AMC Update Thursday 4/25/02


All My Children Update Thursday 4/25/02

By Ronda

Colby is drawing pictures with Liza in the living room. Her nanny comes to get her for her bath, and Marian goes along. After a stiff silence, Liza says that it is obvious that she and Adam don't want to be alone together. They discuss the distance between them. Adam says he is doing his best to do all the right things for Liza. Liza thinks they have become total strangers. Colby come back and says she doesn't want Mimi to give her a bath, she wants Aunt Mia. Liza wants Mia too. Marian come back down to get Colby. Liza promises she will send Mia upstairs as soon as she gets home. Marian seems offended that Liza thinks she needs Mia to help give her granddaughter a bath. Liza looks distressed. Adam hovers and fusses. Liza wants him to stop 'doing' things for her. He tells her he just doesn't know how to 'be' with her.

Tad and Edmund are arguing over Jamie and Brooke is trying to make peace. Tad is resentful of Edmund's new role in Jamie's life and accuses him of trying to step in to the role of 'father'. A vase of flowers crashes to the floor, and when they look up, Jamie is standing on the steps looking guilty. He turns and runs upstairs with Brooke following him. Tad explains to Edmund that Jamie hasn't spoken one word since the engagement party. Tad accuses Edmund of starting the whole mess when he took Jamie to the hospital and Vanessa grabbed him. They continue to shout at one another until Brooke comes down and scolds them. She says they are ALL going to family therapy, but Tad balks at the idea of Edmund having anything to do with Jamie. Brooke points out that Edmund is a part of her family now, thus putting him in Jamie's life. Tad finally agrees that Jamie's happiness is most important, so he'll go to counselling. He calls Lainie and tells her he won't be back to Europe to look for Dixie for awhile. He has matters to attend to at home. Brooke is pleased and offers to help Tad to deal with his problems if he needs her.

Greenlee barges in on Mia and Jake after he has just taken a refreshing shower, after a very hard day. Greenlee jumps to the conclusion that Jake and Mia have just had sex and after some insulting remarks from Greens, Mia leaves. Jake proceeds to bawl Greenlee out, but she is oblivious to his pain. He informs Greenlee that Mia was taking care of him which was something she had never done. He had been the caretaker and the giver. Greenlee says that the purpose of her visit was to make sure that things between them were over. Jake says it can't be that simple because she always wants something from him. He demands that she leave him alone. He stomps in to the bathroom to get dressed, but Greens is still there when he comes out. He tries to explain to her that Mia was helping him through a rough time. She wouldn't know anything about that since he was always the one helping her. As he stands there yelling at her, Greenlee suddenly realizes that they mean nothing to each other anymore. She admits that Leo is who she wants and for once Jake agrees that Leo may be right for her. They agree that they are over and wish each other the best.

Back at the Chandler mansion, Mia arrives and Adam and Liza tell her she was missed. Mia gives Liza her meds and when Adam says that he could have done that, Liza just looks at him sadly. She asks him to leave her and Mia alone to talk.

Leo is shouting at the policemen who have confiscated his money from the hotel safe. Anna arrives and asks Leo where the money came from and David arrives and tells Leo not to say a word. Anna asks Leo if he was planning to leave town with the money and David is amazed when Leo nods yes. Trey steps in and says this may be his fault. They had a close watch on Vanessa at Oak Haven and she keeps asking for Leo, but he won't go visit her, so they thought he might have her money and be planning to leave. Anna promptly tells Leo not to leave town. He says how can he when they have his money. He claims to have won it at the track.. Leo tells Bianca that the room is paid for until the end of the month and she is welcome to stay til then. Bianca tells him she'll take care of herself and leaves right after Anna and the cops. When David inquires as to whether Leo was going to leave without telling him good-bye, Leo is silent. He then tells David that he just needs to get away from Greenlee. He realizes that he really loves Greens and really messed it up by marrying Laura, and by not realizing how deranged Vanessa was. Leo tells David that he can't possibly understand since he has never been in love with a woman before. David informs him that he is in love with Anna now. Anna overhears that. Leo asks Anna if he can go somewhere else for a drink and she tells him not to leave town. He and David walk out, but David comes back in time to overhear Anna talking to Chris on her cellphone. She tells him she needs to meet with him.

After Adam leaves them alone, Liza accuses Mia of helping Adam. Mia explains to Liza that the SEC knows about the money and corporate raiding that went on at Chandler Enterprises. Adam wants to protect her from prosecution. Liza says that Adam is a liar. Mia tells Liza that she has a gut feeling that Adam is on the level, but if it turns out he isn't, she'll 'brain' him. They look at each other and giggle. They start laughing and tossing around phrases like 'no-brainer' and 'airhead', referring to Liza's operation. Adam comes in and grins at them, asking if he can come back now. That makes them laugh harder. A little later the Colby/Chandler clan is sitting in the front room eating ice cream. Colby grabs Daddy and Mimi by the hand and drags them upstairs so she can give them pictures she has drawn for them. Mia starts to tell Liza about the Greenlee/Jake fiasco at the hospital, when the doorbell rings. When Mia answers the door, Jake is standing there with a hopeful grin on his face.

Trey tells someone on the phone that "it worked. Thanks for acting so fast". Someone dressed in black is hiding around the corner eavesdropping. As Trey enters the elevator the lurker steps on also.

Greenlee ends up at the boathouse. She strolls down memory lane, remembering many of the fun, silly and romantic times that she and Leo have shared. She is in tears and stands up to leave. Leo walks in to the boathouse.


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