AMC Update Friday 4/19/02


All My Children Update Friday 4/19/02

By Lori

David and Leo are at Oak Haven to see Vanessa. Greenlee also is there. She peeks in Vanessa's room and Vanessa startles her by peering out at her. Greenlee jumps back and finds herself in the arms of Leo, who asks her why she's there. Greenlee tells Leo that she constantly thinks about Vanessa and wanted to see for herself that she was locked away in Oak Haven. Leo assures her that Vanessa is not going to come after her again. Greenlee abruptly leaves.

Anna tells Chris that she wants to offer him a job as a liaison between the police department and the district attorney's office. She says he will be working side-by-side with her. Erica leaves so Chris and Anna can talk about it. Anna tells Chris she knows David didn't tamper with the evidence against him. She says that Jack is out to get her and she needs him to help them find the truth. Chris accepts her offer.

David wants to see Vanessa's test results to determine if she was drugged, but a doctor says the results are off limits to him. David bribes a nurse, who brings him the results. The results surprise David and Leo. They see that Vanessa was drugged with Libidizone, the same drug David gave to a boatload of people a year and a half ago. Leo immediately assumes that David drugged Vanessa but David denies it. Anna arrives and Leo tells her the news. She also seems to suspect David. A frustrated David says he doesn't care what they think. As much as he hates Vanessa, he would not kill her, he says. Anna believes him, and tells him she think someone is trying to set him up. She hugs him.

Ryan and Kendall are enjoying champagne and caviar at the Valley Inn. Kendall is upset to see Greenlee walk in and sit down at another table. Ryan tells Kendall to ignore Greenlee, but then Erica walks in. Erica tells Ryan that Chris might have some good news to share with him but she'll let him tell it. Kendall wonders why Erica and Greenlee are at the restaurant at the same time. Seeing there are too many distractions, Ryan rents a room for them to have a candlelight dinner in private. In the room, Ryan asks Kendall to dance. While dancing, Kendall asks him why he is doing this. Ryan insists he just wants to enjoy himself and be with her. He tells her to ignore the bed in the room. They'll just have a nice dinner and leave, unless she wants to do something else. Kendall can't believe Ryan is being so nice to her. She says she is not a nice person and she can't change. She starts to cry. Ryan pulls her into his arms and kisses her.

Mia is nervous that she dropped the bank books in front of Adam. She tries to stop Adam from picking up the books but Trey helps her out. He tells Adam the books are his and he picks them up. Adam tells Mia that Liza wants to see her. When Adam leaves, Mia thanks Trey. Trey wonders if Mia is in some kind of trouble. Mia tells Trey that Liza is her sister and he is very surprised. She tells him about the bank books and admits that Liza asked her to take care of Colby if something happened to her. Trey offers to talk to Liza about custody issues but Mia tells him not to. When Trey talks about Colby, Mia thinks about the son she gave away. "We gave the baby a better life," Trey tells her.

Dr. McMillan is tying restraints to Liza because she tried to pull out her IV. Liza is frantically resisting when Adam walks in and tells the doctor to stop. Mia also arrives. Adam insists Liza have a private nurse. When the doctor leaves, Adam unties the restraints. He rubs her arm but she pulls away. "I don't want to see you," she says. A dejected Adam walks out of the room and apologizes to Dr. McMillan. Liza tells Mia that Adam wants to have her declared mentally incompetent. She's afraid he wants to take Colby from her. She asks for Mia's help. Trey walks by and peers in. Later, Mia goes to the Chandler mansion, where Adam asks her to help him have Liza declared mentally incompetent.

At the Valley Inn, Erica approaches Greenlee, who is waiting for Trey. Erica tells Greenlee that she is brilliant as Kendall's assistant. She says the two of them will take Enchantment to new heights when she gets rid of Kendall. Trey arrives and Erica praises him for his heroism in rescuing Greenlee from Vanessa. Erica excuses herself when she sees Chris has arrived. Greenlee tells Trey that he needs to help her get out of her contract at Enchantment right away. Trey tells her he didn't ask her to dinner to talk business. She says she will not be good company tonight because she went to Oak Haven and saw Leo there. Frustrated, Trey tells her she'll never get over Leo. Chris tells Erica he took the job with Anna. Erica is pleased he is returning to work. Erica tells him he must be careful and Chris says he will be careful since he wants to come home to the people in his life, his son and Erica. They kiss.

At Oak Haven, Vanessa is having a nightmare about being drugged. She remembers someone sneaking in and injecting her in her neck. The intruder is seen to have a monogram on his sleeve. At the Valley Inn, Greenlee comments on Trey's shirt, which has the very same monogram. Flashing back to Vanessa, she continues her nightmare, and Trey is seen injecting her.

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