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All My Children Update Tuesday 4/30/02

By Suzanne

Jake brings Mia some chocolate-covered strawberries. She is distracted by Trey's phone call. They have some wine. He turns off the phone so they can't be disturbed. There is a loud knock on the door and K rushes in, saying that they've got major trouble. He tells them that he smelled gas and it may be coming from Jake's place. Jake goes out to check on it. Trey goes over to Mia and grabs her arm roughly, saying he doesn't appreciate her hanging up on him. She tells him to let go of her. He says they have to talk about William, the child she gave up. She wants to know why he's doing this. He tells her to get rid of Jake and meet him downstairs. Jake returns and can tell that Mia looks upset. Mia suddenly lies that she has to go see Colby; he doesn't buy it. Trey makes a comment and then leaves. Jake asks her again what the problem is. She says she really has a feeling that Liza and Colby need her. He suggests they call. She squirms and says she really has to. She asks him to understand and apologizes as she runs out. 

At the elevator, Trey meets Mia. He apologizes for manhandling her. He says he's crazed. She wonders how he knows her son's name. He says that he couldn't just write him off, so he kept tabs on the adoption and where he was sent. She gets annoyed at his implication that it was easy for her to give him up. She says that he was the one who told her to just walk away and never look back. She wants to know why he's bringing this up now. He tells her that William is in big trouble. He's very sick. She wants to know how but he doesn't have details. He just says that he could die. There is treatment and he could make it. Mia says they'll get it, but Trey says the treatment costs about $20,000. She is aghast and wonders how they can get that kind of money. He suggests she go to Liza. She says it's not her money; it's for Colby's future. He works on her guilt some more. She asks God what she should do. He says she should get the money by tomorrow so he can pass it along to the adoptive parents. He warns her not to tell anyone, then he leaves with a smirk on his face.

Mia goes back to Jake's place. He can tell she's been crying. She rushes in, lying that she thought she left her keys there. He pulls them out of her purse and says that she doesn't need excuses to see him. She's always welcome there. He would have chased after her, but she rushed out too fast. He asks if he can help. She kisses him gratefully and then laughs, saying that she just wanted to thank him for the nice evening. She says good night and rushes out. He looks after her as if he can't believe how strangely she's acting.

In her robe, Liza shuffles over to the picture of her, Adam, and Colby. Adam comes over and says he was wondering why she wasn't in her bed. He asks if she's still mad at him. She says no but he says they have to fix what's wrong between them. She tells him that yelling at her doesn't help. Her speech is still very slow and stilted in this eerie way. He assures her that he's not out to get her. He talked to Mia before she came home. He knows why she was so hostile to him at the hospital, because she knew that he was going to have her declared mentally incompetent. He says it's because the SEC has launched a huge investigation into her accounts when she was in charge of Chandler Enterprises. A lot of money has disappeared. He knows she's not a thief so he figures that it must have been the tumor that caused the problems. She may be facing criminal charges. He wants to protect her. That's his only motive, he swears. He says he is coming right out to tell her all this because she is strong enough and their love is strong enough to survive it. He asks if she believes that, too. She hesitates and he assures her that it's just legal maneuvering. She isn't sure...she doesn't trust lawyers. He doesn't either. He explains that once the SEC is off her back, they will have Dr. McMillan declare her competent again. She wants to trust him and he keeps asking her to put herself in his hands. He talks at great length about their love. She hugs him and says she trusts him. She says she's sorry but he tells her that he'll always look after her. Together they're invincible. She asks what she should do. He asks her to think hard and try to remember what she did with the missing funds. She has a flashback to getting the bankbook from Mia, then tells him that she has no idea where the money is. Adam says that after she gets stronger, she'll get her memory back and they'll recover the money. She apologizes. He says if it was up to him, he'd write it off, but it's too large of an amount to just shrug off. Mia comes in and says hi. Things are kind of awkward so Adam leaves them together to bond as sisters. Mia asks Liza if she told Adam about the money. Liza says no, that no one is touching Colby's money. Trey's words echo in Mia's head. Liza asks Mia to reassure her that the money is safe, and Mia tells her that it is.

Bianca tells Erica to go away and the doctor concurs (he's bandaging her face). Joe comes in and takes Erica out. Chris, Ryan, Kendall, and Erica, ask Joe how Bianca is going to be. He says she'll be fine. Erica worries about her facial lacerations--will she be scarred? Joe assures her that the cut is not deep; she won't even need stitches and there will be no scarring. Joe reprimands her gently for bursting into the room. She apologizes and asks him to go in and reassure Bianca about everything. Kendall stands behind Erica rolling her eyes while Erica talks about Bianca's "perfect face". Erica thinks she should fly in her great plastic surgeon, just in case. Chris reminds her about what Joe said and suggests that Erica call a lawyer. Bianca was DUI and there is a nearby cop waiting for the results of the test of her blood alcohol levels. Erica asks him if Bianca hasn't suffered enough, and if Chris can use his connections. He says he'll talk to the cop but he won't be able to do much to keep Bianca out of trouble. After he walks away, Kendall suggests to Ryan that they leave now that they know Bianca is okay, but Erica stops them and yells at Kendall for what she did to Bianca.

Kendall yells back at Erica that it wasn't her fault. She didn't have anything to do with Bianca's accident or her drinking. She didn't make her drink it. Erica keeps trying to make Kendall take responsibility for giving Bianca the champagne. It gets really ugly and Ryan tries to intervene but they cut him off. Kendall brings up the past and they start arguing again about how Erica favors Bianca over her and that she would never try to protect Kendall the way she does Bianca. Erica accuses Kendall of plotting to hurt Bianca and that she took her chance tonight to deliberately destroy her. Tears fall down Kendall's face as Erica lays out how Kendall planned all this. Erica breaks down in the middle and cries, too. Kendall says that on the contrary, she and Bianca have been getting along really well lately. Chris gets off the phone and comes over to tell them to keep it down or Bianca might hear them. Kendall warns Erica that if she doesn't cut the cord soon from Bianca, she'll strangle on it. Chris asks Ryan to take Kendall over to the other side of the room so they can both calm down. Opal arrives, concerned about Bianca. Chris asks Opal to keep Erica away from Kendall while she fills her in. Chris goes in to talk to Joe.

Kendall rages on about Erica to Ryan. He tells her to stop beating herself about Erica. Even though Erica is out of line in her comments to her, she is really freaked out by the accident to Kendall should cut her some slack. Kendall is not willing and says that Erica meant every word of what she said. He reminds her that Erica had her own accident that hurt her face a few years ago, so that this accident probably reminded her of what she went through. Kendall scoffs that what Erica went through was hardly a tragedy and it doesn't give Erica the right to treat her like that. He tells her to give it some time and reminds her that they were all getting along well lately. She shouldn't give all that up.

Erica whines to Opal that Kendall is just as vicious as she ever was. Opal wonders if Erica will give up her plan now, since she will hate having to be nice to her. Erica says the plan to get rid of Kendall is just as important now. Erica smiles and tosses her head, saying she can do anything that she sets her mind to. Chris comes out and tells her that Bianca wants to see her. 

Opal asks Kendall to tell her side of the story. Kendall knows she wouldn't believe her. With Ryan's encouragement, Kendall does. This leaves Chris and Ryan alone to chat. Ryan tells him that he doesn't think Kendall deserves what Erica's been saying to her and that he thinks Chris should give her a chance. Chris says that maybe Kendall deserves having Erica think the worst of her because she's done some pretty rotten things. He doesn't blame Erica, but Ryan does. Clearly the two men are not seeing eye to eye.

Erica goes in to see Bianca, who says she's just embarrassed. Erica apologizes for running in earlier and scaring her. Erica assures her that she won't have a scar. Bianca wonders why Erica is being so nice to her rather than yelling at her. Bianca cries, confused. She beats herself up for acting stupidly. She confesses that she was scared and she's not as strong as she thought. Erica says that she doesn't want to see her drinking OR driving, but she thinks she's learned her lesson. Bianca tells her what happened with Maggie. Bianca yells at herself for what she did and says Maggie was right to throw her out. She hopes Erica is not ashamed of her. She sobs on Erica's shoulder as Erica strokes her hair and tells her that of course she's not, she could never be ashamed of her. She encourages Bianca to cry it all out as she says she'll always be her angel. Kendall walks in and sees them together, looking jealous. She thinks to herself that Erica should go ahead and give Bianca all her love and she'll take her hate and use it against her. Bianca sees her and then Erica turns around and looks, too. 

Opal comes in past Kendall and hugs Bianca. Ryan ushers Kendall out and says that she needs to listen to him. Things are going pretty well for her, with her job and her family. She could stick it out and see what happens or she could spend the rest of her life regretting what she might have had. He asks what her decision is. Chris tells Erica that while Kendall is a pain, Bianca sees her as family and will always see the problems between Erica and Kendall as Erica's fault. So he says she'd better make a decision right now. She can spend the rest of her life treating Kendall like dirt or decide to make a clean slate right now. He says she just has to be smarter than Kendall, which should be easy, and make nice for Bianca's sake. Kendall and Erica both make their decisions at the same time and look over at each other. Erica walks over to Kendall, who symbolically and literally meets her halfway. Kendall starts apologizing, saying it was stupid and awful of her to give Bianca the champagne. She says, "Can you find it in your heart to forgive me, Mother?" Erica says emotionally that of course she can. Erica asks her to forgive her angry outburst, so Kendall agrees. Erica suggests they just forget all about it and that tonight ever happened. They share a warm hug. Kendall looks a little awestruck, thinking that she would like to believe it. Erica looks determined.


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