AMC Update Thursday 4/18/02


All My Children Update Thursday 4/18/02

By Ronda

Leo is drying his hair after showering. When he steps out in to his suite, David, Bianca and Maggie are waiting for him. David checks the bump on his head. After it is determined that Leo is OK, David demands to know how he is affording this suite, which Maggie says rents for $900 a night.When Leo balks at telling them, Bianca threatens to tell them herself. Leo refuses to talk and is angry that Bianca would rat him out. David wants to know if he was robbed as well as being beat up and he says yes, all his money is gone. He claims that it was Vanessa's mad money and not drug money. Leo claims to have earned that money. He doesn't want to be a loser like David, who got everything handed to him, by way of Vanessa's drug money. Leo tells David that he found the key to the locker where the money was stashed, in a potted plant that David always took with him, whenever he moved anywhere. Leo accuses him of being in cahoots with Vanessa, but David denies that. He tells Leo that he must turn the money in to the police, but Leo reminds him that the money was stolen. He is currently as broke as usual. Down in the Lobby, Jackson and Anna are having a confrontation. Jack tells Anna that he will get her fired for her ties to David and his whole family scandal. He accuses her or someone she is protecting, of tampering with the pipes so that the evidence against David and Vanessa was destroyed. Anna tries to defend her honor as a police officer, but Jack just keeps on pounding away about getting her fired. Anna declares that this matter is not business for Jack, it's personal. She then turns her back on him and walks away. She goes up to Leo's suite and hears part of their conversation about the money. She walks in and asks what she has missed. Everyone proceeds to make up a story of where Leo got some money, with Bianca's tale of a lottery win being the most believable. Anna doesn't really buy it, but leaves them alone anyway. After she leaves, David is pissed that they had to lie to her.

Chris bumps in to a table in Myrtle's living room and a vase breaks. As Kendall starts to clean it up, Chris starts groaning about how useless he is in that wheelchair. Erica and Ryan arrive just then, and along with Kendall, they start trying to cheer Chris up by admiring his progress. He continues to gripe about his legs and how useless therapy seems to be. They refuse to let him wallow in self pity. They gang up on him and start rehashing the events of the evening before, reminding him that he stood up and tried to protect Erica. To change the subject, Chris proposes a game of poker. When they can't decide which kind to play, Kendall suggests strip poker and everyone looks amused. Kendall wins the first hand and the other three remove harmless items like a bracelet, a watch, and a shoe. Ryan ups the stakes by taking his shirt off as part of his next bet. After awhile Ryan thinks this game is too tame and suggests they play for real money. Kendall gets mad and goes out on the front porch, with Ryan at her heels. When Ryan asks her what is wrong, Kendall says that she still doesn't trust Erica. Even in this lighthearted setting, it feels like she is setting Kendall up for something bad.

Inside, Chris and Erica start to argue about Chris' obvious move to push Kendall and Ryan together. Erica reluctantly fills in some of the gaps in the history of the bad blood between herself and Kendall. She relates some of the lying and scheming that Kendall did, which caused Erica to hate her. Erica starts to cry and Chris apologizes for causing the tears. Erica tells him that she is crying because she is happy to finally be sharing some of this with him. Out on the porch, Kendall and Ryan continue to argue, but Ryan says they need to stop rehashing all their old hurts and grudges. They never move on with their lives, they just keep the resentment simmering. He tells Kendall to get dressed up fancy and he will be back soon to pick her up. They are going on a date. Inside, Erica and Chris accuse each other of pushing the other one's buttons. Erica laughs and says that must mean they are back on track. Just then Anna arrives, and apologizes for interrupting. Kendall is waiting on the porch when Ryan arrives. They are both dressed up very nicely.

At PVH, Mia scurries down the hallway and literally bumps in to Jake. He wants to know who she is running from. Mia sidesteps the question by telling Jake that all the stress surrounding Liza's illness has her on overload. Jake tries to reassure her that she is very important and needed by so many people who care for her very much, especially Colby. He wants to know if the close association with Colby has brought up painful feelings about her own baby. He gets beeped and has to leave just then. Mia goes to a phone and calls someone, asking them to meet with her.

In Liza's room, Adam gives her a bouquet of flowers from her own garden. He tells her that Colby picked them especially for her, and that she misses her mommy. Liza is still treating him as if she is afraid of him. He begs her not to be angry with him. He goes out in to the hallway to confer with Dr. McMillan. He asks the doctor when he can start asking Liza some tough questions. He wants her declared incompetent because of the money that she took from CE. The doctor reminds Adam that she did that while her brain was being compromised by the tumor. Adam informs the doctor that the Feds have a lot of questions about the money and the only way to protect Liza is to have "incompetent" stamped on the discharge papers when she leaves the hospital. Liza has unhooked herself from the heart monitor and shuffled to the door, where she hears just the last part of the conversation. She gets agitated and then collapses on the floor. The nurse rushes in just then, having been alerted to the room by the monitor's alarms. The nurse settles Liza back in to bed, but when she tries to give Liza a sedative, Liza acts very scared and says no. The nurse finally agrees to let it go if Liza will calm down and rest for awhile. Liza agrees, but she is scowling. She lets Jake and Adam know that she wants Mia. Jake takes Adam out to the hallway and tells him to back off and give Liza some space. For some reason she seems to be scared of him and he needs to give her some time. Liza drifts off, and later Marian drops by. She whispers that she loves Liza and starts to leave but Liza rouses. Marian tells her that they are all anxious for her to get well and come home. Liza grips Marian's hand very hard and asks her to do something very important for her. Marian tries to get Liza to go to sleep, but Liza insists on telling her that she doesn't trust Adam with Colby. She only trusts Mia.

In the hospital chapel, Mia is waiting for someone. When Trey arrives, he is surprised to see Mia. She tells him that she has seen him around and has been hiding from him. Trey can't believe she is afraid of him.. She admits that she cannot continue to run. She explains to him that he brings back all the painful memories. Trey says that he gave her his word and he will keep it. Mia admits that she is often sorry she gave up the baby. As she starts to cry, Trey puts his arms around her. Mia assures him that she is sure the decision about the baby was the right one, but seeing Trey again just brings it all back, and she cries harder. Adam comes in and apologizes for interrupting, but Liza is asking for Mia. As Mia introduces Trey to Adam, she drops her purse and the bankbooks are part of the spilled items. When Adam tries to help pick things up, Mia shouts "NO!".


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