AMC Update Wednesday 4/24/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 4/24/02

By Ronda

Leo and Trey are beating the heck out of each other in Greenlee's office. Trey sucker punches Leo and Greenlee bolts from the room with a look of horror. When the guys realize that Greenlee has left, they start accusing each other of chasing her off. Leo says he was there to prevent Trey from making Greenlee relive the Vanessa mess again. Trey tries to blame Leo for ever having subjected Greenlee to Vanessa's wrath. Leo is feeling so guilty that he agrees with Trey that he is the cause of Greenlee's pain. Trey suggests that Leo just stay away from her.Leo says that should be easy enough since he is planning to leave town for good. Trey seems upset and tells him that that is a bad idea. Trey says that is only running away from problems. Trey tries to convince Leo that Greenlee still needs him to help get some closure on all the recent unpleasant happenings. Greenlee is vulnerable and Leo is the only one who can help. Leo tells Trey that the 'good guy' routine is weird and he still plans on leaving. Bianca calls Leo just then and starts to tell him about her bad day. Leo asks where she is and tells her he has more bad news. She is going to have to find somewhere else to live because he is leaving town. Bianca tells him to meet her at the Valley Inn so they can talk. After Leo exits the room, Trey says "You're not ging anywhere". Trey then calls someone on the phone and tells then that Leo himself said he was leaving, and that it might be a good idea to check his safe at the Valley Inn.

At the hospital, Palmer corners Jake and they have a yelling match about the mandatory retirement age proposal that Jake seems to have been stalling on. Joe comes along and wants to know what they are arguing about. Palmer starts to tell Joe and Mia steps in and interrupts the conversation. Jake snaps at all of them, and tells Joe to mind his own business. Mia steers Jake down the hall. She takes him in to Liza;s old room and tells him to take his clothes off.

Jamie comes home from school with a bloody lip and skinned knuckles. When Jamie won't talk to Tad and tell him what happened, Tad gets very angry and demands that Jamie speak. Brooke arrives and is livid with Tad for traumatizing Jamie further. She tells Tad that browbeating Jamie will not help him to get well. She tells them that they all have an appointment with a Dr. Cohn, who is a colleague of Dr. McMillan's. Tad is angry that he wasn't consulted about yet another doctor visit. He is convinced that Jamie just needs a firm hand and that he is not as traumatized as Brooke seems to think. At the hospital as Jamie is being given some tests, Brooke, Tad and Dr. Cohn discuss his problems. Tad and Brooke continue to argue about the validity of Jamie's treatment and Dr. Cohn suggests that they get on the same page where their son is concerned or he may never get well. Tad accuses Brooke and Edmund's engagement of being Jamie's problem and Brooke blames Tad's worldwide jaunts in search of Dixie for making Jamie feel insecure about Tad's love. Even at home after sending Jamie to bed, they continue this line of discussion. When Tad starts itemizing Brooke's poor selections in men, Edmund comes through the door and demands that Tad leave Brooke alone.

Simone is on her way to the laundry room. When she enters the elevator, Greenlee is huddled in the corner in a daze. Simone comes to Greenlee's aid with a listening ear. Greens tells her about Trey and Leo's fight. She says she was so shook up that she just ran. She doesn't even remember getting home. When Simone inquires about who won the fight, Greenlee says they may have strangled each other by now for all she knows. Simone offers to go tell Leo off, but Greenlee tells her no. She wonders how she got in this position. They proceed to console each other about their pitiful love lives and choices in men. They both lament that they seem unable to sustain a meaningful relationship for any amount of time. Simone tells Greenlee that it is obvious that she and Leo are still crazy in love with each other. Greens scoffs at the idea. Then Simone asks her if she ever really loved Jake. Greenlee says he was a good friend and a great lover, and he knew what was good for her. Greenlee realizes that she doesn't love Jake and she heads off to see him and start clearing out the baggage in her life.

Mia insists that Jake take a 'time out'. He's being crabby and short with people. Jake says he hates it when he's like that. He apologizes for being short with Mia. He explains that his Dad doesn't know about the retirement rule that Palmer is trying to push through. He feels guilty enough about taking his Dad's Chief of Staff job, and now he might lose his privileges at the hospital because of age. Mia starts to give Jake a neck rub and finds lots of stress knots. She asks him when the last time was he slept in his own bed. He can't remember. He has been crashing at the hospital each night due to his workload. Mia wants to know about his childhood and he admits that when he played with his green Army men, he ended up being a medic and bandaging them up. It's obvious that he wants to be a doctor and not an administrator, so this can account for a ton of his stress. Mia tells him that for a quick fix he needs to take a hot shower and start his day over. He agrees that 'do-overs' sounds like a good idea. Mia goes to get him a clean lab coat.

Leo and Bianca are having lunch at the Valley Inn. Leo explains to her that he needs to move along now to save Greenlee from added trauma every time she sees him. Bianca feels bad for telling him to go find Greenlee and get her back. She tells him never to take her advice again. A bellboy comes to the table and tells him that his stuff from the safe will be ready soon. When Bianca asks what he had in the safe, Leo tells her that it is traveling money. She tells him she is not mad at him for leaving.

Jake is really refreshed as he gets out of the shower and dries his hair. Mia and Jake grin coyly at each other. She tells him that the shower seems to have done it's job. He looks much less stressed. Mia says she needs to get home to Colby and Liza.

Greenlee barrels off the elevator and starts demanding to know where Jake is. Someone points to a room down the hall. As Mia opens the door, Greenlee is on the other side. She sees Jake fresh from his shower with a towel wrapped around his waist.

The police come up to Leo and Bianca's table. They tell Leo that the contents of his safe are being confiscated in an ongoing criminal investigation. When he tells them it is only his travel money, they say he's not going anywhere.


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