AMC Update Monday 4/22/02


All My Children Update Monday 4/22/02

By Lori

Ryan and Kendall are kissing passionately when Ryan backs away. "We can't do this," he says. Ryan is worried that this is too much for Kendall. She tells him not to worry ? she's OK. Ryan tells her he didn't have an agenda when he brought her to the room at the Valley Inn. He asks her again if she is OK with what is happening between them. "Totally," she says, adding that they are talking too much. They begin to kiss again and slowly undress each other. They fall to the bed and make love. Afterward, Ryan tells her that she caught him off guard and woke him up. As she drinks champagne, Kendall says it would be nice if this experience would last. Ryan jokes that he hopes they can continue being together without killing each other. Kendall snaps that Ryan can leave if he wants to. Ryan assures Kendall he was only joking and wants to be right where he is. Ryan doesn't want to define their relationship. He hopes that they can just take it step by step. He says they should make plans one plan at a time. Kendall says the first thing she wants to do is have a picnic with him. She admits its corny and tells Ryan to forget it. But Ryan likes the idea. Later, Ryan watches Kendall as she sleeps.

Adam tells Mia that having Liza declared mentally incompetent is for her own good. Mia can't believe Adam is asking for her help in getting the declaration. She starts to say something about Liza but stops herself. Adam wonders what she was going to say, but Mia says her conversations with Liza are confidential. She admits to him, however, that Liza knows he wants her declared mentally incompetent. Adam insists that he's not trying to hurt Liza, he's doing this for her. He tells her that money has been taken illegally from Chandler Enterprises under Liza's watch and criminal charges may be filed against her. Having her declared mentally incompetent is a way to protect her from that. Mia seems to understand Adam's point of view. Jake comes to the door looking for Mia. Seeing Mia crying, he asks Adam what he has done to her. Adam insists he has done nothing and Mia assures Jake she is OK. Jake asks to talk to Mia in private and Adam leaves to put Colby in bed. Jake wants to know what is bothering Mia. She says she is upset over Liza and is not sure she can care for Liza and Colby. She says she feels caught in the middle. With Adam listening nearby, Jake tells Mia not to trust Adam. Mia tells him he's wrong about Adam. She says he has a softer side and he is now part of her family. She won't turn her back on him. When Jake leaves, Adam tells Mia that Colby mentioned her in her prayers. Mia is touched. She tells him she will help him with Liza.

Trey and Greenlee are having dinner at the Valley Inn and he is questioning her trust of Leo. As he talks about Leo, he recalls knocking Leo out and robbing him and drugging Vanessa. Greenlee tells Trey she trusts him, but she defends Leo and tells Trey not to put him down. She asks him what he has against Leo. He says he has nothing against him, Leo just seems a little lost.

Leo, David and Anna are at Oak Haven. Leo decides he wants to talk to Vanessa to learn who drugged her. He talks to her and urges her to remember. A disoriented Vanessa tells him she's glad someone believes that she was drugged. But all she remembers about her assailant is that he was a man. A disappointed Leo leaves the room and tells David and Anna the only thing he could get out of her was that a man attacked her. They leave to go get dinner. They arrive at the Valley Inn and see Greenlee preparing to leave with Trey. Leo tells Greenlee not to leave. David and Anna excuse themselves and Greenlee tells Trey to go on without her. Leo and Greenlee sit down to talk. Greenlee tells Leo she hasn't been sleeping because of her fears of Vanessa. Leo tells her that he hates it that he can't help her. He tells her he meant it when he told her to call Jake. She tells him that Jake's not returning his calls. They talk a little about her new friendship with Trey. They wish each other the best.

Vanessa is being tormented with voices of Proteus. She hears the Proteus voice asking her where the money is. Trey is seen as the one speaking to Vanessa through a mechanical device. As Vanessa becomes more hysterical, Trey runs into her room to comfort her. He tells her he would not let anything happen to her. "I'm on your side. I want to help you," he says. He asks her who visited her today. She mentions Leo and David. Trey tells her not to trust them. He is the only person she can trust. He asks her to sign a power of attorney over to him. He tells her she can tell him everything because there is attorney-client privilege. Vanessa tells him that she has to tell Leo her secrets.

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