AMC Update Tuesday 4/23/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 4/23/02

By Ronda

Colby gives Adam a good morning kiss as she prepares to go to school. She has her hair in braids like Aunt Mia. She gives Adam a picture that she drew so that he can give it to Liza. After Colby leaves Mia reassures Adam that she will help him keep Liza safe, but they will do it her way. She's not sue that having Liza declared mentally incompetent is the right way to go and insists that Adam defer to her in this matter. She accuses him of being power hungry and out of control. His methods of getting what he wants are too harsh. She promises him that she'll kick his butt if he doesn't cooperate with her. She has come up with the idea that Liza would be better off at home than in the hospital.

At Enchantment, Greenlee has her nose to the grindstone, and feels frustrated with her subservient role to Kendall. As she works, she has flashbacks of Vanessa holding the knife to her neck. Trey arrives with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her. He tells her he had a great time at dinner the night before, but was worried about leaving her alone with Leo. She informs him that she and Leo only talked. Trey and Greenlee admit that they like each other. Then Trey gives Greens a subpoena for a deposition about Vanessa's case. Greenlee is livid. She refuses to help him in his effort to get Vanessa committed instead of in jail. Trey informs her that she has to give a statement. It's the law. He leaves to go get a court stenographer. Greenlee takes her pencil cup and throws it at the closed door. She then tries to get in touch with Jackson or Erica but they are both unavailable.

Leo and Simone are having a breakfast meeting at the Valley Inn. Simone tells him that she has brokered a fabulous deal on their book about Vanessa. They get a huge advance and the book is expected to be very successful. Leo breaks the news to her that he doesn't want to do the book anymore. Simone is stunned and upset that Leo would throw away this great chance for both of them. Leo explains to her that he doesn't want to put Greenlee through any more of the horror his Mother inflicted on her the other night. He doesn't want Greenlee to have to keep reliving the terror each time he goes on a talk show and has to discuss it. Simone can't believe that he would do that for the woman he loves, but she is impressed none the less. She gets up and leaves, and Bianca promptly sits down. She tells Leo that she eas eavesdropping and can't believe he's still giving his mother all that power. She robbed Bianca of the chance to love Frankie, but he hadn't better let her rob him of his love for Greenlee. Bianca reluctantly tells Leo to go find Greenlee and tell her he loves her. After some thought, Leo gets up, kisses Bianca and rushes out. Bianca mutters "He gets the girl, I get Eggs Benedict."

Kendall and Ryan wake up in each others arms. They smile at each other and start kissing. When Kendall gets self-conscious about how she must look, Ryan assures her she looks beautiful. She wonders if she is the first since Gilian died, but he tells her no. He knew Gillian would want him to get on with his life. Ryan tells Kendall he is glad they spent the night together and that Kendall didn't leave. Later on they play a video game and there is a knock at the door. The hotel concierge tells Ryan that his credit card has been declined. He apologizes and gives him another card. Kendall is impressed that he maxed out his credit cards to show her a good time.

Joe and Jake discuss Liza's depression. Joe reminds Jake that he had a bad spell after his by-pass operation, but he snapped out of it with the help of Ruth and the family. Jake agrees that that could be Liza's problem since she won't even acknowledge Adam. Jake reminds him that Mia is being very supportive and Liza trusts her. Just then Mia and Adam arrive and Mia proposes that Liza go home to recuperate. She needs to be around Colby and her own house. Jake and Joe agree and so they go in to tell Liza. She seems pleased.

Simone goes to see Greenlee a Enchantment. Greenlee isn't real welcoming, but Simone is determined to tell her something. Simone informs Greenlee that Leo gave up a lucrative book deal to spare her the pain of having the Vanessa incident brought up again and again. He did it to protect her. Simone wonders what it would be like to have someone love you that much.

Ryan and Kendall finally decide they had better get out of bed. They shower and dress, making jokes about wearing the same clothes they had on the night before. As they leave, Kendall pauses and looks fondly at the room.

Liza is at home, ensconced on the couch. Adam is fussing over her, but she only wants Colby. Adam tells her that Colby is at school, but just then Mia brings her hoe. Colby runs to Liza and they hug and kiss each other for a long time. Liza is very happy.

Greenlee is giving her deposition in front of Trey and the court stenographer. Out in the hall, Leo learns what she is doing and he barges in.


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