AMC Update Friday 4/26/02


All My Children Update Friday 4/26/02

By Lori

Leo tells Greenlee that they must decide whether to say goodbye forever or give it one last chance. "I vote for plan B. How about you?" he tells her. He says he realizes nothing has changed concerning his mother but he hopes they can work through that. Greenlee tells him she knows that he turned down the book deal for him and she loves him for it. He tells her he would give up millions for her. He is sorry for all the things he put her through. Greenlee tells him that she cannot pass up trying one more time but this will most certainly be their last chance. She tells him she went to see Jake and realizes now that she was confused in her feelings for him. She knows now she never loved him and there were no sparks with him. She knows now that she loves Leo. Leo asks her about Trey, but she says Trey is nothing more than a friend. She tells Leo she cannot continue to punish him for what his mother has done. They kiss.

Trey is in the elevator with the strange man, who threatens to spill the beans about Trey. The man demands $50,000 or he'll tell all. Trey tells him he doesn't have that much money but the man tells him he has access to Vanessa's drug money. The man punches Trey and gets off the elevator. An angry Trey punches the walls of the elevator. As the elevator opens, he sees Mia and Jake. He tells them that he had been stuck in the elevator. A suspicious Jake says all Trey had to do was to sound the alarm, but Trey says it didn't work. Jake walks into the elevator and hits the alarm button and it blares. Trey says the power was off before. It is clear Jake doesn't believe what Trey is saying, but he and Mia go to his apartment. Once in the apartment, Jake gives Mia his beeper number and tells her to use it anytime. Mia wonders if this means she has an edge on Greenlee. Jake reassures Mia that his relationship with Greenlee is over. They move in for a kiss but are interrupted by Mia's cell phone ringing. It is Trey, who orders Mia to leave and come and see him. He says it's about the baby. Something just happened. He says she has to tell Jake goodnight unless she wants something to happen to the boy. She tells him she'll get back to him and hangs up. She won't tell Jake who called, telling him it was nobody. They hug. Trey, talking to himself, says Mia has made a big mistake.

Chris is out of his wheelchair and is walking on crutches. Erica could not be more pleased. He says the doctor has told him he'll make a full recovery. Once he does, he's going to carry her to the bed and make love to her all night long. It's just what Erica wants to hear, but she urges him not to push himself.

Ryan and Kendall had planned a picnic, but the weather is not cooperating. Kendall gives the two bottles of champagne she had for the picnic to Bianca, who leaves with them. Ryan comes over with picnic supplies and wants them to have a picnic inside. He has a basket of food and even has plastic bugs. Kendall can't believe he has done this for him but doesn't seem to be in the picnic mood. "I bet if we tried real hard we could come up with an alternate plan," Kendall says. Ryan, taking the hint, leans over toward her and they start kissing. Kendall tells them they have the entire house to themselves tonight. As they become more passionate, Erica and Chris walk in. "On behalf of your mother and me, you are so grounded," Chris jokes to Ryan. Ryan and Kendall are a little embarrassed but get over it when they notice Chris is out of his wheelchair. Ryan tells them they should celebrate. He asks Kendall to get the champagne, but she admits she gave it away to another tenant in the house. Erica realizes that Kendall gave it to Bianca, and asks her how she could do such a thing in giving alcohol to someone underage. Chris tells Erica to calm down. This doesn't mean Bianca drank it, he says. Kendall tells Erica that Bianca made the decision in taking the alcohol. Kendall says Bianca is not 5 years old and tells Erica to stop carrying on. Erica starts to slap Kendall but Ryan stops her.

Bianca takes the champagne to Maggie's room, realizing that today would have been Frankie's birthday so it is Maggie's birthday as well. The two drink to the point of drunkenness. Maggie opens a present from Bianca and it is a framed photograph of Bianca with Frankie. Bianca talks longingly of Frankie. Then, looking at Maggie, she gingerly touches her face. Maggie appears startled.

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