AMC Update Tuesday 4/16/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 4/16/02

By Ronda

Trey is in Greenlee's living room, talking to reporters on the phone, telling them that Ms. Smythe has no comment. Greenlee enters and tells him she is embarrassed that she asked him to stay the night and protect her. She knows Vanessa is locked up in a padded cell. Trey tells her that he understands that she may still be uneasy. He reaches out to pat her shoulder, and when Greenlee sees the bloodstained bandage on his hand she starts to faint. After sitting on the couch for a moment, Trey inquires about calling someone to come and sit with her. Greens insists she is fine, but as she starts to get up she is unsteady. She assures Trey that she 'almost' fainted and she's fine. He tells her that she cried and screamed in her sleep last night and after denying it, she seems to recall him comforting her. She says 'it was just a dream' and Trey goes along with her. She puts on a brave face and declares that Vanessa will not rob her of another night of beauty sleep. She suggests a big breakfast at the Valley Inn.

Bianca shows up at the Valley Inn dining room to have breakfast with Leo, but finds the dining room empty. The pianist starts playing and suddenly Leo sweeps in, decked out in a sharp looking outfit and snazzy sunglasses. As they sip Mimosas, Bianca asks him if he won the lottery, but Leo informs her that his spending spree is courtesy of Vanessa's 'get out of town' money. Bianca is aghast and tells him that it is drug money and he can't keep it. Leo claims it is money he earned by being Vanessa's puppet for so long. Bianca argues valiantly, trying to convince him that it is blood money. When she says she won't have any part of helping him spend the money he begs her not to make him give it back. This is the only way he knows to get revenge on his mother for costing him the only woman he ever truly loved. Greenlee has entered the room and is hiding behind a large plant and hears his declaration of love. She and Trey breeze into the room and Leo tries desperately to apologize for Vanessa's actions the night before. Trey informs Leo that Vanessa had been injected with a psychotropic drug. He then accuses Leo of drugging his mother. When Bianca jumps to his defense, Trey also mentions that the Feds are looking for Vanessa's stashed drug money. Leo claims that his mother hates him now and would never share the loot with him. He accuses Trey of being in cahoots with Vanessa as her lawyer. This puts a damper on the party and Greenlee and Trey head of to work. Leo mentions to Bianca that Greenlee was wearing a new perfume. Bianca begs him to give back the money now for his own peace of mind. He claims that it is his 'inheritance' and that the Feds are looking for a whole lot more money than he got. Bianca reluctantly agrees to help him enjoy the money. He invites her to move in to the huge two bedroom Presidential suite that he has booked there at the Valley Inn. After some arm twisting, she agrees. He asks her to go pack and move in right away.

Over at Enchantment, Erica's office is bursting with floral arrangements for Greenlee from Revlon. Val is deftly managing to divert the bouquets and the phone calls as Erica continues to pretend to be Greenlee. Erica tells Val that she has to keep this up as long as Revlon pursues Greenlee. Opal comes in and comments on the flowers and expresses doubt about the plan, but Erica assures her it is going just right. Kendall bursts in and starts raging at Erica, accusing her of "doing it to me again". She then proceeds to read a story in a cosmetics trade magazine about how the 'nepotism' at Enchantment has made stockholders jittery. It claims that she is a high school drop-out who bungles accounts. Kendall accuses Erica of feeding these unflattering quotes to the press. Opal says that Erica wouldn't so that, at the same time Erica is pleading not to know anything about it. Kendall continues to rant and just then Val informs Erica that the press is ready for the news conference. Erica explains to Kendall that she got wind of the article last night and called this conference to dispel the rumors. Kendall is suitable chagrined at her outburst. Erica has Kendall change in to a nice dress while she prepares the press. Kendall apologizes and promises to trust Erica in the future.

Mia is in Liza's hospital room, reading a letter to her from Colby. When Adam enters the room, Liza's heart rate gets very fast and she is agitated. She tells Adam that she doesn't know him and to go away. Adam and Mia go out to the hallway and Adam proceeds to rant about Liza's doctors being quacks. They are not doing enough to cure her if she can't even remember him. Mia accuses him of being 'such a man'. She explains that the way to get through to Liza is to calmly let her get to know him. Remind her of how they met and when they fell in love. Liza needs to learn to trust him to help put the pieces together. Adam goes back in to try that method. Jake comes along and discusses his dislike for Adam with Mia. He is glad that Liza's brain has cut out the portion of her memory concerning Adam. That is protecting her from an unpleasant truth. Inside the room Adam is trying to be gentle and understanding. He asks Liza if he can tell her a story about 'a man and a woman who were meant to be together'. In the hallway, Jake tells Mia that he is over Liza, but Mia doesn't believe him. They discuss when Jake had assumed that Colby was his child, and how it had ripped his heart out to find out that she was Adam's. He has always wanted what was best for Colby. Because Liza had a hand in the deception, he feels he can never fully forgive her. Mia admires him for his deep love of Colby.

Adam continues to talk gently to Liza, detailing their deceptive start, but the fact that they really did fall deeply in love. He tells her he still really loves her. He reminds her of his love for Colby, but Liza remembers the deception surrounding the babies conception. She mumbles 'Adam' and looks disturbed. Adam races out to tell Jake and Mia that Liza has remembered him. They all go in to the room. Jake is glad Liza is doing better and he asks Liza to name all of them. When she is able to do so in a halting fashion, he assures her that this is a good thing. He recommends that she get so rest and he and Adam leave. As Mia is leaving, Liza calls out to her and in a stumbling voice asks Mia to get the money out of the bank and protect Colby.

Back at the Enchantment press conference, Erica announces that Kendall will have full access to all areas of the company. She is asked if she is not afraid that Kendall might sell company secrets tot he competition, but Erica says no. She and Kendall have forged a new relationship built on trust. Just then Greenlee enter the room and the press instantly start bombarding her with questions about her brush with death the night before. Kendall attempts to bring the interview back to her, but it takes Erica to remind them that Greenlee is not the object of the press conference. Greenlee is introduced as Kendall's assistant. When the reporters start to question the change in Greenlee's role at Enchantment, Erica deftly ends the interview. With the press gone, Kendall and Greenlee start to snipe at each other. Erica recommends that they give Greenlee some space, so Kendall and Opal leave the room. Erica and Greenlee proceed to have a heated debate about the 'plan'. Erica demands that Greenlee trust her or her career is finished. Greenlee agrees, but she's not happy.

In the hallway outside Liza's room, Adam calls someone and tells them about Liza's illness and her bad business decisions. She has siphoned money out of Chandler Enterprises. Adam demands that they find the money and find it fast. Mia is hiding around a corner and hears him

Erica once again pretends to be Greenlee on the phone. She informs the Revlon people that she is happy and Enchantment and won't be leaving. After Erica exits the office, Greenlee sneaks in and sees all the flowers. She notices that they are addressed to her. She calls the florist and pretends that one of the bouquets did not have a card and asks who it is from. When she finds out that it is Revlon, she is excited.

Mia enters Adam and Liza's bedroom at the mansion, clutching one of Colby's teddy bears. She recalls the conversation she had with Liza about hiding the bankbooks for the stolen money under the bed frame. As Mia kneels down and starts searching under the bed, Adam walks in and wants to know what she is doing.

Leo enters the Presidential Suite and a gloved hand injects him with something in his neck. He slumps to the floor and the intruder flees.


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