AMC Update Monday 4/29/02


All My Children Update Monday 4/29/02

By Lori

Greenlee and Leo are at the boathouse reveling in their reconciliation. They go to Greenlee's apartment and are kissing in the lobby when the elevator opens. Trey is in the elevator. He asks them if they're celebrating something. Greenlee tells Trey that she and Leo are back together, forever. They get on the elevator and are all riding up together. Trey tells Greenlee they still have some unfinished business with the deposition. Greenlee tells him she'll call him and make arrangements to meet with him. Trey gets off the elevator and tells himself that Leo is going to lead him to Vanessa's fortune. In Greenlee's loft, she and Leo make a toast to their renewed relationship. Greenlee makes advances toward Leo but he stops her. He tells her he wants to make completely sure she wants to be with him. He knows she has a career now and that he has caused nothing but trouble in her life. Greenlee says nothing else in her life matters without him. Leo takes out Greenlee's former engagement ring and gives it back to her. She tells him she will marry him.

Bianca tries to kiss Maggie but Maggie freaks out. Bianca apologizes, telling Maggie she looks so much like Frankie. "I don't go that way," Maggie says. Bianca, who has had too much champagne to drink, keeps apologizing, saying she doesn't force herself on anyone. Both girls are now screaming at each other, with Maggie telling Bianca to leave. Bianca says she is only trying to be friends with Maggie for Frankie's sake but Maggie tells her to get out of her face. Bianca stumbles out of the room just as David and Anna arrive. They go inside and see a distraught Maggie. David asks what just happened. Maggie tells them that Bianca made a pass at her. "She wishes I was Frankie," she says. "Poor Bianca," David says, prompting Maggie to question whether anyone cares how she feels. David apologizes and offers to take Maggie out for her birthday, but she says she doesn't celebrate her birthday. She says what she needs to do is leave town. David tells her that she has run away her whole life. If she stays here she has a chance to connect with people who love her. David tells her he has always had a dream of living in a big house with a weeping willow tree in the back yard. He says he wants to have that house and have Maggie live with him and Anna as part of their family. Maggie tells him he doesn't have to take care of her. David says they will take care of each other. Maggie says she'll think about it and leaves. Now alone, Anna wonders if David put the part about the tree in his story to impress her, considering weeping willows are common in British literature. David says he meant every word of what he said.

Erica and Kendall are at each other's throats. Erica can't understand how Kendall could have given Bianca champagne. Erica is worried Bianca will drink and drive, but Kendall tells Erica that Bianca is too smart to do that and she can take care of herself. Kendall tells Erica she doesn't know how to love Bianca either. Erica says Kendall doesn't know the first thing about her relationship with Bianca. But Kendall says she hears everything about their relationship since Bianca now lives in the same house as her. Kendall tells Erica she's losing Bianca and that is why Bianca is turning to her. Ryan interrupts and pulls Kendall outside. He tells her she's provoking Erica. Kendall says Erica's comments are not due to concern over Bianca but are rather jabs at her. "I don't need Erica, especially now that I have ...," Kendall stops. Ryan asks her if she was going to say she has him. Kendall tries to cover, saying she was just kidding. Ryan says she doesn't have to take that back or feel like she's scaring him away. He says they are trying to figure out where they stand. Kendall says it's simple, they only slept together. Ryan says it was more than that to him. Kendall admits it was more to her as well. She asks Ryan if she indeed does have him. Ryan tenderly kisses her.

Inside, Erica is fretting about Bianca, but Chris tries to calm her down. Chris questions Erica about her feelings toward Kendall. Erica says she gave Kendall up because she knew she could never love her. She knew when she looked Kendall in the eyes she would see the eyes of her rapist. She tells Chris that once Kendall knew she was the product of rape, she brought the rapist to Pine Valley to torment Erica and Kendall. Erica says Kendall hates Bianca and is extremely jealous of her because she is the daughter Erica loves. Chris asks Erica why, if she feels this way about Kendall, did she hire her to work at Enchantment. Just then the phone rings. It is a frantic and bleeding Bianca, who asks for Kendall. Erica recognizes it as Bianca and demands to know what is wrong. Bianca tells her she was in a car accident. Kendall and Ryan walk back in and wonder what's going on. Erica rushes to the scene of the accident. Kendall is worried that she is responsible for the accident because she gave the champagne to Bianca. She says Erica is going to blame her for this for the rest of her life. Kendall wants to be with Bianca at the hospital. Ryan tries to talk her out of it, but Kendall insists she needs to be there. Later, at the hospital, Erica asks a nurse where her daughter is. The nurse directs Erica to the room. Erica approaches the room and runs into Kendall and Ryan. Kendall tells Erica not to go inside but Erica barges in and sees Bianca in a hospital bed.

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