AMC Update Wednesday 4/17/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 4/17/02

By Ronda

Leo wakes up after being attacked, but hallucinates that Greenlee is comforting him. He comes to a little more and stumbles out the door. I the dining room at the Valley Inn, Trey and Greenlee are having a late breakfast. She asks him for advice on how to get out of the non-compete clause in her Enchantment contract. She mentions that Revlon has expressed an interest in her, but Erica would never let her go. Just then Leo stumbles up to their table and passes out with his head in Greenlee's Eggs Benedict. He comes to and insists that they not call a doctor. He keeps weaving and can't seem to stand by himself. Trey and Greenlee attempt to help him up to his room. Trey finds a luggage cart and they haul him upstairs on that. Leo becomes a little more stable. He tells them that he thinks he as stunned with a stun gun. He finds that his wallet is gone and his secret stash of money is also missing. Greenlee accuses him of scamming for fast cash and thrills again to take his mind off of Vanessa.

Trey decides to leave the room while they discuss Vanessa, since he is her lawyer. Leo tells Greenlee how terrified he was for her when Vanessa had the knife to her throat. Greenlee coldly informs him that she is just fine. Leo professes his love to her, but she tries to avoid the subject. Out in the hallway, Bianca arrives with her luggage to move in with Leo. She meets Trey and is sorry for him when she learns he is Vanessa's lawyer. She waits with him when she learns that Leo and Greenlee are having a heart to heart talk. She informs Trey that Leo totally loves Greenlee. Trey wants to know if Greenlee loves Leo. Leo is begging Greenlee for another chance to prove his love for her, but she tells him that Vanessa killed any chance they have for a future together. Greenlee is too scared to be with him, for fear that Vanessa will hunt her down and kill her, even if Vanessa seems to be safely incarcerated. He begs her to trust him to keep her safe, but she tells him that she will see and feel the image of Vanessa and the knife every time she looks at him. Leo seems to accept defeat and tells Greenlee that if she can't trust him, then to trust Jake. He will be able to keep her safe. Bianca enters the room just then, but tells them she is just passing trough. She goes to her room with her luggage. Leo takes Greenlee to the door and shuts it. Greenlee stands in the hall looking sad.

Brooke calls in to Tempo and tells them she won't be in at all today. She then calls Dr. McMillan at and tells him she needs to talk to him today. Once at the hospital she tells the psychiatrist that she is really worried about Jamie. He hasn't spoken one word since the incident at the Valley Inn the night before. The fact that Vanessa stopped in mid-rant and addressed him as if she knew him from somewhere else, much like the previous incident when she grabbed him, seems to have really shaken Jamie up. H3e won't eat and can't concentrate. Dr. McMillan tells Brooke that she must be patient and let Jamie talk to her on his own, not to force it. Sometimes it can take kids a long time to feel comfortable to talk about something traumatic. Brooke insists that this advice is not good enough. She wants to know what to do to help her son now.

Tad is visiting Liza. He has brought a copy of their high school yearbook to help Liza remember him and their history, but she remembers him on her own. She tries to apologize for leaving him to clean up her mess at Chandler Enterprises, and their stockholders. She asks him to tell her what Adam did to him. He is so pleased that she remembers all of this that he tries to downplay the drama at CE. A nurse is upset to find him in the room. Adam has ordered that Tad not be allowed to visit Liza. When the nurse insists that he leave, Tad threatens her job by telling her that Jake is his brother and he'll get her fired. He than asks Liza if she wants him to stay and she says yes. The nurse leaves in a huff. Liza haltingly tells him that she knows that Adam fired him, but Tad tells her she is not allowed to talk about anything to do with work. She gets very agitated and insists on talking about it. Tad tells her that he was thinking of starting a new talk show or getting back in to the wine business anyway. Liza starts crying and sys that Adam will get control of CE and take it from them. As she sobs more, the heart machine alarms start going off.

At the Chandler Mansion, Adam asks Mia what she is doing in his bedroom, looking under the bed. Mia tells him that Teddy Bear has gone missing and Colby can't take her nap without him. Mia says that she thought she had seen Colby go in her parents room with the bear. After a bit of rummaging under the bed, Mia pulls the bear out. She hands it to Adam. As Adam tells her the story of when he bought the bear for Colby, Mia takes the bankbooks and tucks them in the waistband of her jeans, under her jacket. Adam continues to tell Mia how much he loves Liza and Colby. While they are conversing, Mia stands behind Adam and slips the bankbooks more securely in her back pocket.. She realizes that Adam really does love Liza and Colby very much and she is very touched. Adam asks her to give the bear to Colby. He welcomes her to their 'odd' family and tells her she is stuck with them, like it or not. He admits that they all need her right now.

While Liza's heart alarms continue to go off, the nurse hurries in and Tad demands that she help Liza. Adam and Mia arrive and Adam yells at Tad and shoves him out of the room.. Liza yells "No, no" and continues to cry, but Adam ignores her. Out in the hall, Adam blames Tad for Liza's episode and they argue about what Liza would want. Inside, the nurse warns Liza that she needs to remain calm or this could happen again. After the nurse leaves, Liza asks Mia if she got the bankbooks. Mia says she did, but wants Liza to rethink the plan. She tells her that it is obvious that Adam adores Colby and would never hurt her. Liza gets upset at Mia's apparent change of heart and demands to know if she told Adam about the money. Mia shakes her head no. Mia promises not to tell Adam about the money. She tells Liza to get well and think about getting home to Colby. As Mia leaves she runs in to Marian. Marian gives her a kiss and Mia tells her she should come back later to visit Liza. She's had a rough morning and needs to get some rest. When Marian insists on seeing Liza, Mia accuses her of drinking and doesn't recommend that she see Liza in that condition. With Stuart looking on helplessly, Marian acts silly and insists on doing sobriety tests. Mia stands firm and Marian flounces off. Stuart apologizes for her behavior and goes off to find her. Adam congratulates Mia for her 'mother bear' routine, but she tells him to let Liza rest also. Adam seems amused that Mia is giving him orders. After Mia goes down the hall, Adam goes in to see Liza. He tells her that the doctors say she can go home soon. Liza looks worried. Down the hall, Mia sees Trey and ducks around a corner to avoid him. "Oh my God, it can't be him" she whispers.

Tad and Brooke arrive at her house and thank Myrtle for staying with Jamie. She says she never saw or heard him the whole time. After Myrtle leaves, Tad is angry at Brooke and accuses her of leaving him out of the loop concerning Jamie. Brooke assures Tad that he will always be number one in Jamie's life. Tad coaxes Jamie out of his room and tries to get him to go play baseball. Jamie won't say a word. When Brooke tells him that hey were all scared by Vanessa the night before and that it might do them good to talk about it, he bolts up the stairs and back to his room. Brooke invites Tad to stay for dinner, and maybe they can make some headway with jamie. Tad accepts gratefully.


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