells him to shove it so he starts to leave. Mateo tells 
Chris to wait and then to go ahead, he's listening. Mateo takes Hayley aside and tells her 
that he wants to help put her away because it's important. She is annoyed and tells him to 
go for it in a way that he knows she doesn't him to. But she says she won't keep him from 
doing it. He kisses her and tells Chris that he'll do it. Hayley tells Chris that if 
anything happens to Mateo, she will make Chris suffer painfully. Chris is impressed and 
says he knows she would order a hit. Mateo says that she would take him out personally.

Adam worries about why Mia is acting weird in his study. She tells him that she needs to 
borrow some money. He is relieved and asks her how much. She tells him $20,000, shocking 
him. He wonders why. She tells him about her son being sick (wow, someone on a soap tells 
the truth right away!). Adam acts understanding about her predictament but then says he 
won't give her a damn dime. (oh, of course because she's actually telling the truth, Adam 
thinks she's lying!) Adam accuses her of manipulating everyone and pretending to be nice 
while she was scamming them. She says it's true, but he won't believe her. Liza comes in 
and interrupts them. Adam tries to spare her but Liza says she heard them mention Mia's 
baby. Adam stops in his tracks and can't believe that there really is a son. He 
apologizes. Liza kisses him and suggests that next time he investigate before assuming she 
is lying. Adam leaves to write the check. Mia tells Liza that she didn't want to ask him 
and thanks her for believing her. Liza says Mia could have taken her money. She smiles at 
her for her honesty and hopes her little boy will be allright. Liza goes to take her 
medicine, leaving Mia and Adam alone. Adam says he wishes she had told him about her son 
but apologizes again. She understands and he gives her the check. He tells her that if she 
ever needs anything again, to come to him right away. She thanks him with a hug. Just 
then, Hayley walks in and sees them. Mia thanks him again and then they see Hayley. She 
wants to know what's up. Mia says that Adam is being extremely wonderful and generous, so 
Hayley is suspicious. Adam takes Hayley to see Liza. Mia calls Trey to say she got the 
money from Adam. He tells her to meet her at SOS in 20 minutes. Hayley confronts Mia and 
asks her what's going on. She doesn't believe her story and wants the details.

Trey visits Vanessa, who babbles on as usual while she applies her makeup. Trey tells 
Vanessa that she shouldn't trust Leo and should sign over her power of attorney to him 
instead. She feigns being Rosie again. He tells her that Greenlee and Leo made up and are 
engaged again. This makes Vanessa annoyed. He tells her that Leo doesn't give a damn about 
Vanessa. She is upset. He hands her a document that gives him power of attorney. She 
compliments his manliness and signs it. Then he looks and she signed it "Blanche Du Bois". 
She tells him she's not stupid and she won't do anything until he gets her out of custody. 
He agrees. Vanessa tells Trey after his phone call that she wants him to put her first. He 
assures her that he will.

Leo visits Vanessa to tell her that Greenlee and he are getting married. She pretends to be 
Rosie again but he yells at her and says that she'd better leave them alone this time. He 
threatens to kill her if necessary. She says he's not the "crazed killer type". He tells 
her that he would pull the trigger this time and he'd enjoy it. Vanessa applauds his 
performance, not taking him seriously. He leaves, disgusted, saying he's going to marry 
Greens and keep her safe. Vanessa yells after him. To herself, she tells him that he 
should know better not to give your mark the plan. She can't let Greenlee live happily ever 
after--or at all.

Trey goes to SOS. Mateo tells Trey that he's not going to let him get Vanessa off for 

Chris suggests to Erica that they take Bianca out. He invites Kendall and Ryan, too. They 
are all chummy, or at least acting the part. Erica takes Kendall aside to talk to her about 
Enchantment. Chris and Ryan excuse themselves. Erica says she has something so important 
and immense to tell her and she's the only one she can trust. Erica asks Kendall to help 
her stop Greenlee. Greenlee comes up just then and wonders what Erica means.


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