AMC Update Monday 4/15/02


All My Children Update Monday 4/15/02

By Lori

Maggie is alone in David's room looking at a newspaper headline about Vanessa's escape. She is frightened when she sees someone is jiggling the doorknob. She turns off the lights and grabs an object to use as a weapon. Anna walks in and is nearly hit until Maggie realizes who it is. Maggie apologizes and says she is on edge because Vanessa is missing. Anna tells Maggie that she is there to warn her about Vanessa.

Kendall apologizes to Ryan for acting irrational the last time they were together. She says she was being defensive. Ryan is skeptical, saying she doesn't apologize unless she wants something. Kendall admits she does want something from him. She wants his advice to help her keep her job. She says she feels like she is over her head at Enchantment and wants him to help her be a good businesswoman. She offers to buy him dinner if he'll help. He agrees, but says he wants a good dinner, not one from a hamburger joint. He says he wants to go to the Valley Inn and she agrees to take him there.

Erica and Chris arrive at the Valley Inn for dinner. Chris, who is in his wheelchair, doesn't want to go inside. He doesn't want to be seen in the chair. He tries to stand up but Erica sits him back down. She tells him he can't push it ? he will walk in time. They run into Myrtle, who is happy to see them together. Chris reluctantly agrees to go inside.

Vanessa, who is holding Greenlee at knifepoint, warns everyone at the Valley Inn to stay seated. Acting like a stage actress, says she is thrilled to see all her fans there. Leo asks her what she is doing. "It's time for my grande finale, and I'm going to knock 'em dead," she says with an evil laugh. Edmund stands up to leave but Vanessa threatens to kill Greenlee if he walks out. He returns to his seat. Vanessa is making a spectacle of herself as she picks out people in the restaurant and taunts them individually. Speaking to Mateo, Vanessa tells him he has what it takes to be the next Proteus. She starts singing and urges the piano player to accompany her. From the back of the room, Brooke discreetly calls police from her cell phone. Vanessa, seeing Palmer sitting by Opal, starts talking with a southern drawl and calls Opal "trailer trash." David tries to sneak up behind Vanessa but she spots him and points the knife at him. Erica and Chris walk in and see what's going on. Erica urges Vanessa to let Greenlee go. Chris stands up and tells Vanessa "I'm going to bring you down if it's the last thing I do." Derek calls Anna, who is still with Maggie, to tell her that Vanessa has hostages.

Anna heads for the Valley Inn with Maggie following behind. Kendall and Ryan arrive and are confused by all the commotion. Myrtle tells them what's going on and says she's worried because Chris and Erica are inside. Ryan is concerned for Chris's well-being. Kendall also shows concern for Erica but she assures Ryan that no one can outwit her mother, not even Vanessa. Leo, trying to get Vanessa to let go of Greenlee, urges her to flee with him. He says if she leaves with him now, they can catch a plane to Vienna. Vanessa accuses him of lying, but he swears he'll go with her if she lets Greenlee go. Suddenly, Trey stands up and grabs Vanessa. Police move in and arrest her. Greenlee lashes out at Vanessa, calling her a pathetic old woman. She starts crying and Trey grabs her and hugs her as Leo stands nearby. As police haul Vanessa out, she is still acting like a famous star, saying she needs to prepare a speech for her fans. Maggie approaches her and tells her off for everything she's done, including killing Frankie. Greenlee sees Trey is bleeding on his hand but he shrugs it off. Leo accuses Trey of nearly getting Greenlee killed by his grandstanding. He says he was getting through to Vanessa before Trey interfered. Trey defends his actions and Greenlee sides with Trey. Leo asks to talk to Greenlee but she refuses, saying she "can't do this anymore." Leo asks Maggie for the key to David's room. He goes to the room and finds a locker key. Going to the locker, he finds money Vanessa stashed.

The guests for Edmund and Brooke's party at the Valley Inn try to recover from the ordeal they just witnessed. Palmer is frustrated with himself for being taken by Vanessa. He praises Opal for having the ability to see through her. An upset Jamie runs out of the dining room and away from Tad. Brooke goes to him but Tad stops Edmund from following. He is angry at Edmund for putting Jamie in a position to be accosted by Vanessa. Brooke returns and assures Edmund he has done nothing wrong. Realizing that the surprise engagement party was a bust, they agree there will be no more surprises. Simone finds Mateo and tells him that Vanessa was wrong when she said he could be Proteus. She says that's not who he is. "You have no idea who I am," he says. Ryan greets Chris, telling him "thank God you're all right." Kendall tells Erica she was worried about her, and Erica is surprised. She thanks her for her concern. Ryan seems pleased with Kendall's behavior toward her mother. Kendall tells him that she'll still be watching her back when she's around Erica.

David tells Anna and Jack that Vanessa's blood tested positive for a drug that causes psychosis. Vanessa is seen in a straitjacket. She hears the voice of Proteus asking her where she stashed the money.

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